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~*The Day that Was Unfortunate*~
Chapter 4

   Everyone kept groaning until Azulongmon shouted, "What kind of DigiDestined are you?  So I can't even tell you what your quest is?  So I can't tell you anything, even 'This Old Man', until you stop groaning?  Cody was being nice, and volunteery.  Armadillomon was brought to Cody, as well.  SO WILL YOU ALL BE QUIET?!"
   The DigiDestined hushed and Azulongmon said, "Now here's your new quest-you have to reborn every Digimon in the DigiWorld-" 
   Davis interupted, "Now if that's your task for us, I say impossible!" 
   Everyone looked sternly at Davis and groaned, "Davis!"
   "Sorry!" Davis said. 
   Everyone groaned.  But T.K. said, "It's okay, Davis."
   Kari grinned and said, "I guess."
   Then Azulongmon started to say the quest pointers...

...To be continued....

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