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  EIGHT!!!! Read it!!! HOCHO!! HUIT!!! I can't think of any other languages right now....but WOOOHOOOO!!!! I got eight awards..I got eight awards ::doing the conga around the room::
::gets slapped by YOUNGER sister::
::returns to reality::
Thank you.

Thank You NANCY!!!!                      THANK YOU SOME MORE!!!

Thank you Fuzzy!Fuzzy is the greatest!!!

Yet another award from the great and wonderful FUZZY!!!WEEEEEE!!! Someone else likes me!!!

I think I stopped breathing when I saw this one          THANK YOU!!!

Here is some miscellaneous stuff I picked up...contrary to popular belief...I don't really hate Davis
::all takari fans gasp::
    No really, you see...most of you hate him coz you think he's a threat...but   really he doesn't stand a like a fly in my soup, he's annoying,   but he can't really hurt anything.  These are here coz I thought they were hilarious.


 This is me checking my email...

Ok...this is up coz I'm a bit of a taiora fan and therefore am a little upset with the current relationship with Matt...I have nothing against Sora...but fits...and it's funny

heh heh heh

Now I don't generally support things that go against *takari* but this site was soooo amusing that she deserves to have my support.  Sides...I like originality...and anyone who asks me a favour will generally get it...

That's it for now...more to come

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