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~* The Day that Was Unfortunate *~
Chapter 5
by Magnadragatomon

     Azulongmon cleared his throat.  "All of you have different tasks in the rebirth process.  T.K., Davis, you two are going to rub as many digieggs as possible.  Yolei, Kari, and Ken you guys will make as many comfy beds as possible.  They are born with beds but will need comfortable shelters as they become In-Training Digimon. Okay, Digidestined, let's see what you're made of!"
     T.K. and Davis started to rub Digi-Eggs.  Patamon started to rub, too, but Veemon just said, "I'm too tired." 
   Davis yelled, "VEEMON!  Patamon's helping and so is T.K.  But three of us won't do as much as four!  LET'S MOVE IT!" 
   T.K. stiffled a giggle with Patamon.     
   Veemon grumbled and mumbled, "I really am too tired, I mean I fight the most..." 
   In an hour, T.K., Davis, Patamon, and Veemon had rubbed down 500 Digi-Eggs total...
      Kari and Yolei started to look around. 
   Ken said, "I'll look for the materials.  You guys could make it and I'll find it."  Ken and Wormmon got materials.  "Now just keep making and we'll supply you."  Ken and Wormmon dashed back and forth. 
   Meanwhile Kari, Yolei, Gatomon, and Hawkmon made as-comfortable-as-beds-can-come-beds.  In an hour, Kari, Yolei, Gatomon, Hawkmon, Ken, and Wormmon had made 200 comfortable beds.
      Azulongmon said, "That's good work for today.  You could sleep in Digi-Cabin.  Just straight down there.  Or Digimon Hotel.  Report back at Primary Village tomorrow."

...To be continued....

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