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Welcome to FanArt!

Welcome to my fanart section   Like I keep saying, I am under construction  ::trips on a broken visit often,  I update almost  everyday...
  Unfortunately, most of this fanart came from other sites and  I don't know  who to give credit to...if you know or if they are yours please  contact me  so I can give you due credit.  If you would like your fanart  put up feel free to submit it to me.  Some of the fanart on this page is mine as indicated by the 'Takari' signature on the bottome right corner...if you'd like to take my pictures please leave my name attached and give me a heads up so I can go and take a look...Thanx!!

Update!!! (April 16th 2001)
I just added one of my own pics and my first submission by rwbrightness
::jumps around the room jumping and squealing and clapping::


such cuties...  I wish I had an older brother

this is adorable

 this is rather...interestingI think I would be scared if I were her

 How sweet!   I'll break this one up later

   This one's ask before you take pleaseThis one turned out better than I thoughtThis one's also nice

I thought this one was cute...strange but cuteIt makes me cry... Cutie!!

Yay!! My first submission!!! This one was submitted by rwbrightness...I think it's great!!

  I thought this was original

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