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Disclaimer: Arg! >< I hate writing disclaimers. Well, this is the same as the other disclaimers I wrote. Enjoy the story.

~*Courageous Angel*~

Chapter 4: A Little Note

           “Good thing mom and dad ain’t here right now Taichi,” Hikari said, “What happened?”

“And, is THAT Agumon???” Gatomon exclaimed, pointing to the digiegg in Taichi’s hands.

Taichi nodded half-heartedly.

“Taichi, what in earth happened???” Hikari said, almost shouting.

Taichi stared at the ground with an unblinking gaze. “Something happened,” he said, “Something that will come soon and destroy us all. But I won’t let that happen!” Taichi almost shouted the last few words, “I won’t! Somehow, I’ll stop him!”

“Taichi? Are you OK? I’ve never seen you like this before in my life,” Hikari said.

“I-I’m sorry Hikari. It’s just that I’ve never had this kind of problem before,” Taichi said, trying to hold back tears and cradling Agumon’s egg.

“Agumon, buddy, why didn’t you just leave me. I would have been fine. You would still be here and not in your egg,” Taichi whispered to the egg. In his heart he knew Agumon did what he had to do, but was that fair? This guy was after him, not Agu. What if that happened to everyone else? All his friends and their Digimon hurt. All because of him. All because some dumb guy was looking for him. That didn’t seem fair!

           ‘No, I’ll fight by myself. I won’t let anyone else get hurt by him,’ Taichi thought.

“Taichi, maybe you should get some sleep,” Gatomon suggested, “Maybe you’ll feel better tomorrow and then you can tell us what happened.”

“That’s a good idea Gatomon,” Hikari replied. Hikari pushed Taichi into their room and made him lay down. “Get some sleep big bro. Tomorrow’s another day.”

“R-Right,” Taichi responded, “Another day…”

Taichi had yet another restless night. He dreamt a dream again, but this time, it was different. Like a good dream and a bad dream put together…

Taichi was in that dark world again. He looked around and heard the laughter once more.
“Shut up why don’t ya!” Taichi said, “Who the heck are you and why are you after me? You’ve found me now. I want some answers!”

“MWAHAHAHAHA!!!” the voice said, laughing harder than before. The voice also seemed so much colder and filled with more darkness then before. Taichi shuddered again.

           Suddenly, a light appeared before Taichi. The light vanished and a digiegg was in it’s place. Taichi ran to it and picked it up.

“Agumon? Agumon, is that you?”

“MWAHAHAHA!!! He can’t hear you little boy. With no one to protect you now, I’ve won.”

“NEVER!! I’ll never give up!” Taichi screamed, “You can do whatever you want with me, but you’ll never win! You hear me! You’ll never win!”

“But I already have…”

           Taichi felt a cold hand on his shoulder and he pulled away. Taichi turned around and saw a figure. A figure dressed in black robes with black wings…

“What are you…” Taichi whispered with shock.

“That ain’t your concern!” The figure grabbed Taichi and held him tight. This mysterious figure seemed to be doing something to Taichi to make him more afraid than he already was. Taichi struggled with all his might, but couldn’t break free. He felt scared, frightened, like all his fears were just thrown at him. He remembered when he almost lost Hikari and Sora. He remembered when he himself almost died.

           Taichi shut his eyes tight. It WAS right all his fears were thrown at him. And they were, but Taichi didn’t know. He remembered all his most feared moments, his most dreaded moments.

‘No,’ Taichi thought, ‘I’m the Digidestined of Courage. I can’t let my most fearful and dreaded moments get on me. They in were the past, this is the present. I said I wouldn’t give up no matter what. I mean that. I won’t give up!’

Suddenly, Taichi’s crest started to glow and  light surrounded Taichi and his digiegg.

“Wha-What?” Taichi said, “What’s happening?”

           The once dark world became full of light. Taichi shielded his eyes from the blinding view. He saw before him, another mysterious figure. Taichi felt that his fears being washed away like sand at a beach. This figure was different. Taichi could feel that. This one was good. Whoever it was, it looked like a gijinka Digimon. With white wings and a tail.

‘I’ve seen a Digimon like this before,’ Taichi thought, ‘But who?’

“Taichi, Angel of Courage,” the figure spoke. This one’s voice was full of hope and light. It wasn’t dark and fearful like the other one.

“Who are you?” Taichi asked.

“I’m not an enemy, but I’m not sure I’m your friend yet,” it replied, “I’m here just to remind you. You know what you must do don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Taichi said.

“My time is up. You will find out in time Angel of Courage.” The figure threw something at Taichi and then flew away. Taichi caught it and looked at it. It was a piece of paper and on it, it said, ‘Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite…’

           Taichi awoke and opened his eyes. Beside him lay a piece of paper…

For those of you who know what that means, DON’T SAY IT!!! I repeat, DO NOT SAY IT!!! It’s part of my fic. Gomen for not posting this up sooner, but my computer’s internet broke down… Again… Anyways, enjoy as I read the next chapter! XD

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