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author's note:  Sorry this one took so long sux and university professors are sadistic.  I made this one really long to make up for it (okei...not just worked out that way...I started typing, went into a trance and then couldn't decide where to break off the chapter) So I made this one extra long to make up for the wait.

What's in Dreams
Chapter 14
October 1st, 2001

   “What do you mean, nothing?” Angewoman asked, her voice tinged with anxiousness. 
   The shadowy figure turned towards the angel digimon.  Slowly he approached them, coming into the light.  Kari and T.K. gasped at who they saw standing there. 
   “Why are you doing this?  I thought you were on our side,” Kari chocked out, hurt and confused.      “I am merely a Watcher,” the figure slithered out, still walking closer to the two angels. 
   “What about Winter?” Angemon asked. 
   “Winter who?” the Watcher replied slyly, his eyes twinkling with mirth. 
   It was then that T.K. noticed that something wasn’t quite right with the Watcher.  His presence wasn’t the same as it had been in the dreams.  He had a different aura.  “He’s not the same,” he whispered into Kari’s ear. 
   Kari looked up at him sharply, confusion written across her face. 
   The Watcher hadn’t noticed the bried exchange between the two humans as his attention was focused on the digimon. 
   “Could there be more than one?” she whispered back. 
   T.K. shrugged and shook his head in confusion.  He looked up at the Watcher suddenly catching what he was saying. 
   “Winter is a fool.  She thought that she could control Destiny and pass it off as doing Its bidding, but she was wrong.  Destiny is above all of us.  We only do as it wishes--” 
   “Therefor vindicating you of any wrong doing, passing it off as Destiny’s bidding,” Angewoman sneered at the Watcher. 
   The Watcher simply smiled, a smile that was pure evil, “You’re very observant my dear,” he replied smugly, “it’s a shame that you’re obsolete.” 
   “Obsolete? What’s that supposed to mean?” T.K. asked angrily.  His eyes widened in shock and horror as the Watcher turned on the two angel digimon and began chanting under his breath. 
   Kari gasped as the air began to hum with energy and a ball of darkness began to surround the Watcher. 
   “VI VICTUS!” he screamed as the ball of darkness hurtled down on the two digimon.   
   Before anybody could react the darkness smashed into Angemon and Angewoman, sending a shock wave out that knocked both T.K. and Kari flat on their butts.  The following silence was impenetrable.  The two teenagers were shocked into silence at what they saw.  Their digimon lay on the ground, unmoving, but they were glowing.  Kari crawled to Angewoman and noticed that they weren’t just glowing, but they were disapearing, disolving, de-digitizing.    Tears pooled in her eyes.  But soon the sadness, shock and horror disolved into something else. Anger.  Kari felt an anger and rage coursing through her like she had never felt before. 
   “You killed them,” she said in a low, even voice.  The Watcher simply laughed at her, his laughter shattering the silence. 
   “You stupid humans.  Even now you don’t understand.  Winter has told you almost everything she knows and still you don’t understand.  You are all fools.  You don’t understand your own powers, you depend on your digimon and your crests and your friends ,” he sneered the last word, as though it was a mockery, “but you are alone.  Winter knows that.  That’s the part she didn’t tell you, you’re all alone.  Nobody cares.  That’s the nature of the change.  You think you’re so smart, you think that you can stop the change.  You think in small terms.  Your small minds cannot comprehend that you cannot wage a war with Destiny.  It created you, It can un-create you.” 
   “That’s where you’re wrong,” Kari retorted, her anger still rising.  She felt strange, like there was somebody else inside of her, with her, trying to control the power that was building inside of her.  She walked up to the Watcher, stopping a mere 6 feet away from him.  Despite his towering height, she looked straight up into his eyes.  She laid her hand palm up in front of her and a small ball of pink light formed above it, burning with an intensity to match the rage in her eyes.  The ball of light grew until it emcompassed her whole body.   
   Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder.  She didn’t need to turn to know that it was T.K., or to know that he too was surrounded by a similar ball of light, only his was yellow.  The two lights merged to become one with the two humans standing together in the center.     

   “Hello Mimi,” the little girl smiled, tears forming in her eyes. 
   “You kept your promise, I’m not alone,” Mimi choked out through the lump that was forming in her throat.  “I’m sorry I said that you were evil for working for Myotismon.  I was wrong, you’re an angel.” 
   “No I’m not,” Winter shook her head, her eyes filled with self-hatred. 
   “Mimi?” a voice from behind Winter asked cautiously. 
   “Matt?” Mimi’s eyes widened in shock as she bolted up.  They were in the center of the garden in the dreamer’s world.  “Oh Matt! I’m so–so gl–glad to see you!” she sobbed flinging herself into his arms.  He just held onto her tightly, tears running down his own cheeks. 
   “Tai, Sora, Koneko and Davis are here too,” he said after he was finally able to speak again. 
   “But how did you get here?  You didn’t...” she couldn’t say the words, it was still too raw and terrifying in her mind. 
   Matt smiled gently, “No, Winter brought us, well at least Sora, Tai and me.  Koneko brought Davis.” 
   “The others aren’t here yet?  What about T.K. or Kari, Cody, Yolei, Ken--” 
   She was cut off as a scream rent the air.  The horror in that scream froze the blood in Tai’s veins.      “I have to go to her, it’s all my fault,” Koneko said to Davis.  They had been standing off to the side, not wanting to interfere in Mimi and Matt’s reunion. 
   “You can’t help her now,” Winter said harshly, “she has Mishka and she has her will and strength.  She has pulled through before, she will pull through again.  At least this time...” she trailed off, her eyes filled with concern. 
   "What do you mean, this time?" Sora asked sharply, still ill-at-ease with the little girl.
   “She means that Glynna-vyre’s strength has it’s limits, and that she is very much near the end of those limits,” the Watcher said brusquely, entering the garden. 
   “And–and then what happens?” Koneko asked guiltily. 
   “And then she will be of no more use to us,” he replied coldly. 
   “Are you saying that she’ll die?” Sora stepped in.  She didn’t trust this Watcher any more than she trusted Winter. 
   “I’m saying that we will no longer be able to use her abilities and will need to find another who is pure.  And Destiny knows, purity is difficult to find,” he answered with a wry smile. 
   “Then what will happen?” Tai asked. 
   “I don’t know,” the Watcher answered truthfully.    

    The Watcher at the dark ocean  merely watched the display with a look of disdain, “Do you really think that you can change anything?  Your digimon are dead and gone, but,” a sly smile crossed his face, “I suppose that is how destiny would have had it.” 
   Kari felt the anger erupt from her like an explosion. 
   “THAT’S WHERE YOU’RE WRONG!!!” she screamed as wings burst forth from between hers and T.K.’s shoulder blades. 
   For the first time, a look of uncertainty crossed the Watcher’s face.  The bubble of light surrounding the two new beings expanded and quickly disolved the Watcher where he stood.   
   But while he was disapearing, T.K. caught a glimpse of what he really was, and it terrified him.  This isn’t over yet , he thought in despair. 
   As the bubble grew, the dark ocean began to disappear.  Horrible screams and cries of pain filled the air as the light destroyed all the darkness that it touched, and therefor killing all the dark creatures of the dark ocean. 
   Kari began to feel the horror of what she was causing.  She felt her knees let go, but strong hands caught her before she hit the ground. 
   “It had to be done,” a voice inside her head said. 
   “Gatomon?” she asked, confused. 
   “I’m part of you now, and Patamon is part of T.K.  It had to be this way.  I’m sorry,Kari.”          T.K. felt his strength beginning to fade.  Slowly he lowered himself and Kari to the ground. 
   “Hang on T.K.  I’m here with you.” 
   “Thank you Patamon,” he said quietly.  Leaning over Kari he said to her, “We have to give this one last burst.  We have to finish what we’ve started here.” 
   T.K. gathered the last of his strength.  Kari nodded and began to do the same.  Together, they unleashed to full force of their new powers.  The ball of light exploded, destroying the dark ocean, forever.     

   “Yes Davis.” 
   “What’s that?” he asked glowing to the small pinpoint of light slowly expanding above the circle in the center of the garden. 
   Just then, they caught site of Mishka hurrying into the garden with Glynna in his arms. 
   “Please,” she croaked weakly, “You have to get out of here, you ha–have t-to get out...” she slipped back into unconsciousness. 
   “You have to leave the garden. Now!” Mishka ordered urgently, turning and running down the path to the house.   
   Davis, Winter and the others quickly followed him as the ball of light over the circle grew larger and brighter.  They were barely to the house when the entire world, it seemed, was engulfed in blinding light.  When they could all see again, they tentatively walked back to the garden.  Even Winter wasn’t sure what they would find. 
   “Are–are those feathers?” Mimi asked quietly.  Her voice sounded so loud in the thundering silence. 
   “Actually...I think they’re wings,” Koneko replied, her voice shaking, “and I think that there are people tied to them.” 
   Suddenly they heard a painful groan come from the heap of feathers and limbs in the middle of the circle.  Mishka carried Glynna to the pile and laid her gently on the ground next to them. 
   “Welcome, T.K. and Kari.  Hello Gatomon, Patamon,” she said with a weak smile on her face, reaching out and helping one of the clumps of feathers to sit up.  Mishka helped the other one.             
   “Kari?!” Tai’s mouth hit the floor. 
   “Hello Tai,” she muttered weakly, trying to sit up, but her wings were getting in the way. 
   Koneko had to stiffle a grin, “You’ll get used to them.” 
   “Thanks,” T.K. groaned, sitting up at last.  When he did, he caught sight of the Watcher.  His blood froze.  “You...” he hissed.  “I know what you are now.” 
   The Watcher sighed and shook his head.  “You think you do, but you only have a glimpse of a far bigger picture.” 
   “Nothing is what it seems,” Kari mumbled. 
   “No,” Winter replied sadly, “nothing ever is.”

The End of an exceptionally long chapter.At the risk of sounding like a parrot,
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