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Disclaimer: You know the drill. Digimon doesn’t belong to me. This fanfic does though. Yadda yadda, blah blah.

~*Courageous Angel*~

Chapter 2: The Digidestined’s Courage Fails

           All of a sudden, rain started pouring down.

“Great. Rain. That’ll add to my depression…” Taichi said gloomily.  Agumon looked at Taichi with concern.

“You sure you’re ok Taichi? You seem so sad and worried.”

“Agu, please stop asking. I’m fine. Just… deep in thought…”

“So now what? We called this meeting to try and help Taichi, but we just let him go and failed instead,” Takeru said.

“Who are you asking Takaru?” Daisuke said.

“His name’s Takeru, not Takaru, Daisuke and I think he was asking us all,” Hikari said to Daisuke.

“Well, whatever. What do you guys think we should do?” Daisuke responded.

“Ahem,” Miyako said.

“Sorry, people. Geez…”

“Well, I don’t know. Suggestions anyone?” Jyou said.

Everyone turned to look at the two geniuses.

“Well,” they all said.

“Wh-What?” Koushiro and Ken stammered, “how should we know?”

“I think we should just wait for Agumon and try to pretend everything’s still normal,” Matt suggested.

“We’ll try that I guess,” Sora said, “I just hope he’s ok…”

Then the rain started to fall heavily.

“Come on everyone. Let’s go all go home. Maybe we’ll think of something then,” Biyomon said, “besides, it’s starting to rain hard and I don’t think we should be out now.”

“Biyomon’s right. We could all catch a cold or something and I’m sure I’m allergy to rain,” Jyou said.

“If we do catch a cold, you could cure everyone, Jyou,” Gomamon said, laughing and playing in the rain.

“Ha ha, very funny.”

“Well, I think we should go home now,” Miyako said.

So with that, everyone and their Digimon walked back home.

Taichi and Agumon walked back home slowly. Taichi let the rain trickles down his dripping wet hair and clothes. He had his head down as he walked. All of a sudden, lightning came. Thunder roared.

“Let’s run back home Taichi. It’s raining harder now plus there’s lightning and thunder coming this way.”

“Na. I don’t wanna Agu. I don’t have the energy right now. Besides, I kinda like the rain.”

“You could catch a cold or get sick or worse, you could get struck by lightning.”

“If you so want to, you can go ahead. I’ll catch up Agumon.”

“No, I stay with you no matter what. I’m just suggesting because I don’t want you sick or hurt.”

Taichi suddenly stopped walking and turned around to face Agumon.

“Listen, Agumon, buddy, I’m 15 now. I can take care of myself just fine!” Taichi shouted. Agumon was in shock by this new and angry Taichi. Taichi was more in shock than Agumon.

“Sorry Agu. I’m just going through hard times. I kinda vented my anger on you I guess. Sorry.”

“That’s ok Taichi. You just shocked me. You never acted this way before.”

“I know, that’s one of the many problems I’m facing right now…”

“What is the problem Tai-“ Agumon began, but Taichi interrupted him.

“Agu, it’s raining quite hard now. Wanna run home?” Taichi asked, smiling for the first time in a few days.

“Uh, OK…”

Taichi ran down the street with Agumon following his trail.

­­­­­­            It was now night where and the Digidestineds were. Everyone slept peacefully. Everyone, except Taichi. He tossed and turned while he slept, dreaming the same dream he had dreamt for over a month now…

He was all alone, standing on nothing at all. At least, nothing he could see. The place was surrounded by darkness. All around him, there was darkness. How he could see through all this, he didn’t know. He didn’t even know what was going on. He heard laughter, evil, insane laughter. The voice was harsh and cold. Filled with evil, filled with darkness. It was so evil that it made Taichi shudder everytime he heard it.

“Who’s there?” Taichi demanded. “Who is that?”


“Who’s that? What’s going on? Why am I here anyways? Answer me!”

“I’ve been searching for you for along time Taichi…”

“Why? What did I do to you?”

“Oh, nothing, but I have a destiny. That destiny is to destroy you and your worthless friends and family. Especially Agumon. We’re rivals too, Angel of Courage.”

“Angel of Courage? You got the wrong guy.” Taichi backed away slowly, away from the laughter and the voice, but it seemed to be everywhere. There seemed to be no escaping it.

“I ain’t no Angel of Courage. Whoever you are, you’re insane!”

“Am I? Well, we’ll see about that when I reach you.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because I made it my destiny to destroy you. Then I can be leader of the Digidestineds and destroy them after. But like I said, I made myself your rival, I travelled far and wide to find you and now that I did, when I reach you, you’ll be destroyed along with everyone you know, everyone you care about…”

“Stop that!” Taichi screamed. “Stop it! Whoever you are, if I must, I will fight you. To defend everyone and save them from you!”

Then a dark, cold hand appeared over Taichi’s shoulder. The hand grabbed him. Taichi tried to push away.

“Agumon! Agumon! Where are you? Help me!!! Agumon!”

Taichi awoke sweating and panting. He almost screamed.

“Angel of Courage, I’m coming nearer. I shall get you. You, your friends, your family, everyone…”

“No,” Taichi whispered through breaths of air, “no you won’t. Whoever you are, I’ll fight you. I’ll defend everyone you want to destroy. I won’t let you win. I might not be this ‘Angel of Courage’, but I will fight you. You won’t win as long as I live.”

“We shall see, we shall see…”

Then the voice faded away, into the night.

Taichi just sat on his bed, afraid to move. Afraid of what he must face in the future to come…

           “Taichi! Time for school!” Hikari shouted in Taichi’s ear.

“Huh? Hikari! I was trying to sleep!”

“It’s 7:40 and school starts at 8:00!”

“OK, OK, I’m up,” Taichi mumbled. He walked into the bathroom to clean up and change into his school uniform.

‘Was it just another dream?’ he thought while dressing, ‘or is it real and I must fight whoever that was when they come to me. I’m confused. This has been going on for a month. I want to know what’s going on.’

Taichi pondered in his thoughts once again for the past month.

‘Agumon’s right. He does think as much as Koushiro now,’ Hikari thought, watching him silently. ‘Maybe I should ask him-‘ But Hikari had no more time to think.

“Taichi! Hikari! School’s starting! I packed your lunches. Go go go!” Mrs. Yagami urged them.

“OK mom. We’re going. See you after school,” Taichi said with a somewhat normal voice and face.

‘I guess I’ll have to wait ‘till later to ask him,’ Hikari thought.

Weird things happened that day. While going to class, Daisuke and Takeru passed by a notice hung up on the board so they both stopped and read it.


School Dance!!!

Date: Next Friday

Time: 12:30 – 3:00 PM

Place: Gym

That’s right. Our school is gonna have a school dance next Friday in periods 6,7,8,9 & 10. That would mean a whole afternoon without school!

Now’s your chance to ask the person you have a crush on to the dance. See ya all there!


“Alright! A school dance. Now I can ask Hikari if she’ll be my date there,” Daisuke said.

“Not before me you don’t Dai,” Takeru said.

“It’s a race then. Whoever reaches Hikari after school first will ask her and win.” Daisuke challenged.

“I accept.”

“As long as the loser ain’t asking Miyako to the dance,” Ken said behind them, “she’s mine.”

“Yeah, yeah, we won’t Ken. Miyako’s your girl,” they both said.

This dance was also at the school Taichi, Sora, Yamato and Koushiro went to.

‘Now’s my chance to take Sora to the dance,’ Yamato thought, ‘if Taichi asks her, she’ll say no. I just know it.’

But Taichi had no such plans anyways. In fact, he didn’t plan to go to the dance. Of course, Koushiro never cared for anything except computers so naturally, he didn’t plan to go either.

That was when the weird things started happening to each Digidestined… (Note: I will not write about all the Digidestineds. Just the ones in Japan)

In his class, Koushiro sat in his seat. Always alert, always ready to answer a question, always listening.

“I’m going to test you on what you learned from probably two years ago. So, which continent is Australia located in?”

The teacher looked around the class as a few hands went up. Koushiro’s wasn’t one of them.


“Huh? Oh, uh…um…ah…”

Everyone in the class snickered. Koushiro was usually the first one to put their hand up and he would answer anything. To see him speechless was new. Though Koushiro knew the answer to the question, he seemed to have no Courage to say it.

“Well, I ah…um…Ya see..”

“Yes James,” the teacher said.

“The country Australia is located in Australia because it is a continent and a country,” was the respond.

“Very good James.”

Just then, the bell rang for school dismissal. Koushiro sighed and began to walk out.

“Just a minute Koushiro! I’d like to have a word with you.”

Koushiro stayed behind and watched everyone leave the class. The teacher walked to him when everyone left.

“What’s wrong Koushiro? You seem so different today.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just, just, thinking about something else,” Koushiro said, though that wasn’t the real reason.

“Well, if there’s anything wrong, I’m here. OK?”

“Sure.” Koushiro bowed and exited.

‘What was with me today?’ he thought, ‘I could’ve answered that question. It was like my Courage was being sucked out of me. Like I can’t talk in front of the class anymore…’

           Daisuke and Takeru raced to Hikari when school was out.

“Hikari! Hey, Hikari!” they both yelled.

“Why was I expecting this?” Hikari said to Miyako who was next to her.

“ ‘Cause you knew they were bound to ask you.”

Daisuke and Takeru reached Hikari at the same time, but something prevented them from asking Hikari to the dance.

“Well, we… errr…. uh… umm,” they both said and blushed deep red.

Hikari and Miyako looked at them confused.

“What is it Daisuke? Takeru?” Hikari said.

Takeru and Daisuke felt their Courage being sucked away bit by bit.

“We were, uh… um…” Takeru started.

Just then, Ken appeared, but he too, was speechless and couldn’t say anything to Miyako.

“I was, uh… gonna ask you to um…” Ken stammered.

“Move aside weaklings,” two older boys said and pushed Daisuke, Takeru and Ken aside.

“Hey, you two girls wanna go to the dance with us?” the first boy said.

“Yeah, better us then those weak guys,” the second replied, jeering at Daisuke, Takeru and Ken.

“Who do they think are?” Daisuke wanted to say, but he had no Courage to say so.

“Well, we were, ummm… gonna…” Hikari and Miyako began, but they two lost the Courage to talk or fight back. Instead, they said yes.

           The two boys walked away with smirks on their faces.

“How could you do that Miyako?” Ken asked with an angry face.

“I don’t know. It felt like my Courage was all gone.”

“Same here,” Hikari said, before Daisuke and Takeru pestered her.

“This has been one weird day,” Takeru said, “I passed Koushiro today and he said he had no Courage to answer a simple geography question.”

“Now that’s not weird, it’s crazy,” Daisuke responded.

“I know,” Takeru replied.

           At the other school, Yamato was forced into a wall.

“What did you say?” an older boy said to Yamato.

“I said you shouldn’t talk to Sora like that!” Yamato shouted in his face.
”You do know I am the school bully in this school don’t you?” he shouted back.

“So? You don’t scare me!”

“Please stop fighting!” Sora said.

The bully raised a fist.

“See this? You’ll get hurt if you don’t shut up.”

Yamato suddenly then felt what everyone else did. His Courage failed him. He just cowered under the shadow of the older boy.

“OK, I’m sorry. Just, please, leave me alone!” Yamato said.

The bully left Yamato and walked to Sora.

“So what about that dance Sora?”

“Uh….” Sora also didn’t have the strength to do anything. No matter how much she wanted to hurt the bully because he hurt Yamato.

“I’ll take that as a yes. See ya at the dance.” He started to walk away when suddenly…

“What do you think you’re doing, huh?”

He turned around and stood face to face with Taichi.

“Doing what I came here for. Gotta problem small fry?”

“Yes, I do actually. You’re hurting and threatening my friends. You’re gonna pay for that.”

Taichi punched the bully, sending him to the ground. The bully stood up and aimed a kick at Taichi. Taichi dodged and kicked him in the mouth. The older boy lay on the ground, hurt.

“Grrrr… I’ll see that you pay for that Taichi Yagami.” He stood up and ran away.

“I’ll be waiting right here,” Taichi said.

“Taichi, that… was…” Yamato stood there, shocked.

“Here.” Taichi held out his hand for Yamato to hold on to. Yamato grabbed it and stood up.

“Thanks Taichi.”

“No problem buddy. But why didn’t you stand up against him? You could’ve won.”

“I-I-I don’t know. It felt like my Courage was sucked out of me and I didn’t have the Courage to fight back.”

Sora ran over and hugged Taichi.

“Thank you Taichi! Thanks for helping us!”

“Yeah, thanks old pal. I owe you one. I still don’t know what happened there.”

Taichi pushed Sora to Yamato.

“You two go to that dance,” he said with a painful look in his eyes, “and you’re welcome you two. Anytime.” He walked away, head hung down while Yamato and Sora watched him leave.

           Thought I forgot about Iori? Think again.

‘Whoosh!’ The sound of a wooden stick passed Iori’s ear. Iori was at his Grandfather’s place again, practicing.

           Iori’s grandfather lifted the stick up again and brought it back down. Iori blocked it.

“Good job Iori,” his grandfather commented.

Iori brought his stick up and swung it down. His grandfather easily blocked that. They continued this for quite sometime. All of a sudden, Iori’s grandfather swung the stick down hard and it whizzed by Iori’s face. Iori started to sweat. His grandfather kept making blows and hits which Iori blocked. Just at that moment, Iori felt weak and frightened. Every move his grandfather made, Iori blocked. Iori didn’t fight back. Sensing this, his grandfather stopped.

“What’s wrong Iori?”

“Nothing grandfather,” Iori panted.

“There is something wrong. You have been blocking all my blows and you never fought back. What is the matter? If you’re tried, we can rest.”

“I-I feel like I have no more strength, no more Courage to fight on.”

“Hmm, will, maybe you are tried. Come child. Let’s go drink some prune juice.”

This a better chapter? Hope so. Anyways. Chapter three coming up soon! Ya know.  See ya next time! ^_^

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