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authors note:  This is a fairly complexe story which may be a little hard to understand by some, but due to the end of season two of digimon, I felt a need to expand my storyline.  This is a series of stories, or rather one big story and I will be posting a new chapter at least once a week.  Glynn and Mishka are characters of my own creation and I would greatly appreciate being asked if you'd like to use them  in any of your fics.  Thanx.  This chapter is dedicated espicially to Terry, probably one of my biggest fans.  Thanx a bunch!!

What's in Dreams...
Chapter 2
June 2nd, 2001

   Kari gasped and sat bolt right up in bed.
   “What is it?” asked Gatomon, who had been thrown to the floor when Kari had sat up suddenly.  “Is it that dream again?”     
  Kari nodded mutely.  She wondered if T.K. and the others had had the dream again too.  And she wondered who the girl and boy were in her dream.  They both looked to be about 20 years in age and they were both tall and very elegant figures.  The girl had long red hair and green eyes, while the boy had medium length black hair with blue eyes.  Kari was sure that she had never seen either of them before.  She was sure she would remember them.  They both such beautiful people.  What struck her the most was the sadness in their eyes.  As though they had seen things that no person should ever have to see. 
  “Gatomon,” Kari began, “what is the significance of a circle in a garden?” 
  “What kind of garden was it, Kari?” 
  “It’s kinda hard to explain.  You know those old english type gardens, with lots of pathways and hidden nooks and stuff.  This one had an old victorian swing set near the center of it.  The girl said that she had to get to the circle–I don’t know,” she trailed off shaking her head. 
  “Kari, do you know what the girl’s name was?  This is really important,” Gatomon asked, her eyes getting serious. 
   “Um,” Kari furrowed her brow trying to remember, but for some reason the name seemed to be escaping her.  “Gl–Glen? No that’s not it...there were two names, one the others called her and one the boy called her–but I can’t remember either of them--” she was shaking her head again. 
  “That’s okei, I’m sure it’ll come to you,” Gatomon reassured her.  But her eyes were hiding something.  Kari didn’t push the issue, knowing that Gatomon would tell her what was wrong when the time was right.  Besides, suddenly Kari felt exhausted and she laid down and quickly went back to sleep.  She didn’t have any other dreams that night. 

  “Patamon--”T.K. was saying menacingly. 
  “I’m sorry T.K.,” he answered, “but I really can’t tell you anything until you can remember more of the dream.  I can’t be sure until you know more.” 
    Unlike Kari, T.K. was not going to let his digimon partner leave him hanging.  He had managed to inherit the curiosity of a reporter from both of his parents and he sure wasn’t going to let this slide.         
   “Patamon, if you know something, I think we deserve to know what’s going on here.” 
    “But I can’t tell you T.K., not until we’re sure that this is what it is.  If I tell you now, and it turns out that I’m wrong, the consequences could be disastrous.  If you could remember the girl’s name, I would at least be able to tell you something.  Please T.K., you have to try,” Patamon really wished that he could help, but he couldn’t yet. 
    T.K. rolled his eyes in frustration, but tried to concentrate on the girl’s name. 
     “Glory–Glen–no that’s not it. Gl–Glenda?  No. Gl– Gli–That’s it!! Glynn!! That’s the girl’s name!! Now what’s going on Patamon?!” 
     Patamon’s eyes widened.  “Oh no...” he moaned under his breath.  “T.K., you can’t tell anyone else this until they are able to remember the girl’s name.  Don’t ask me to explain why, because I can’t tell you yet.  The girl from your dream, there is an old legend about such a girl.  She is also called Glynna-vyre by the chosen ones--” 
    “Who are the chosen ones?” T.K. interrupted. 
     “I can’t tell you that, either,” Patamon continued, sadly, “The legend says that her coming is the beginning of a great change to both the digital world and the real world.  All that we know will become obsolete, nothing will matter, because it won’t be real, it won’t be true anymore.  Unfortunately, the legend also says that she cannot be destroyed because she is pure.  Her guardian is also there to ensure that no harm befalls her before she can play her role in the transformation.” 
    “Is she pure good or pure evil? And what about her guardian?  Will the changes be good or bad??” T.K. rattled off one question after another, his mind reeling from what Patamon was telling him. 
    “That’s the problem T.K., it’s not a matter of good or evil.  She is simply pure.  As for everything else, I can’t tell you that right now.  I’m sorry T.K.,” Patamon shook his head sadly. 
    “That’s okei, Patamon, you told me what you could.  I know that I’ll find out what I need to when the time comes.”  Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the night’s events, T.K. quickly fell back to sleep.  

“Quantum in me est potestas tenebras et lumen unum per meum fient.  Alia iactas est.  Quantum in me est tenebras ignavos spiritus,” Glynn chanted, floating above the center of the circle.
   Mishka and Glynn had made it to the circle.  There, Glynn had begun the spell.  As the power of the spell grew, so did Glynn’s strength.  Around them, the intensity of the storm also grew, as though responding to the powers that Glynn called to aid her.  Mishka sat, kneeling, just outside the circle, chanting under his breath.  Both he and Glynn were surrounded by an intense light, with the wind wipping at their hair and clothes.  Soon, Glynn felt the familiar pull between her shoulder blades, quickly followed by the agonizing tearing.  Screaming, Glynn stopped chanting and fell to the ground next to Mishka.  Both lay trying to capture their breath.  The storm slowly returned to it’s original intensity.  Finally, regaining some of their strength, the two stood up.  For the first time in a very long time, Glynn smiled.  It was a sad smile, but it was an emotion.
   “I always feel better when I’m in this form,” she said to him.
   “We must go now, Glynna-vyre,” he smiled back, just as sadly.  She nodded and they slowly walked out of the garden.

   T.K.’s mind was still mulling over the events from the night before in class the next day.  I wonder what Patamon meant by change, he thought to himself, and what does he mean by this not being a matter of good or evil?? What else is there??
   The more T.K. thought about what he knew, the less he understood it.  He was so deep in thought that he didn’t even hear the teacher call upon him to give an answer in class.
   “T.K.,” he said sternly, “if there’s some place you’d much rather be–“
   T.K. startled back to attention, to the amusement of the other students, sat there stuttering, trying to find what the teacher wanted him to answer.  When he finally gave an answer, the whole class burst out in fresh giggles.
   “That is the correct answer T.K., it’s too bad we answered it already 45 minutes ago,” the teacher told him, shaking his head grinning.
   T.K. turned about 6 shades of red and slumped down in his desk muttering ‘sorry’ under his breath.


   Meanwhile in the science lab, Kari and Davis were busy blowing something up.
   “Hey guys?” said Hanako, a student at a nearby lab.
   “Yeah?” Kari answered confused, because Hanako was so shy and rarely spoke to anyone.
   “Well I hate to bother you guys,” she continued lowering her eyes, “but your lab is on fire.”   
   “What?!” Davis and Kari yelled together turning back to their work and seeing the pile of  napkins by the sink burning in a nice merry flame.
   “Oh my god!! What do we do?!? What do we do?!?” Davis yelled batting at the flames.  Kari quickly pushed the pile of burning napkins into the sink and turned on the water.   
   “Boy, I don’t know what we put on those napkins, but is there supposed to be this much smoke?” Kari asked once the flames were out.  She looked worriedly at the teacher at the head of the class who was trying desperately not to laugh at the two with their faces covered in black from the smoke still bellowing out the charred remains.  “I think that Mr. Yamagoni has been in the chem lab for too long, the chemicals must be getting to his brain,” Kari muttered under her breath.  Davis just nodded, still in shock.
   Near the end of class, Mr. Yamagoni asked for the class’ attention in order to introduce the new lab assistant.  The new assistant was a student from Tokyo university, majoring in chemistry as a teachable subject in highschool, and this was part of his program.
   Kari and Davis almost fell out of their chairs when they saw the new assistant.
   “Davis, that’s–“ she started
   “I know.”

End of Chapter 2
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