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author's note:  ladies and gentlemen..the plot thickens...thanx to everyone for their is strongly suggested that you don't start reading at this chapter...coz boy, will you be confused!! ::giggles::

What's in Dreams
Chapter 12
September 3rd, 2001

In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky.
In my heart they'll always be a place for you for all my life.
I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am, there you'll be...  

   "Koneko, why did you leave me?" Davis mumbled, staring at a picture  of them together, sitting under a cherry blossom tree, "Why did you leave me  alone?" his voice cracked as yet more tears streamed down his face.  He sat  there for a long time, listening the the melancholie song, the words had  never been so appropriate.  Maybe it was fate, Davis thought to himself  sadly.  It had been the last song they had ever danced to together.   Finally, exhaustion took over, and Davis curled up on his bed and went to  sleep. 


   "Oh Davis," Koneko moaned, "I'm so sorry, this isn't fair." She was again watching him in the pond.  He looked terrible.  He had gotten  so thin, his hair was getting long, and it was unkempt.  He hadn't bothered  shaving in a while either.  He was wasting away.  Koneko was getting really  anxious about him.  "We have to do something," she said suddenly, getting up and looking  at Glynna and Mishka a few feet away, "we have to bring him here. Now." 
   Glynna looked at her sadly, shaking her head, "I'm sorry, but I don't  know how." 
   "Then ask the angelicae,"she spat out caustically. 
   Glynna looked at Mishka with uncertainty.  Koneko thought that she  even saw a hint a fear in her eyes.  What could she be afraid of?  She's  spoken to the angelicae before? What's her problem now?  Koneko knew that  she was being unsympathetic, but she couldn't help it, she was so worried  about Davis. 
   Mishka took up Glynn's hand and nodded.  The other girl simply sighed and nodded at Koneko.  Koneko thought her heart would burst, she was so  grateful.  The couple walked into the circle.  Glynna was terrified, remembering how sick she had gotten every other time she had let the angelicae take over  her body.  What Koneko didn't understand was that they wouldn't tell  Glynna-vyre how to bring Davis to their world, they would do it for her,  through her.  Glynna braced herself and began the incantation. 
   "Quantum in me est potestas tenebras et lumen unum per meum fient.   Alia iactas est.  Quantum in me est tenebras ignavos spiritus," her body was  surrounded by a brilliant white light, she couldn't see anything outside of  it.  Koneko stood rooted in place, this wasn't what she had had in mind.   She thought that Glynna, or Mishka, could just ask how to do something and  then they could do it.  She had not realized the concequences of having such  power.  Suddenly the glowing stopped and when Koneko could see again, she saw that Glynna-vyre was now lying on the ground in the circle.  Mishka approached and gently helped her to stand.  Koneko was stunned when she looked at  Glynna-vyre's eyes.  This isn't Glynna anymore, she realized in shock.  She  watched as Glynna-vyre approached the pond where she had been watching Davis  earlier.  She knew that he was still asleep.  She knew that he could see her  now too.  But she also knew that he did not understand. 
   "Vides, Videt, Video. Appropinquae nihil sed uno."  Koneko was knocked on her ass by the force of the energy unleashed by  Glynna-vyre.  When she stood up she saw that Glynna had collapsed again.   Mishka quickly went and picked her up and began walking towards the entrance  of the garden.  When Glynna was gone, Koneko noticed another body lying on  the ground. 
   "Davis!" she cried, running towards him.    
   "Know this," Mishka said to her as he passed by, "this was not  Destiny's plan, and it will not be happy." 
   Koneko harldy heard him as she picked up Davis' head in her arms,  rocking back and forth, tears streaming down her face. 
   "Koneko?" he asked in confusion, opening his eyes, "am I sill dreaming ?"  His eyes opened wider as he looked at the girl, really looked, for the  first time.  He sat up, jerking back away from her.  Koneko was hurt, but  then she followed his line of vision.  She nodded at him and smiled, as he  slowly, almost tentatively reached out to touch her face.  Finding her solid, next he reached out for her wings, gasping when they did not disappear like  all good hallucinations should.  "How--Who--what" he stuttered out, unable to comprehend. 
   "Remember what Winter said, about the world of Glynna and Mishka being  real.  Well this is where I came after I died.  I don't know if this is  supposed to be heaven.  I don't think so, so I don't even know if I'm really  dead.  I don't really understand everything yet.  Glynna has been teaching me  the ancient magicks, the wings are part of that magick," she smiled  sheepishly, "I kinda like them."          Davis just sat there, rooted in place.  Suddenly he wrapped his arms  around her, holding her tightly to him, sobs racking his body.  Koneko hugged him back just a tightly, crying just as hard.  They sat there, like that for  a long time. Neither wanted to let go of the other for fear that they might  be separated again.     
   Suddenly, they heard someone enter the garden.  Koneko looked up  expecting to see Mishka and Glynna returning, but was startled to see the  Watcher enter with Winter.  Neither of them looked very happy, either. 
   "You shouldn't have come here," Winter said quietly to Davis. "It was not your time yet." 
   "I brought him here," Koneko explained to the girl. 
   "No. You didn't," the Watcher said in his great voice, "You asked the angelicae to do it for you, and now Glynna-vyre suffers for it." 
   "What do you mean, suffers?" she asked in confusion. 
   "Exactly what he said," Winter explained, her voice edged with  annoyance, "Do you think that such power as that comes without a price.   No, you know that there are consequences," Winter sighed, "but what is done  is done." 
   "We will teach him the magicks?" Koneko asked, relieved that Winter  was willing to let this go.          "No we won't, he cannot learn the magicks," the Watcher said,  "already the change has been corrupted by this action, teaching him the  magicks will only make it worse.  He has his crest, and when the others come, at the correct time, their combined crests will do as Destiny has bid them  too." 
   Koneko was a bit taken aback by the Watcher's brusqueness, but she  understood.  She did not, however, regret having brought Davis there.   She never would. 

  "We've lost control here." 
   "No we haven't, not yet." 
   "How can you still believe that?  The dreamers are beginning to  arrive before the time, they already know secrets that they should not, and  the chosen are beginning to do some unexpected things," the Watcher sighed. 
   Winter just shook her head.  "Do you really believe that all this  would be happening if Destiny didn't want it too?  I'm beginning to think  that we've been looking at this in entirely the wrong way.  We aren't at war  with Destiny," now it was Winter's turn to sigh.  "How do we know that  Destiny has anything to do with what's happening at all?" 
   The Watcher was immediatly concerned.  How can she be doubting  herself?  Doubting us, doubting everything?   
   "It's not like you to express doubt like this," he finally said aloud. 
   The little girl just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, "I  don't understand what's going on anymore.  I thought I did, but there is more going on than I thought.  The dreamers are as prepared as I could make them,  but this whole thing with Koneko and Davis was unexpected.  Sometime's I  wonder if we're not on the wrong side.  Think about it.  How do we justify  what we're doing here?  Playing people against and for each other depending  on what Destiny bids us," she snorted derisively, "I'm beginning to think  that anything resembling an omnipotent being, be it Destiny or not, abandoned us a long time ago and let us do as we would, revelling in the power that we  thought we possesed."      The Watcher didn't know what to say.  A lot of what Winter said made  sense, but then again, logic had a way about it that could make sense out of  just about anything.  That was it's power, and it's weakness.  He sighed,  just whose side are we on? 

       In the shadows of an alleyway stood a figure.  She stood alone and  still for quite some time.  After a while, another figure came to join her in  the darkness. 
   "It's not about whose side your on anymore," she said to the other  one quietly. 
   "No, it's not.  None of that matters.  Even the change doesn't matter  anymore.  It is Destiny's way, therefore it cannot be corrupted, just as  Glynna-vyre's pureness cannot be corrupted.  Mishka will be there for her,  we don't need to worry about that anymore.  Koneko and Davis are together  again now too," he answered just as quietly.     
   The girl nodded, " I know.  I saw them in the Dreams.  There is  confusion with the Watcher and the child.  They are lost.  We have to stop the other.  He doesn't belong in this.  He prevents the natural order." 
   "T.K., Kari." 
   "Hello Angemon, Agewomon, it's been a while," Kari nodded at the two  new figures entering the alley way. 
   "It's time to go, Kari," Angewomon said. 
   T.K. and Kari nodded, "Let's go." 
   Together, the four left the alley and walked down to the deserted  beach.  Once there, Kari walked towards the water line. 
   "Here I am!" she shouted to the waves, "You wanted me before!  So come and get me!" 
   T.K. shivered as a cold wind blew right through him.  He could feel  eyes watching him, hundreds of them.  Then he could hear the voices, so many  voices, overlapping, one over the other, jumbling into incomprehensibility.    The two digimon and T.K. walked closer to where Kari was now standing ankle deep in the ocean.  
   "They're coming for us now," she said, her voice trembling slightly  with fear.  She had hoped she would never have to return to this place.  But  he had to be stopped. 
   "Welcome back, Kari," a cold voice slithered in the darkness,  "Welcome back to the Dark Ocean."  

End of Chapter 12
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