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Welcome to the pics page

Okei...before I spark a revolution here...yeah yeah...the only one of these that are mine is the one of Winter and the one of Glynna and Mishka in the title button.  All the other ones I found on the internet and they just happened to perfectly fit what I thought my characters should look like (and yes...I did modify some...I'm bad...but my scanner broke...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! so I can't put anymore of my own up.  If you feel inspired to draw me any pics I'd love to have 'em.  Any of the original Digimon characters are good too...just this story they're all older (Kari, T.K. and Davis are seniors in highschool)

Glynna-vyre (Chapter 3)
Koneko (Chapter 7)
Winter (Chapter 4)
I stole it...but it's just so perfect!!
Glynna and Mishka
Older Winter
Winter (Chapter 17)
T.K. and Kari
T.K. and Kari (Chapter 4)



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