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authors note: a really big apology to everyone for my tardiness, but here it is.  I hope to wrap this all up in the next few chapters.  This is for everyone who's stuck with me till now.  Arigato!!

What's in Dreams
Chapter 15
February 10th 2002

    "Ka-Kari? You’re an angel did..." Tai couldn’t finish as he stared at his sister in awe.
    “It was the dark ocean...i–it," she choked on a sob, still deeply regretting what she had had to do. I’m a monster...a destroyer. I’m no better than the Watcher was.  Her body began shaking with self-hatred and revulsion.
    “You’re not a monster, Kari"  T.K. told her gently, wrapping his arms around her, “if you’re a monster, than so am I, because I played as much a role in the destruction as you did. Am I a monster too?"
qShe looked up at him with tear filled eyes, “No..."  she sniffled, “but how did you know that that’s what I was thinking?"
    “It’s because I can hear you,"  a gentle voice whispered in her head.  Her eyes widened in comprehension.
    “Um–guys?" Davis asked in confusion, “What on whatever-you-call-this-place is going on here?"
    “They are linked now,"  the Watcher answered, “both together and with their digimon. It is necessary for the battle."
    “Oh my," started Gatomon, inside of Kari’s head, “Davis had better pick his jaw up off the floor before something crawls in there."
    Kari grinned as she heard T.K. snort in laughter. Davis, somehow knowing that he was the butt of yet another joke glared at them. The glare quickly turned into a genuine smile, as, for the first time in weeks, Davis felt real happiness,despite his confusion and incomprehension, he was truly happy. He had his beloved Koneko back, and his closest friends were with him again.
    “What do you mean, connected with their digimon?" Sora asked, her eyes mirroring her distrust of the Watcher.
    “They’ve combined with their digimon," Winter answered for him, “you will eventually be required to do the same, it will give you increased mental strength and resistance to psychic attacks," she smiled slightly, almost as if at her own private joke, “it is infinetly harder to trick two minds than it is to trick one."
    Tai looked at the little girl and the Watcher sharply, “Why do you always do that?"
    “Do what?" the Watcher asked. 
    “That!" he responded his voice tinged with annoyance, “you always answer the other’s question. If we ask Winter something, the Watcher answers, if we ask the Watcher something, Winter answers."
    Winter shrugged unconcerned, “I suppose it’s because we are of the same," she answered cryptically. 
    Everyone looked towards the two who were still sitting in the center of the circle, not having regained the strength to move.      “T.K.?"  Koneko asked in confusion, a confusion which was mirrored in the eyes of almost everyone there.
    “He’s right," sighed Mishka, who had moved to one of the garden benches with a semi-conscious Glynna still wrapped in his arms.
    “Right about what?!" Davis practically shouted in frustration, “I’m so sick of this talking around things, why can’t anyone just say what they mean?!"
    “Davis is right," Sora jumped in, “T.K. what’s going on here? What do you mean by ‘No?"
    “I mean that they aren’t the same, the Watcher and Winter," he answered, his eyes having taken on a haunted look. Through their link, Kari saw what T.K. had seen in the last moments before the Watcher of the dark ocean had been destroyed. She felt her heart sink. 
    “The Watcher is humanity," she said, her voice shaking. 
    The Watcher nodded almost imperceptibly, “That is true. I am a Watcher.  I am what I Watch. I am you, all of you but at the same time, none of you.  Like humanity has many facets, kindness, love, joy, fear, pain, hatred, evil, so do I. But while all of these are emcompased together in humanity, it is not so for a Watcher. Sometimes we are one, sometimes we are apart. What you saw," he continued, looking at T.K. “was a reflection of what you are, all of you, and what I am."
    “So I really am a monster," Kari said quietly. 
    “Why do you say that?" Tai asked, looking curiously at his sister. 
    “Kari, we had to destroy the dark ocean and that Watcher, he was the monster--"
    “And he was a reflection of us, T.K.!" she cut him off. 
    “So you’re saying that you guys destroyed this Watcher," started Matt, “well then, doesn’t that mean you destroyed that part of humanity, the darkness and evil part of us?"
    “It doesn’t work that way," Glynna sighed weakly, looking up from Mishka’s arms, “I wish it did, though," she finished with a singular tear sliding down her cheek. 
    “Um, guys, I really hate to interrupt, but we’re still missing Yolei, Ken and Cody."
    Everyone looked at Mimi in surprise, for the first time realising that they were indeed, not a complete group. 
    “That is correct," Winter sighed, “I suppose that the time for Truth is at hand," she glanced at the Watcher who nodded and walked towards the small pond in the corner of the garden. 
    “Ita vero, necesse est. Tempus iam seriorumque fugit," he mumbled quietly,while the pond began to glow.
    “T.K., Kari, we’ll need you to move from the centre of the circle," Winter said kindly. 
    The two in the centre nodded, but found that they were still too weak to walk on their own. Tai, Matt and Davis helped T.K. while Koneko, Mimi and Sora helped to move Kari. They moved just in time it seemed, as a ball of light opened up and spat out three humans. Yolei was the first to regain her footing. 
    “What did you do that for?!" she yelled at Winter, indignant at having been picked up out of her room and plopped on her butt on the stone ground.
    Winter just smirked, “It was time," she answered simply. 
    “Well you could have put us down more--"  she trailed off when she noticed Koneko for the first time. “You–you’re al–alive," she paled.
    “It’s nice to see you again too," Koneko replied, smiling warmly.
    “But you have wings..." she breathed in awe.
    “She’s not the only one," Ken said softly, turning her to face T.K. and Kari, who sat at the edge of the circle.
    “What’s happening here??she said as her knees gave out beneath her from the shock. Ken caught her quickly and lowered her gently to the ground. 
    Winter ignored them all and walked straight to Cody, who seemed by far to be accepting everything around him much more calmly. When the little girl reached him, he nodded and handed her his crest. Not a single word was passed between the two.
    “It is the time for truth," she stated simply as a blinding light erupted throughout the garden.

    “Where am I?"
    “Yeah, I don’t think we’re in the garden anymore," he answered ironically.
    “But where are we then?" she asked, frowning at their surroundings–or lack there of.
    They were in what seemed to be a room with no walls, no ceiling, no floor, all around them was white, but it wasn’t a blinding white, it seemed soothing somehow. Then, faintly, a figure appeared to be coming from the light. It was far too little to be a person. In fact, it even looked somewhat like--
     "Biyomon!!" Sora yelled, running towards the small digimon, tears of joy running down her face. 
     "Oh Biyomon! Where have you been all this time? I’ve missed you," she finished quietly, wrapping her arms around her digimon. 
     "I’m part of you now," she answered, touching Sora’s forehead gently. As she did, she began to dissolve into a shower of red light, “I’ll always be a part of you now."
     "No!" Sora cried out, “Don’t go now, please Biyomon," she begged what was left of her best friend in her arms, “please..."      “I never left you, Sora, and I never will. Believe that."
     "Sora!" Tai yelled, running up to the girl huddled on the ground in tears.
     “She was here all along, Tai. Just like Kari and T.K. She’s a part of me now."
     Tai cupped his hands on her face, forcing her to look him in the eyes. Except, now her eyes were slightly different, they had a glint of silver in them that hadn’t been there before, and on her forehead, between her brows, lay the crest of Love.

    “Davis, it is time for you to join with Veemon."
    “Koneko?" Davis looked at his girlfriend in awe. She stood before him, in the center of a white room, dressed in a flowing white robe. Her wings were slightly open, and her hair, which was usually up in a funked every which way style, lay flat, and much longer. She seemed to glow with the room, a radiance from within. 
     "It’s time," she whispered, walking towards him and wrapping her arms around his waist, leaning her head upon his chest.
     "I don’t understand," he responded, returning the embrace, “what’s happening to you?"
     "I gave up my life energy to give you Loyalty. I gave up my conscience to bring you to the dream world before your time. Now, I give to you all my heart and all my soul to help you combine with your digimon."
     "But Veemon isn’t here," Davis answered, still trying to make sense of everything that was happening. 
     "But he is," she opened her palms to reveal a small blue light, glowing brightly, “accept him into your being, Davis. It is your time now."
     He placed his hands around the glowing light and felt warmth spread through his entire being. 
     "Hello, Davis," a familiar voice chirped in his head.
    Davis eyes got wide, as he tilted his head, as though trying to figure out where the voice came from. "This is really weird. I wasn’t even used to having myself inside my head."
    Koneko smiled weakly as her knees buckled beneath her. Before she hit the ground she felt a cushion of air form underneath her. 
    “You learn quickly, Davis."
    “I did that?"
    “Yes. When you combine with your digimon, it unleashes powers and abilities that you always had but could never tap before. You do not necessarily gain your digimon’s powers.  Something of their physical appearance transfers over to you, however."
    “And that’s why T.K. and Kari both have wings? It’s not the same magick that gave you yours?"
    “That’s right, and you know what? You look good with blue hair, Davis," she answered with a smirk.

    “Yolei, I don’t think we should go through with this. How do we know that the same thing won’t happen as when you made the crest?"
     "But Ken, Winter and the Watcher said that we had to combine with our digimon in order to fight this battle. Kari and T.K. are fine, I’m sure we will be too."
     Ken looked at her with uncertainty. He was scared, to say the least, but he knew that she was right.  “All right," he said, taking hold of her hand, “let’s do this."

    "..and now we won’t ever have to be apart, Mimi. I won’t have to miss you anymore. Isn’t this great?!"
    Mimi sighed, as she stared at Matt, who seemed to be having a profound conversation with himself, but which of course was not exactly untrue.
     "Palmon," she sighed, “I’m really glad that you’re a part of me now, but can you talk a little quieter and a little less? Please? This is still a little strange to me."
     "Oh! Sorry Mimi. I totally forgot!"     “That’s okei," she smiled. “Matt? Gabumon? It’s time for us to go back now."
     Matt looked up at her and smiled. He liked the small fairy-like wings she had as a result of the merge. He wasn’t too sure about himself though, his eyes were just too sharp, he could see every detail on everything even from a great distance. Mimi said that his eyes looked much deeper, wiser, but she couldn’t really explain, it was different, but subtle.

    “The mergers are almost complete, they will be ready for the battle soon." Winter sighed, looking at the Watcher, then at Glynna, Mishka, Kari and T.K., who were all still in the dreamers' garden. 
     "What about the wise one?" Glynna asked. 
     "Izzy?" Kari asked in confusion. “We completely forgot about him."
     "That’s not true," the Watcher responded, “his destiny is slightly different from the rest of yours. He is not to combine with his digimon.  His task lies with the real world. Do not worry. He already knows what he has to do, and he has begun his task along with Tentomon."
     "I guess his scientific mind probably wouldn’t accept this end of it anyways," T.K. added with a small grin, “but what about Joe?"
     "He has already combined, and it has unleashed his ability to heal, both mind and body. He, along with Izzy, must remain in the real world, to help accomodate those who suffer from the change."
     "But I thought you said that we were here to stop the change?" Kari asked, her eyes taking on a sharp glint.
     "The Watcher from the dark ocean had a point,"  the Watcher answered sadly, “we cannot stop the change if that is what Destiny wishes, we can, however,  stop it from becoming corrupt.
     But, who would try to corrupt it?" she asked. 
     "The daemones," Glynna answered quietly.

That's it for now folks...please let me know what you think... Thank you for bearing with me patiently...I think I'm on a role so I might have 16 ready soon.
Sorry for the wait...really really...
luv Takari
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