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Keep in mind my Season 4 will be off for a while until I finish the "Day that was Unfortunate" series.

*~The Day that Was Unfortunate~*
Chapter 3
by Magnadragatomon

   The waiter stared at Davis and laughed. 
   "Excuse me young man, but shouldn't you be wearing your pants?"
   Davis' face flushed with embarassment. 
   He ran out of the store mumbling, "Why do I have to have so much bad luck!"
   T.K. was good natured, and felt sorry for Davis.  He told Kari, "Um, Kari?  Let's hurry our orders....I need to do something."
   Kari grinned and said, "Sure.  whatever."
   T.K. told the waiter, "We'd like some curry rice, Chinese fried rice, and spare ribs."       
   The waiter came back with the food.  He grinned widely (so that it showed his braces) and said, "Okay.  T.K. .... Kari... here are your food, madames.  and sirs."
   T.K. and Kari laughed and the waiter giggled and left to the kitchen.           
   T.K. walked Kari home.  "Have a nice day, Kari.."  Kari agreed and said likewise.   T.K. went to Davis' house.  He said," Look, Davis.  I am really sorry you had to get embarassed and everything.  Friends?" 
   Davis smiled at T.K. and said, "Thanks T.K.  You were a better friend to me than I you.  But I'd like to be your friend now.  And T.K.?"
   T.K. smiled, "Yeah?" 
   Davis grinned back and said, "I don't want to be in you and Kari's way.  But.."
   T.K. 'read Davis' mind' and said, "Sure. You can come with us ocassionally." and T.K. left to his house and fell asleep......  
   Suddenly, at night, all of the DigiDestined in Japan got teleported to the Digital World.... Everyone woke up, plainly confused.  Izzy was the one to finally figure out. 
   He explained, "It is Azulongmon, if you must know, he is teleporting all of us here so that we can fight a new enemy  and we need to go to MetalGreymon's Digimon Training School to help us."         Everyone grinned wearily saying, "yeah.  whatever."  It was then when they noticed that  Cody was still not there.............................
   "It must be a coincidence!" Yolei shouted deadily.  
   Then they saw a light come through, and Azulongmon came.  He said Cody went to the hospital to help out during the summer and it was a nice thing to do so Azulongmon decided not to summon Cody, but let him be.
   "Oh...."Everyone groaned. 

To Be Continued

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