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Disclaimer: Boring, I know, but I need to say this.*ahem*  I do not own Digimon. It belongs to Saban and such. This Fanfic, however belongs to me. Blah, Blah, Blah etc… You get the point.

  ~*Courageous Angel*~

Chapter 1: The problem no one knows about

           Taichi kicked a can as he walked along the street. It was a year after the Digidestineds and Digimon beat BelielMyotismon. Taichi, Sora, and Yamato were now 15. Jyou was 16. Takeru, Hikari, Daisuke and Ken were 12. Miyako, Koushiro and Mimi were now 14 and Iori was 10. Of course, Takeru and Hikari were dating now. Ken and Miyako were too. It broke Taichi’s heart whenever he saw Yamato and Sora together, but they too, were dating. It wasn’t the problem though. Taichi walked along the road gloomily.

“What’s wrong Taichi?” his loyal digimon companion, Agumon asked, “you ain’t your cheery self lately.”

“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing Agu,” Taichi responded.

“Don’t lie Taichi. I’m your digimon. I know when something’s troubling you.”

“Seriously Agu. It’s nothing. Nothing at all.”

           Agumon looked at Taichi’s face. Once it was bright and cheery. Now it was full of gloom, sadness and consideration.

‘He thinks as much as Koushiro now,’ Agumon thought, ‘I wish he’d tell me what’s wrong.’

Agumon pondered in his thoughts as Taichi walked away, leaving him behind. When Agumon woke from his thoughts, Taichi was already a block away.

“Hey! Taichi! Wait up!”

Agumon ran up to Taichi and suddenly remembered something.

“Shouldn’t you be going to the DD meeting right now Taichi?” Agumon asked.

“DD meeting?”

“Ya know, The Digidestined meeting. Though why it isn’t called The DD & D meeting I don’t know.”

“DD & D meeting, Agu?”

“Digidestined & Digimon meeting,” Agumon responded, smiling. He expected Taichi to laugh at his little joke. The old Taichi would of, but this new one didn’t. He just stared at Agumon, deep in thought.

“I don’t think I’ll go today Agu,” Taichi said. Agumon was alittle shocked at this answer.

“But you have to Taichi. You’re a Digidestined.”

“I just don’t feel like it Agumon.”

“Taichi, you have to. Everyone’s expecting you there. After all, you’re the leader.”

Taichi thought about this abit. He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair.

“All right Agu. I’ll go, but only because of that.”

           Together, Taichi and Agumon headed to the park where the meeting was.

“Where is he?” Daisuke asked, “if I have to wait any longer, I’ll die of boredom.”

“Relax Daisuke,” Hikari responded, “he’ll come. Though I worry too. This is the first time he’s late for our DD meetings. He’s usually the first one here.”

“He seems depressed and worried these days,” Yamato said, “I’ve never seen him like this before. Not in our fights, not when we were partners, never.”

“Is it because I decided to be your girlfriend and not his?” Sora asked, “I hope not. I don’t mean to hurt his feelings. I mean, he’s a great friend, but-“

“I think it’s something Sora,” Yamato said.

“Quiet everyone,” the always watchful Iori said, “he’s coming this way.”

           They all watched as Taichi and Agumon running up the hill waving their hands. Errr, hands and claws.

“Hey guys! Sorry we’re late. Been busy lately.”

“It’s OK,” everyone responded. Everyone had a look of consideration as Taichi sat on the bench there. Taichi didn’t seem to notice though and sat down to think.

           Koushiro finally asked the question everyone was wondering about. “Are-Are you ok Taichi? You seem so… different lately.”

Taichi looked up. “I’m fine Koushiro. Just thinking.” As to change the subject, Taichi asked, “So what’s it today?”

“Well, nothing really,” Ken said, “there’s no digimon about and nothing evil to destroy so we thought we would have some fun today.”

“Or we could just go home and do whatever it is we wanted to do,” Joe said.

Taichi got up at this. “Well, I’m going home then. You coming Agu?”

“OK,” Agumon responded.

Tentomon, being the smart digimon of the group, pulled Agumon aside.

“You go ahead Taichi. I just want to tell Agumon something, OK?” Tentomon said to Taichi.

“Sure, whatever.” Taichi walked away from the group and started home.

In a quick whisper, Tentomon said, “try and find out what’s making Taichi act the way he’s acting Agumon. Everyone’s worried about him and no one’s closer to him than you are. Surly you can find out what’s wrong with him.”

“I can try. I can’t bet I’ll find out anything though.” Agumon turned away, left the group and caught up with Taichi.

“So what was that all about?” Taichi asked later on as he and Agumon were walking.

“Nothing. Tentomon just said to watch out for bad digimon and protect you.”

“Like you wouldn’t know that. What was it really?”

“What I just said,” Agumon responded quickly, hoping Taichi would believe him.

“Well, OK then. You don’t have to tell me.”

Agumon breathed a small sigh of relief without Taichi knowing.

Now you’ve read Chapter 1. I will continue on Chapter 2. And I promise it will be MUCH better. I know, I suck don’t I? Well, it is my first fanfic and I am only 11. 12 on Friday. *does happy dance* Anywho, thanks for taking your precious time to read this dumb fic and commenting about it! ^^

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