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Put the knives down please...

Ok...before I have a full-on mutiny on my hands I think I should explain--
::ducks under her desk as *takari* fans all over the world throw various objects at her::
No really guys!! Just hear me out, ok?
You see, the way my mind works is this...
If  Kari and T.K. had been a couple from the very first (I mean a clear couple, that the PTB actually came out and said existed) there wouldn't be all these shrines to them, would there?  So what is the main problem with this relationship? Davis, of course.  And so I think it's fitting that there should be a section on my page for him, just because he plays a role in the whole *takari* relationship.
And truth be told, like I said in my miscellaneous section, I don't hate Davis, I actually even feel sorry for him sometimes--
::starts running for her life as crazed *takari* fans start breaking down the door::
No really--::panting::--listen to me...he's not a threat!!!  Think about it, Kari likes to make him jealous, but has she ever really shown any interest in him? No.  Has she shown interest in T.K? Yes.  Therefore there isn't really any reason to hate him.  The PTB just put him in there so that all us *takari* fans would have a reason to exist.
::appeased fans now put the knives down::
Now, the actual purpose of this page is really just to explain why Davis isn't such a bad guy--HEY! Put those knives back down!! I already explained this to you...yeesh!

Reasons why Davis isn't such a bad guy:

1. He was the only who believed in Ken.  He became his friend when no one was willing to trust him.
2. Have you noticed in the later episodes of the season how he's backed-off from Kari? And that he   and T.K. are better friends?
3. In this week's episode, he was the only one who was brave enough to fight Malomyotismon.
4. In 'Guardian Angel' when Kari is stuck in the Digital world, and he accused T.K. of having left her, he later realizes and ADMITS that he is just as much to blame.
5. Despite the fact that it backfires, he does try and get Cody and Ken to become friends.
6. In 'Ultimate Anti-Hero' I think he actually realizes that he doesn't stand a chance with Kari.  Why else would he have been so upset about them going to get a drink without him?  And it's about from here that I've noticed that he seems to back off.
7. The baby digimon from Primary Village liked him, so he can't be THAT bad.
8. At least he's consistent.

As I come up with others I will be putting them up.

I really wish you would all stop stroking your knives like's making me nervous...
I'm not a traitor!! I swear!! You read my reasons...I hope you understand.

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