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Sakura & Li's Adventure in the Digital World
~part 2~Meet the Digimon

SakuraStar: YAY!!! THE NEXT CHAPTER IS UP!!!!!

   "Where...Where are we?" asked Sakura.  The ended up in something like a Forest.     
   "You're in the Digital World Sakura" said Melody. 
   "The what!?" asked Syaoran. 
   "MELODY!  MY D-3 SCANNED 2 DIGIEGGS!" yelled Kari. 
   "Looks like we head north" said TK. 
   "Come on" said Yolei.  They walked for some distance until they came to a Vending Machine. 
   "I'm hungry" said Davis.  Davis went up to the Vending machine.  He put a quarter in.  But green little blobs came out. 
   "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" screamed Sakura. 
   "There only Numemon" said Davis.  They were circling Sakura. 
   "Psy shot!" said Efuimon.  Her ruby glowed and a beam shot out & hit a Numemon.  The Numemon retreated. 
   "Melody...." said Matt. 
   "What?" said Melody. 
   Matt pointed toward Sakura & Syaoran. 
   "Are you okay Sakura?" asked Li. 
   "Yeah," said Sakura. 
   "I hate to interrupt, but we have to find your digi-eggs" said Melody.   They continued walking. 
   Davis had been staring at Sakura the WHOLE time.  Davis didn't like Syaoran, so he wanted the Numemon to get him, but they got Sakura instead.  'He better not get Sakura' thought Davis. 
   'He better not get Sakura' thought Syaoran. 
   They came to a temple.  "NOT ANOTHER ONE!" whined Yolei. 
   "Leave it to me!" said Efuimon.  "Efuimon Armor digivolve to..... MYSTICMON THE UNICORN OF THE CRESTS!" 
   "Don't leave me out!  Gatomon armor digivolve to..... NEFERTIMON, THE ANGLE OF LIGHT!" 
   "Patamon armor digivolve to..... PEGASUSMON, FLYING HOPE!" 
   "Hop on Sakura!" said Melody. 
   "HOW DO YOU KNOW IT'S SAFE?!?!!?" asked Syaoran. 
   "Don't worry!  Everything will go smoothly!" said Kari. 
   Sakura & Li got on Mysticmon.  Davis & Ken got on with TK, & Cody & Yolei got on with Kari.  They flew to the top of the temple.
       There were two digieggs on the top. 
   "There the digieggs of Compassion & Truth" said Melody. 
   "What do we do?" asked Syaoran. 
   "Sakura, try picking up the digiegg of Compassion" said Kari. 
   Sakura went to the digiegg of Compassion.  She lifted it up. 
   "It's light" said Sakura.  There was a pink glow where the digiegg was.  A digimon formed. 
   "HELLO SAKURA!" said The digimon.  "My name is Starmon"  The digimon was pink with light pink wings.  She had stars all over her body.  She had a moon on the end of her tail.  She had a red collar with a star on it. She had the shape of a mew.  "Starmon?" said Sakura. 
   The info window appears.  "Starmon is a legendary digimon who is playful & cute.  She gets her power from the stars.  Her attack, Tiny Shooting Star, is a basic attack. 
   "But I thought she was a legend" said Melody. 
   "Nope!  I'm real & we're partners Sakura!" said Starmon. 
   "Lift up your digiegg Syaoran"said Kari. 
   Syaoran went over to his digiegg & lifted it up.  The light turned green.  Another digimon formed. 
   "HELLO LI!!! I'M MOONMON!!!"  The digimon was a green cat with moon's all over it.  It had a moon on the tip of it's tail.  He had a red collar too but it had a moon instead of a star. 
   The info window appears.  "Moonmon is another digimon who is playful & adventurous.  His attack, Tiny Meteor, is a basic attack. 
   "But I thought he was a legend to" said Efuimon. 
   "I'm also real & we're partners Syaoran!" said Moonmon. 
   "What's going on?" asked Sakura. 
   "It's hard to explain" said Melody. 
   "Good thing Izzy isn't here" said Kari.
   They climbed down the temple.  Syaoran kept looking at Sakura. 
   'Why is Syaoran looking at that girl over there with Starmon?' thought Moonmon.  'But Starmon is kinda cute'. 
   "How come your my digimon?" asked Syaoran. 
   "Because it's our destiny" said Moonmon. 
   'I already have a destiny, but are me & Sakura destend to be together' thought Li.  He shook off the feeling.  'She'll never feel the same as I do'. 
   "Matt... I feel something coming from Sakura & Syaoran.  Like Magic.  They may be the Cardcaptors my mom has been talking about" said Melody. 
   "Are you sure?" asked Matt. 
   "I'm pretty sure.  But I'm not gonna say anything yet" said Melody. 
   "Melody... I think a digimon is near" said Efuimon. 
   "Keep an eye out Efuimon" said Melody. 
   Then, a Kuwagamon came out if the woods. 
   "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" screamed Sakura. 
   "I'LL PROTECT YOU SAKURA!  TINY SHOOTING STAR!" yelled Starmon.  The attack barely affected him.  Kawagamon attacked Sakura. 
   "LOOK OUT SAKURA!" yelled Syaoran.  He got Sakura out of the way before the attack hit them. 
   "Are you okay Syaoran?" asked Sakura. 
   "Yeah" said Syaoran. 
   "LEAVE IT TO ME LI!" said Moonmon.  "TINY METEOR!"  The attack barely affected him. 
   "OK" said Sakura.  "DIGIARMOR ENERGIZE!!!" 
   "Starmon armor digivolve to... COMETMON, PLANET OF COMPASSION!"     
   "Moonmon armor digivolve to... METEORMON, THE METEOR OF TRUTH!" 
   The info window appears.  "I'm cometmon, the armor form of Starmon using the digiegg of compassion.  My attack, Shooting Star, eleimanates my enemy". 
   "I'm Meteormon, the armor form of Moonmon using the digiegg of Truth.  My attack, Meteor Shower, elimanates my enemy" 
   "Cometmon?  Meteormon?" said Sakura. 
   Kawagamon got hit. 
   "You guys can't have all the fun!  EFUIMON DIGIVOLVE TO... SUICUNEMON!"  "WATER COMET!" 
   Kawagamon disenagrated. 
   "Let's go home" said Melody. 
   They went to a TV & went back home.
   "I'm tired" said Melody. 
   *Sakura & Syaoran cartoon fall* 
   "How come Melody is tired?"  asked Chibimoonmon, Moonmons in-training form. 
   "She used alot of energy" said Matt. 
   "How can she?" asked Tinistarmon, Starmon's intraining. 
   "Melody needs rest now" said Kari pushing the others out of Melody's room.  Melody got in her bed. 
   "Sleep tight Merodi" Matt whispered.  Matt gave her a light kiss on her forehead. 
   "Yamato..." Melody whispered before falling asleep.  Matt closed the door. 
   "You guys have to pretend your digimon are dolls" said Matt. 
   "Did you go to the Digital World, Kari?" asked Mrs. Kamiya. 
   "Yeah Mom" said Kari. 
   "I'll get it" said Matt.  When he opened the door, someone screamed
   "MATT!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"  The other guy had short red hair with brown eyes.  His name was Travis. 
   "What's going on?" asked Syaoran. 
   "Travis has a major crush on Melody & hates Matt" said Kari. 
   "Why does he hate Matt?" asked Sakura. 
   "Later" said Kari. 
   "WHERE IS MELODY?!!?" yelled Travis. 
   Melody heard the shouts & slowly opened the door.  Travis punched Matt in the cheek. 
   "YAMATO!" yelled Melody frightened.  She ran up to Matt.  "Are you okay?" asked Melody. 
   "Yeah" said Matt. 
   Melody saw Travis.  Melody kicked Travis in the leg.  "LEAVE RIGHT NOW TRAVIS!!!!!" yelled Melody angrily.  She slamed the door.  Sakura & Syaoran were suprised by Melody's action. 
   "We better get some Ice Yamato" said Melody.  Melody got some ice and gave it to Matt. 
   "Arigatou Merodi"said Matt. 
   "I have to go" said Sakura. 
   "Ja Ne!" said Melody. 
   "I have to go too" said Syaoran. 
   Sakura, Tinistarmon, Syaoran, & Chibimoonmon left.

****At Syaoran's apartment, In Syaoran's room****

   "Syaoran..." said Chibimon. 
   "What is it Chibimoonmon?" asked Li. 
   "How come you alway look at Sakura?" asked Chibimoonmon.  Syaoran blushed.  "And why does your face turn red when I mention her name" asked Chibimoonmon.  Syaoran blushed harder.  "And why did you save her today?" asked Chibimoonmon.  Syaoran blushed furiously now. 
   "OKAY!  I'LL TELL YOU!" said Syaoran angrily.  "I..." 
   "SPILL IT OUT!" said Chibimoonmon. 
   "I.... I have a.... Crush on her" said Syaoran. 
   "What's a crush?" asked Chibimoonmon. 
   *Syaoran cartoon fall* 
   "Let's just say he really likes Sakura chibimon" said a voice.  Syaoran looked & saw Melody in the doorway. 
   "HOW DID YOU GET HERE?!?!" asked Syaoran. 
   "Teleporting" said Melody cooly. 
   "How did you know I liked Sakura?" asked Syaoran. 
   "I can tell.  I can also read minds" said Melody. 
   "What's with you & Matt?" asked Syaoran. 
   Melody froze.  "Well...." Melody blushed. 
   "Do you like him?" asked Li. 
   "Actually.... He's my Boyfriend" said Melody. 
   "YOU'RE WHAT?!!?!" asked Syaoran. 
   "She said Matt is her boyfriend" said Chibimoonmon. 
   "Forget it" said Li. 
   "Do you need any help with your problem?" asked Melody. 
   "I'll think about" said Syaoran. 
   "Well you better think about fast.  She misses a certain someone" said Melody.  Melody teleported. 
   'What does she mean by that...' thought Syaoran.  Then it hit him.  'NOOOOOO!!!!!  SHE MISSES ERIOL!!!!'  Syaoran fell on his bed. 
   "Is there anthing wrong?" asked Chibimoonmon. 
   "I don't wanna talk about it" said Syaoran. 
   (Looks like Syaoran's deppressed)

****Sakura's Apartment****

   "I'll get it!" said Touya.  When he opened the door, he saw Melody in the doorway.  Touya got scared. 
   "Hey!  I was wondering if Sakura was here" said Melody. 
   "Um... She's in that room" said Touya pointing toward Sakura's room. 
   "Thanks!" said Melody.  Melody went to Sakura's room. 
   "Hey Sakura!" said Melody. 
   "Hey Melody" said Sakura. 
   "I was wondering if you want to come to my concert tomorrow" said Melody. 
   "Maybe you can invite Syaoran" said Melody. 
   "OK" said Sakura.  Sakura called Syaoran. 
*Ring Ring* 
   "This is Li Syaoran" 
   "Hey Syaoran!" said Sakura. 
   "Oh... ah... Sakura" 
   "I was wondering if you would like to go to Melodys concert tommorow" said Sakura. 
   "Um... Yeah.. Sure.." said Syaoran. 
   "Okay!  Bye!" Sakura hung up. 
   "Sakura..." said Melody in a serious tone. 
   "What?" said Sakura. 
   "Do you miss someone?" asked Melody. 
   "Well...." said Sakura.  Sakura was blushing. 
   "If he's your Number 1.  Think about it.  Your true No. 1 is close to you.  Very close" said Melody. 
   "What do you mean Melody?" asked Sakura. 
   "You have to find out.  Ja Ne!" said Melody.  Melody left leaving a clueless Sakura behind.
(In Syaoran's room)
   Syaoran couldn't believe it.  Sakura, asked him out.  Syaoran fell on the bed. 
   "What's wrong now Syaoran?" asked Chibimoonmon.  Syaoran didn't hear Chibimon.  He kept thing of Sakura. 
   'Maybe she doesn't miss Elriol' thought Syaoran. 
   "WAKE UP SYAORAN!!!!" yelled Chibimoonmon.  Syaoran fell out of his bed. 
   "Were you thinking about Sakura?" asked Chibimoonmon. 
   "y...Yes" said Syaoran. 
   "You humans are too weird" said Chibimoonmon.  "Human guys always think about Human girls"  (*sigh*)

****In the morning****

   "MELODY!!!!" yelled the teacher. 
   "Wha?" asked Melody.  'GREAT!  I FELL ASLEEP IN CLASS AGAIN!' thought Melody. 
   "As I was explaining..." 
   Melody continued her math test.  'UGH!  MATH!  I HATE MATH!' thought Melody.

****After School****

   Melody & Katrina were practicing for the concert. 
   "Melody..." said Katrina. 
   "What is it?" said Melody. 
   "Is something wrong?" asked Katrina. 
   "You always catch me.  It's about Sakura & Syaoran.  Syaoran likes Sakura but Sakura likes someone else" said Melody. 
   "Let's get back to practicing.  We can talk about it Later" said Katrina.

****Before The Concert****

   'She should be here' thought Syaoran. 
   "SYAORAN!" called Sakura. 
   "Um.... Hey Sakura" said Syaoran. 
   "Come ON!" said Sakura.  They walked toward the place where the concert was.          
   "Sakura..." said Syaoran. 
   "What?" said Sakura. 
   "Have you found your.....?" asked Syaoran. 
   "HEY SAKURA!  HEY SYAORAN!" yelled Matt behind them. 
   "Hi Matt!" said Sakura & Syaoran. 
   "Let's go" said Matt.

****In the Theater****

  "HEY EVERYONE!  LET'S START OUT OUR SHOW WITH RAINY DAY MAN!" said Melody over the Microphone.

M: When I think about the first time...
Thought I found someone who cared... For me....
But things were not as they appeared to be....

K & M: Rainy Day Man...
On your shoulder I cry...
When my first crush with love...
Left me shaking inside...
K: Rainy Day Man....Rainy Day Man....

K: Ever since I can Remember...
Just like a brother you've been strong... And true!
Always been the one to see.... Me through....

K & M: Rainy Day Man...
You're much more than a friend....
I would give anything...
Just to see you again...

K: Rainy Day Man..
M: Rainy Day Man...
K: Rainy Day Man....


   "Thank you.... This next song is called Only A Memory Away!" said Melody.

K:I hear the voice from my destiny call.
And I know I must go find my way.
The hardest part will be leaving you all.
And I'll miss you much more than words can say.

K & M: I'll be only a memory away.
If you need me,
You can call me any time of the day.
I'll be there, it's okay.
Only a memory away.

M: My intuition says something is wrong.
My friends said they'd come say goodbye.
I can't go until I know what's going on.
I fear there is danger somewhere nearby.

K & M: I'll be only a memory away.
If you need me,
You can call me any time of day.
I'll be there, it's okay.
Only a memory away.

K: We've been together through good times and bad.
You've always been there for me.
M: I'll always treasure the best friends I have,

K & M: Only a memory away.
If you need me,
You can call me any time of day.
I'll be there, it's okay.
I'm only a memory away.

Only a memory away.
If you need me,
You can call me any time of day.
I'll be there, it's okay.
Only a memory away.

Only a memory away.
Only a memory away.

   "Wha?" said Melody.  The sound systems went off.  "There has been a problem.  I'm afraid that the concert will have to end" Said Melody.

*****After The Concert****

   "Sakura..." said Syaoran. 
   "What is it Syaoran?" asked Sakura. 
   "Have you found you're..." started Syaoran. 
   "Hey you guys!" said Melody.
   "Hi Melody" said Sakura.  Sakura bumped into someone. 
   "Hey Sakura" said a voice.  Sakura looked up & saw Eriol.  Sakura blushed. 
   "Hi Eriol" said Sakura.  ( I know S+S fans will yell at me for Sakura liking Eriol)  Syaoran glared at Eriol.  He never liked Eriol.  (They talk & other stuff)

*****A bench in a park*****(Guess who.  Not Sakura & Syaoran)

   "Yamato" said Melody. 
   "What is it Merodi?" asked Matt. 
   "I met Sakura's #1 today" said Melody. 
   "Was he nice?" asked Matt. 
   "Yeah.  But I think Sakura's true #1 is Syaoran" said Melody. 
   "And Syaoran has been quiet since Eriol got here" said Melody. 
   "Maybe he needs some time alone.  Maybe you should try not to be too helpful" said Matt. 
   Melody's eyes watered up.  "Oh I get what you mean, thanks alot" said Melody about to cry. 
   "Wha?" said Matt.
   "You think, I'm being too helpful when I save you.  I'm just annoying" said Melody. 
   "No no Melody! It's not like that at all!" said Matt. 
   Syaoran was walking when he saw Melody in Matt.  Syaoran hid behind a tree. 
   "I still think I'm a bother to you" said Melody.  Matt put his hands on her shoulders. 
   "You've never been a bother to me" said Matt.  "You've got to believe me"
   "I do?" said Melody.  (Note: Thay are standing up now.) 
   "Mm-hm" said Matt.  Melody went into his arms. 
   "Yamato"said Melody. 
   "Merodi" said Matt.  Melody leaned closer & they kissed. 
   Syaoran watched the whole thing.  'I envy them' thought Syaoran. 
   "Aishiteru" said Melody.

*****In the digital world*****

   The others were fighting a Digimon.  The info window appears.  "That's MetalTyrannomon.  He's a Ultimate digimon" said Melody. 
   Meteormon & Cometmon were attacking. 
   "FIRE BLAST!" yelled the MatalTyrannomon. 
   Cometmons attacked got reflected & hit Cometmon.  Cometmon de-digivolved.              
   "STARMON!" yelled Sakura.  The next attcak headed toward Syaoran.  Meteormon blocked the attack & de-digivolved. 
   "MOONMON!" yelled Syaoran.  The next attack almost hit the fallen digimon when there was a light from Sakura & Syaoran's D-3. 

Efuimon: Starmon & Moonmon have digivolved! Will Sakura relize her feelings for Syaoran?   A new Digimon will come forth on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!  Next Ep.: Come forth, Serenitymon,Lunarmon, & Sakura's True #1!

Part 3
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