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Disclaimer: Ya know. I do not own Digimon. If I did, I wouldn’t be writing fanfics and letting you people read them. *goes on talking about being a disclaimer*

~*Courageous Angel*~

Chapter 3: Another DD Meeting and the Beginnings of a Fight

           After hearing everyone’s sudden loss of Courage, Koushiro called everyone and decided to have a meeting. Everyone agreed to come and they all met at the park again that afternoon.

“Everyone here?” Koushiro asked. Koushiro took attendance as everyone called out. “Wait, where’s Taichi?”

“He said he had to do something with Agumon in the Digiworld,” Hikari told him.

“OK then.”

“So what was this meeting for again?” Daisuke asked.

“To see why everyone is losing they’re Courage,” Koushiro told him.

“Well, what’s so important about that?”

“If this is how we act now. Think about how we’ll act if we face another Digimon,” Ken said.

“We’d probably run away scared?” Daisuke suggested.

“Exactly. And how are we the Digidestineds if we act like that?” Takeru said.

“Oh…. I get it now.”

“Now he says,” Miyako muttered.


“Pipe down Daisuke. You can fight her later. Right now is the time we talk,” Jyou said.

“So what do we know so far?” Sora asked.

“Well, that we all started to lose our Courage today and that it’s effecting our lives and that’s bad,” Ken said.

Yamato remained silent.

“Yeah, like when I was fighting my grandfather. I was never scared before. Just today,” Iori said.

“Or how everyone was afraid to answer or ask something,” Takeru said.

“And responding or fighting back,” Hikari added.

“But I don’t get it,” Yamato began. Everyone looked at him for he was so quiet, that everyone forgot he was still there.

“Don’t get what?” Iori asked.

“Everyone’s lost their Courage, but it doesn’t seem to effect Taichi. I remember today when that bully pushed me to the wall and threatened me. Then Taichi came and fought him. He wasn’t even scared abit.”

“ I remember now. He just came, fought him, then left,” Sora said.

“Very interesting. But also, more important is that it’s only effecting the Digidestineds,” Koushiro said, “ I e-mailed Mimi and she said she had the very same loss of Courage has we did. All the other Digidestineds around the world say the same.”

“Yet we act normal around each other,” Takeru said, “we’re weak and afraid with others around, but we aren’t afraid when with other Digidestineds.”

“Maybe it has something to do with Taichi being the Digidestined of Courage,” Ken suggested, “and maybe it is he who controls our Courage. All the Digidestineds, that is.”

“How so Ken?” Koushiro asked.

“Well, Taichi’s been going through hard time lately right?”

“That’s what it seems like,” Iori said.

“Well, something’s either hurting or bothering him and that’s effecting him. That effecting him, effects our Courage because he’s so worried, he can’t control our Courage anymore so it fades from us, but since he is the Digidestined of Courage, of course, his Courage stays.”

“Very interesting theory Ken. I shall put that into consideration and test it,” Koushiro said.

Jyou looked and his watch.

“Sorry guys, er, people. But I gotta get home. It’s 6:00 PM. Dinner time for me.”

“Yeah, same here,” Daisuke and Ken said.

“Well then, we should all go home then,” Koushiro suggested.

“Fine with me,” everyone else said. So everyone left and went back home, but where was Taichi? Well, he was in the Digiworld, but he didn’t need to do anything there.

“Taichi, where are we going?” Agumon asked.

“No where in particular. Just away from everyone,” Taichi answered.

“Why so?”

“Because I feel like when I’m with someone, I’m a threat to them. ‘Cause I’m leading something to them.”

“Like what Taichi?”

“Just something. I don’t wanna talk about it Agumon.”

“OK then Taichi, Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy.”

Taichi and Agumon walked in silence in the Digiworld. They soon entered a forest, but kept walking. Taichi, deep in thought and Agumon wondering what has become of his partner. This was about the time when Jyou checked his watch. Taichi stopped and checked his.

“Well, it’s time we go back Agu,” Taichi said.

“OK then Taichi. Let’s go back then.”

           As Agumon and Taichi were walking back, Taichi saw a dark figure in the shadows of the trees in the forest.

“What’s that?”

“What’s what Taichi?” Agumon asked.

“N-Nothing. Never mind Agu,” Taichi said, looking around nervously.

“Angel of Courage…”
Taichi stopped walking and stood, rooted on the spot. Agumon, however, wasn’t able to hear the voice of cold, hard darkness.

“Taichi? What’s wrong?”

“I-I must just be having a bad day Agumon. That’s all. Must be.” Taichi continued walking with Agumon at his side, watching the place nervously.

“Angel of Courage, leader of the Digidestineds…”
Taichi tried to ignore the voice, but he shuddered everytime he heard it.

“Taichi, tell me. What’s wrong?”

“Can’t you hear that Agumon?”

“Hear what?”

“That-That creepy voice.”


“Then it’s probably just me…” Taichi tried to smile and they continued walking.

“Angel of Courage…”
Taichi walked faster.

“Angel of Courage…”
The voice seemed to be nearer now. Taichi ran with Agumon at his trail.

“Almost at the Digi-port,” Taichi muttered, “whoever that guy is, he won’t get me…”

Suddenly, a shadow covered the Digi-port. Taichi and Agumon gasped. A tall, dark figure stood. Between them and the Digi-port. It raised it’s arm and it’s hand started glowing.

“Watch out Taichi!” Agumon pushed Taichi aside just as a beam of dark energy was released from the figure’s hand and hit Agumon.

“AGUMON!” Taichi shouted.

Agumon lay on the ground, bleeding abit from his arm. He got up and faced the figure bravely.
”So you wanna fight huh? Digivolve!” Agumon cried. Flashes of white light hit Agumon and digivolved him.

“Agumon, warp-digivolve to…..Wargreymon!”

“MWAHAHAHA!!! Pathetic Digimon. You really think you can defeat me? Fool…”
“Wargreymon! Watch out!”

“Don’t worry Taichi. I got this under control,” Wargreymon said.

“Do you really?” The dark figure gathered more energy and hit Wargreymon again. Wargreymon fell to the ground.

“Wargreymon!” Taichi rushed to his side. Wargreymon was bleeding abit from his arm again where this mysterious figure hit him.

“You can’t win Wargreymon. He’s too strong.”

“I’m OK Taichi. Leave it to me.”

Wargreymon flew up and attacked.

“Terra Force!!!” he screamed and threw a huge fireball at the dark figure. But this figure just simply touched it and it vanished. This battle went on for sometime. Taichi stood there, watching them from the ground, helpless.

           The battle raged on for sometime. Taichi knew Wargreymon couldn’t win, but he couldn’t stop them. Not that he didn’t try. When he did, he came out with a deep cut on his arm, which started bleeding.

“Wargreymon! Move out of the way!” Taichi shouted at him, but it was too late.

The dark figure gathered up another energy ball and shot Wargreymon again. Wargreymon’s armour shattered and he dedigivolved to a Digi-egg and fell to the ground. Luckily, Taichi caught it before it hit the ground and ran to the Digi-port while the figure was celebrating his triumph over Wargreymon.

Taichi ran home with Agumon’s Digi-egg is his hands. He burst through the door of his house and stood there, trembling, holding back tears and shaking from anger.

‘Whoever you are, where ever you are, I’ll get you back for this! You’ve been bothering me for long enough. You’ve found me and you’ve hurt Agu. You’ve made me feel useless and scared. You will pay. Mark my words , you will pay or I ain’t the Digidestined of Courage!’ Taichi thought fiercely.

‘HA! I’ll be waiting Angel of Courage…’ came the reply.

So what do ya think? I finally thought up a good Chapter don’t ya think?  I’ll try to come up with Chapter 4 soon. I know how it’s gonna end and what’s gonna happen. I just need to think up a plot to lead to that end. Well, I hope you’re enjoying this so far. This first fanfic of mine is actually coming out better than I thought. ^_^

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