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author's note:  If you've stuck with me this far I send out a huge gynormous thank you!!! This chapter is dedicated to all my old fans as well as all the new ones.  For anyone who read the author's note in chapter 4, you know that I've only made it this far thanx to all of you.  You guys are great ::sniffs and wipes a tear from her eye::

What's in Dreams...
Chapter 8

July 21st, 2001

   “They’re not puppets.” 
   “I’m aware of that.” 
   “Well it obviously doesn’t seem to be bothering you.” 
   “We’re all puppets of Destiny.” 
   “Don’t play with words, Winter.” 
   Winter rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out childishly at the Watcher.  He had to smother a grin.  He was beginning to think that she quite enjoyed the form she had taken a little too much.  He still didn’t know why she had decided to present herself to the humans as a child.  If she had done it to be able to look innocent, her actions had certainly destroyed that illusion in a short time.  The Watcher was quite sure that the chosen ones were beginning to despise the little girl in the sapphire yukata.  He felt sorry for her then.  She hadn’t asked to be Destiny’s tool anymore than Glynna-vyre or Koneko or any of the others had.  Sometimes he forgot that about her.  She must feel so alone.     
   “Stop that.” 
   “Stop feeling sorry for me,” she glared at him, all her childish innocence gone in a blink.  She had always had an affinity for knowing what he was thinking. 
   “Don’t you ever wonder why?” 
   “It is not our place to question Destiny, only to do as Destiny bids us do.  As for being alone,” she sighed, “we’re all alone when it comes to down to it.  Glynna-vyre knows that, so does Mishka, and it’s only a matter of time until the dreamers know it too.” 
   The Watcher shook his head sadly.  She was right of course.  They were alone.  Sometimes he envied humans; they could live their whole lives believing they were loved and cared for and that there would be someone there for them.  He and Winter did not have that priviledge.  They were the link between human fragility and the harshness of fate. 
   “Maybe loneliness is Destiny’s idea of a cruel joke,” Winter continued smiling a sad smile. 
   “You give Destiny an awful lot of personality you know,” The Watcher remarked blandly. 
   “There is more to everything than any of us are ever meant to know.  Kari was right when she said that there were somethings that weren’t meant to be known.  Unfortunately for us, we already know more than anyone can ever comprehend.  If a human were to have even a fraction of our knowledge there entire minds would collapse beneath the impossibility to comprehend.” 
   “What about Koneko?” The Watcher asked, his eyes shadowing. 
   “She is necessary sacrifice,” the little girl answered with surprising coldness. 
   The Watcher’s eyes hardened with anger.  “When will the sacrifice become too much, Winter?”          “For the greater good, sacrifices must be made.” 
   “The greater good?  This isn’t even about that,” now it was The Watcher’s turn to glare. 
   “Yes.  Yes it is.”  

   “Hello, Yolei.  I’m glad you’re feeling better.” 
   “But how did you--” 
   “Winter told me,” he answered, his usually serious face even more serious than usual.  Even at 15, Cody still looked and acted much older than his years, just as he did at 9 when he first became a digidestined.  Hearing the little girl’s name, Yolei smiled, it was a small, tired smile, but a smile nonetheless.    
   Two days had passed since the successful but dangerous experiment and Yolei was now at home.  She had been confined to her room, only seeing a handful of people and she was very happy to see her unexpected visit.  She hadn’t seen Cody since she had left for university, even though they had kind of kept in touch through e-mail. 
   “How’s Koneko?” he asked quietly. 
   Yolei shook her head sadly, “She’s still in a coma.  The swelling is coming down and the pressure on her brain is lessening but the doctors don’t seem very optomistic.  Davis swears she squeezed his fingers, but, as much as we’d like to believe that, it really doesn’t seem possible.” 
   Cody’s eyes hardened.  He couldn’t understand how any human being could ever do that to another, especially to ones own child.  We live in a world of monsters, he thought to himself angrily.  Suddenly remembering the reason for his visit, he turned back to Yolei.    “Yolei, may I--” 
   Yolei sighed and took her crest and tag out of the drawer in the bedside table and handed them to Cody. 
   “You used a computer program to do this?” 
   Yolei nodded, “Yeah, it’s still on my computer, why?” 
   Cody didn’t answer her, he just gave her back the crest and tag and went to the living room where the computer stood.  He quickly turned it on.   
   Hearing the computer boot up, Yolei suddenly understood what Cody was up to. “Cody!! No!!” she yelled, struggling to get out of bed, but her legs were still weak and by the time she had dragged herself to the living room, Cody had already initialized the program.  Yolei watched in horror as bright light filled the room and the air began to hum with energy.  Suddenly, she was knocked to the floor by a blast of sheer energy and the light faded and the air stopped humming.  When Yolei could see again, she was terrified.  Cody was lying motionless on the ground with Winter standing over him. 
   “Help him!” she yelled at the child, “you helped me, why are you just standing there?” 
   Winter’s head snapped up and she glared at Yolei.  Yolei was shocked by the anger burning in the little girl’s eyes.  Winter took up the tag and crest which had materialised a few feet away from Cody and placed them in his hands.  Just as it had happened with Yolei, Cody’s body jerked back to life and he began breathing on his own. 
   Winter got up angrily and still glaring, looked at Yolei and uttered one single word before vanishing: truth.    

   “The chosen ones are in danger.  They now have the crest of truth, and that is going to be a problem.” 
   “Why’s that?” Mishka asked The Watcher.   
   “Because truth represents all that is not false.  But there is so much more to truth than that.  It is not a black and white issue, but a thousand shades of grey.  The truth belongs to no one except fate, and fate can be a very jealous keeper of that truth.” 
   “I don’t understand,” Mishka continued. 
   “You will,” The Watcher answered with a small, sad smile.  He then stood to leave.  Mishka was always startled at how big The Watcher really was.  When sitting and speaking to him, one got the impression that he was a frail old man, filled with the wisdom of the world, but so close to dying that he should quickly pass on that wisdom.  But when he stood, it was as though he became an ageless, towering man, capable of many things, most of which went beyond the imagination. 
   Since Glynn had begun to remember, The Watcher had begun visiting more and more frequently.  Things seemed to happening so much more quickly.  Glynn now remembered her transformations, the incantations and what her role had been in the dreams.  The Watcher had also told them that to the girl in the garden, they were only characters in a dream, that the girl came from another place and time and that they’re destiny’s would soon be intersecting.  He would not tell either of them more than that.  Neither Glynn nor Mishka had seen Winter since Glynn had last seen her at school. 
   “Truth is a powerful weapon.  Fate will not like having something so powerful taken away from it,” Glynn said quietly. 
   Mishka whirled around in surprise.  He had not heard her enter the garden.  He was even more surprised when he saw her, for she was in her alternate form.  But how could she transform without the power of the circle? 
   Glynna-vyre followed the direction of his gaze and touched her wings self-consciously.  “The angelicae needed the power of the circle to be able to overtake my consiousness, but the power to transform has always been mine,” she smiled a little. 
   Mishka was dumbfounded.  How had he not known this? How was he supposed to be her guardian if she became more powerful than him?  Why am I still here?  What am I supposed to do now that she knows and remembers and knows what she is supposed to do when I don’t even know where to begin? 
   “You have it too,” she whispered. 
   “That’s why we are still here, still together.  We aren’t like other people.  I used to think it was just the way my mind worked, but it was more than that.  You and me, we are not the same as everyone else.” 
   “How do I do it?” he asked, shaking his head in confusion.  Glynna-vyre approached him and gently took his face into her hands.  Looking into her eyes, Mishka felt something unfolding in his mind, like a memory locked away, finally being exposed to the light.  Suddenly he felt an agonizing tearing pain searing between his shoulder blades.  He fell to the ground screaming and panting, trying to catch his breath.  He felt his stomach rise and threaten to throwup in response to the pain, but he clenched his jaw shut and swallowed until the pain passed. 
   From behind a corner in the garden, a little girl stood glaring.  
   “It’s too soon!” she screamed. 
   Mishka and Glynn looked up, but by the time they had, Winter was gone.   

End of Chapter 8

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