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authors note:  This is a fairly complexe story which may be a little hard to understand by some, but due to the end of season two of digimon, I felt a need to expand my storyline.  This is a series of stories, or rather one big story and I will be posting a new chapter at least once a week.  Glynn and Mishka are characters of my own creation and I would greatly appreciate being asked if you'd like to use them  in any of your fics.  Thanx.  This series is dedicated to Fuzzy, Nancy, Dalia, Terry, Artemis (who inspired me to begin writing), Renee, Jen  and everyone else who wrote to me and encourages me to keep building.  Thanx heaps!!

What's in Dreams...
Chapter 1

May 28th, 2001

     Glynn looked outside at the dark clouds hovering menacingly overhead.  She was glad that it was gloomy outside.  She wasn’t really in any kind of mood for sunshine anyways.  For some reason, she didn’t really feel like being happy lately.  It wasn’t really that she was sad, it was more a matter that she didn’t care.  She felt like a heavy cloak had been wrapped around her, blocking out her emotions.  Sometimes she felt as though she weren’t even alive.  Not to say that she felt dead, just that she wasn’t living like everyone else.  She felt like an outsider, there to observe what happened but not to really be a part of any of it.  Suddenly, she heard a cough behind her.  She turned to see who was there, but she could see no one. Must have imagined it, she thought to herself.  But then she heard it again.  This time, she caught sight of a shadow around a corner in the hall.  She silently walked towards it. 
   “Oh, it’s you,” she said flatly, recognizing Mishka, her longtime friend.  
   “You weren’t in class, so I came to see if you were feeling well,” he answered just as flatly. 
   It was almost as though all the emotion in the room had been sucked away. 
   “Thank you for caring, but I’m okei.” 
   “Would you like me to stay with you?” 
   “Yeah, sure.  That would be nice.” 
    Together, they went outside and sat on the swings in Glynn’s garden.  They sat there, swinging in silence, neither feeling any need to speak, just thankful for each other’s company.  Neither seemed to be bothered by the darkening sky, or the growing silence which often precedes a storm.

    Kari and T.K. were talking silently amongst themselves when Davis showed up in class. 
   “Hey guys, what’s up?” he asked, plopping down in the desk in front of T.K. 
   “We were just talking about the weird dreams that we’ve been having lately,” T.K. answered. 
   “Let me guess,” Davis’ eyes sharpened, “about a tall red haired girl and an even taller black haired guy, sitting together watching a storm come.” 
   Kari’s eyes widened, “You’re having them too?!?” 
   “Yup, and so are all of the other digidestined that I’ve spoken to,” he answered. 
   “Does anybody know who they are?” T.K. asked. 
   “Not a clue, T.O.,” Davis answered with a smirk.   
   Even though Davis had given up his chase of Kari and accepted T.K. and Kari as a couple, he still liked to keep up the old joke.  T.K. just smirked right back.  Davis and him had even managed to become friends as they had grown older.  Now that they were in the senior year of highschool, Davis even had his own girlfriend, and the four of them often hung out together. 
   “I talked to Tai, and he said that he, Sora, Matt , Yolei and Ken have all been having the same dream too,” Kari said, shaking her head at the two boys. 
   “Well I don’t know about you guys,” T.K. continued, “but every morning after I’ve had that dream I feel a little more numb, you know what I mean?” 
   Kari and Davis nodded mutely.  All the digidestined who had been having the dream woke up feeling emotionally drained for some reason.  
   Just then, the bell rang, and class began.   

    “Do you ever feel as if you don’t belong here?” 
   Glynn pushed her long hair out of her face and looked up at Mishka.  She thought a long time before answering, listening to the rain drops on the glass roof, the thunder crashing outside the screen door. 
   “I feel like I’m only an observer, that I’m not really supposed to interfere with what the others do.” 
   Mishka just nodded, his blue eyes gazing out the windows of the solarium.  They had moved inside when the rain had started to fall, but neither went any further into the house than the solarium.  It was as though they wanted to keep a connection with the outdoors.  They sat together on the floor with their backs propped up against the settee, staring out the windows. It was so dark out now, that it could very easily have been night, though it was still only early afternoon. 
   “I wonder if you’re right,” he started, “if we’re not both just observers, meant to look but not to touch.” 
   Glynn curled her hand in his.  He responded by entwining his fingers with her own.  They sat in silence for a long time.  Glynn let her mind begin to wander.   
   Suddenly, she was seeing great creatures flying towards her.  All around her was burning and crying.  She couldn’t see anybody, but she could hear the cries of agony surrounding her.  She felt as though she were choking. 
   “Shhh, Glynna-vyre, it’s okei,” Mishka wrapped his arms around her shaking body, trying to sooth away the vision. 
   “No, Mishka, help me stand.  I need to go.  I have to--” she started, her voice filled with urgency. 
   “I know,” he said quietly, picking her up and carrying her outside. 
   Once outside her placed her softly on the wet ground.  The rain was falling so hard that they were both already soaked.  He helped her to stand and walk towards the center of the garden.  When they walked by the swings, they saw a figure sitting upon one of them. 
   “The time approaches,” it said quietly. 
    “What are supposed to do?” Mishka asked calmly. 
   “Observe,” it answered, “observe and when the time comes to fight, you will know what to do.”         
   And with that, the figure vanished.  Mishka and Glynn continued to the center of the garden, for at the very core stood the circle.

End of Chapter 1
Let me know what you think...if the response is well enough, I may be persuaded to post Chapter 2 earlier than next week (it's already done, I just thought I'd let you guys simmer a little while...I know, I'm evil)  ::grin::
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