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Welcome everyone to my Dreams series.  This is a fic I started a few months back with the intention of adding a new chapter once a week.  Now for all of you out there who have been following this from the start...well let's just say that we all know how punctual that I'm not!!
   I decided to give it it's own section coz it's making it harder for everyone   to see all the fanfics on my fics page.    
Please let me know what you think....any of you who read the author's note on Chapter 4 will realize what a lack of feedback does to ain't pretty..


This is a story going outside of the series.  It takes place when the 02 digidestined are seniors in High School.
All of the Digidestined begin having dreams about a mysterious boy and girl. 
A battle, not between good and evil, but against destiny  itself ensues.  A mysterious child and a Watcher try to guide the digidestined,  but whose side are they really on?

Couples:  Takari, Taiora, Mimato, Miyaken, and Davis and someone new...

Chapter 1 ,
Chapter 2 , Chapter 3 ,Chapter 4 , Chapter 5 , Chapter 6 , Chapter 7 ,

Chapter 8
, Chapter 9 , Chapter 10 , Chapter 11

Chapter 12 (NEW!! September 5th, 2001)
Chapter 13 (NEW!! September 11th, 2001)
Chapter 14 (NEW!! October 1st, 2001)
Chapter 15 (NEW!! February 10th 2002)

This is my picture collection relating to the characters in this story.

more to come....
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