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author's note:  This chapter is dedicated to Sakurax90.  Without your wonderful emails, the dream may have ended.  Thank you also to Nikki.  I owe both of you my inspiration.  Thank you.

What 's in Dreams

Chapter 5

June 30th, 2001

    “You can’t help them, you know,” the Watcher said quietly. 
   The little girl looked up at him sharply.  Suddenly she looked to be much older, more a woman than a child, despite her tiny frame.  She almost looked like a faery.  The voice with which she spoke to him was most definetly not that of a child. 
   “The change is inevitable,” she replied to him, “even I cannot change that.  But these are not people like us, they need to be prepared.” 
   “That is what the chosen ones are for,” he responded. 
   “And who chose the chosen ones?” she countered. 
   The Watcher sighed, “Winter.” 
   “Exactly,” she smirked.    

   “Good morning, Glynn, it’s nice to see you again.” 
   “Thank you, Arealla,” Glynn answered back, trying to smile.  She did feel much better, and had decided to go back to school.  Now she wished that she hadn’t.  She felt overwhelmed by all the people around her, as though they were closing in on her.  All these people with their platitudes, asking how she was doing or saying that it was nice to see her, when in reality they didn’t really care.  Nobody really cares about anybody anymore, Glynn thought to herself sadly, it’s all about appearances, look nice, talk nice, act nice, but deep inside, nobody really cares, not even about themselves.  What’s the point? 
   “You know that’s not really true,” a small voice said from behind her. 
   Glynn whirled around to see a small girl-child looking up at her. 
   “I’m sorry?” she asked. 
   “You’re right, they don’t really care, but there is a point,” the child continued. 
   “How did you– Who are you?” Glynn stammered out, confused. 
   Suddenly, a memory flashed through her mind, maybe it was a dream, maybe it was real, but suddenly, Glynn remembered.  “Winter?” she asked. 
   The girl nodded solemnly.  “The time is approaching.” 
   Glynn’s eyes widened in recognition, “That’s what he said.  The time for what?” 
   “Hey Glynn!! Who are you talking to?” Arealla called to her, startling her. 
   When Glynn turned back to where Winter had been standing, the little girl was gone.    

    “He doesn’t understand, Tai,” Kari was trying to explain through tears. 
   Kari was still very upset over the afternoon events, but having to prevent her older brother from running after T.K. and tearing him limb from limb was becoming a bit of a problem. 
   “It doesn’t matter, Kari.  He had no right to yell at you like that, or at Gatomon, for that matter.  There are bigger things happening here than you or I can even begin to comprehend, and our petty little arguments are not going to help anything, or anyone.  We need everyone to be working together.” 
   “Have you figured it out yet, Tai?” she asked quietly, her eyes still filled with tears, but the worst of her hurt and anger having been replaced with worry and anxiety. 
   “Not everything,” he replied quietly, “Agumon told me about Glynn and the change, but he didn’t say a whole lot more.  I wish I could understand.  What is there that’s not an issue of good or evil?”      “That is something beyond human comprehension.” 
   “Huh??” Tai whirled around and found a child looking up at him, “how did you get into our living room? And who are you??” 
   “Winter,” Kari answered, her eyes wide. 
   Winter nodded solemnly.  “The change is something which is inevitable.  Dreams and reality are not always what they seem,” Winter explained calmly. 
   Suddenly Tai thought that he was imagining things, because the was no way that this small girl was a child.  She seemed inhuman and ageless somehow. 
   “I don’t understand,” Tai continued, shaking his head in confusion. 
   Winter turned away from him, and walked towards Gatomon.  “Hello, old friend,” she said to her.    “It’s been a long time,” Gatomon replied sadly.
   “Yes, too long,” Winter said, just as sadly.  “You know what you need to do.  The Watcher has forbid me to interfere, but you are chosen, and the dreamers need your help and your wisdom.  I am only an observer, just as Glynna-vyre is.  At least for the time being.  Events have been set into motion now, which will only come to their destined conclusion,” she turned to Kari, “Kari, you are also very important, for courage, sincerity, friendship, knowledge, kindness, love and reliability need your light in order to shine.  But your light is not enough, hope is also needed, for without it, light cannot come into being, and the darkness will become overwhelming.” 
   During all this, Tai had sat down and was staring on in stunned silence.  Sora had come in some time earlier and was sitting beside him, staring odly at the little girl. 
   “Hello, Winter,” she said flatly.  Tai turned a confused look her way.
   “Hello, Sora,” she responded with a sad smile.  “I’m sorry,” she continued, starting to fade away.
   “Wait!” Tai yelled, reaching out but connecting with nothing but thin air. 
   “Finem Facere,” she whispered as she faded to nothing. 


   “I won’t do it,” Yolei repeated adamantly. 
   “Yes you will.  You will do it, because you have to, and you know that you’ll feel horrible, probably for the rest of your life if you don’t,” Ken persuaded her gently. 
   “But–What if it doesn’t work?  What if we’re wrong?  Poromon, tell him that this is wrong,” she pleaded with her most loyal friend. 
   “I’m sorry, Yolei,” he answered, lowering his eyes, “But you know that you have to do this.” 
   “But why me?” she asked desperately.
   “Because, you’re the only one who can,” Ken said, taking her hands into his own. 
   “You do it,” she glared at him, her anger rising. 
   “You know that I can’t.” 
   She finally sighed in defeat and picked up her d-terminal.  Hooking it up to her laptop she downloaded her two digieggs.  With one last pleading look at Ken, she started the program which would combine her two eggs together in order to form a new crest.  She felt herself getting weak, as the program interfaced with her own energy in order to complete it’s task.  She felt Ken holding her left hand in his own.  Just as she felt herself slipping away, she felt a much smaller hand place itself into her right hand.  She turned to see the mysterious child, Winter, smiling up at her sadly. 
   “Finem Facere,” Winter whispered, and disappeared.

End of Chapter 5
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