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*~The Day that Was Unfortunate~*

Chapter 2
by Magnadragatomon

   It was a one on one game for T.K. and Davis.  Okay no offense to the Davis fans out there, but here's what happened.  Davis uses more of his showing off skills than paying attention to more important things.. 
   So Davis was putting model figures and stuff, obviously not paying attention, when T.K. stole the ball.  Davis, still showing off, did not notice, and sang with his eyes closed,
   "Look at me Kari.  I have the ball and T.W. did not think of stealing it!" 
   While Davis was lost in his thoughts,  T.K. shot the ball 985 times, and...*since Davis wasn't paying attention* got it in all times. 
   Finally the ref (Agumon) said, "The game is over.  The score is 1000 to 0.  T.K. is the winner!  (Pepper Breath!)"  Suddenly, a humongous flame surrounded Davis and Davis finally stopped daydreaming, and got angry. 
   He shouted, "I call a rematch T.H.!" 
   T.K. didn't say anything but Agumon said, "Um Davis?  (Agumon grinned) One thing, T.K. won fair and square while you were [showing off].  Two-------your butt's on fire!!!!!!"

   Davis screamed.  "AHHHHHHHHH!"
   There was a girl called Lila watching and she said, "You're a loser, Girl Screamer!" 

     Finally when they got out of the gym, T.K. said, "Look Davis.  The thing is when you play something you should play, not [show off].  Sorry I said that....but you know it's true." 
   Davis sighed.  "You're right...just go ahead and ask Kari to the dance, will ya?  Make it quick."  Then ..Davis farted really loud![this was my brother's idea] (Bang!)

       Then T.K. just gave  him a look that said, sorry Davis.  T.K. went to Kari and said, "Do you want to go to the dance with me, Kari?"  
   Kari looked at T.K. unbelieveably, and T.K. thought, of course she will not go with me...
   Kari's mouth dropped down and she said, "I was about to ask you the same thing!  But ..... do you ...... want to be my...." 
   T.K. grinned.  "Do you want to be my girlfriend Kari?" 
   Kari grinned happily.  "Yes!  I was about to ask you!" 
"Yes, Yes!!"  T.K. and Kari said together.    


At the School Dance:

   Kari and T.K. danced.  Davis was so humiliated, so he stayed home.  Kari finally asked T.K., after the concert was over, "Do you want to go to Matt's concert?  I have tickets." 
   T.K. grinned.  "Sure.  Box seats?"  Kari grinned back.

At Matt's Concert

   Matt sang a few sets, like maybe 6, with twelve tunes each one. 
   Then Kari and T.K. decided, "Hey, Kari, are you available on Friday?  We can go to Myatmarie Manduo [pronounced my-at-marie-mand-do-oh]- I'll pay!" 
   Kari gasped.  "Myatmarie Manduo?  The most expensive restaraunt in all of Asia? Are you sure T.K.?" 
   When T.K. nodded, Kari squealed, "You're the greatest T.K.!"  T.K. just grinned. 
   "My cousin SiSammita owns the restaraunt and I can get free meals anytime!" 

Then bu bu bum....


   T.K. and Kari went to Myatmarie Manduo.

   Suddenly Davis rushed through the doors and yelled at T.K.
   Then they started having an insult fight.
   Kari snuck behind Davis.
   Veemon saw Kari and tried to do a Vee Headbutt but instead pulled down Davis' underpants.  

   And then the waiter came........

*to be continued*

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