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Returning a Favor
by Cute_Gatomon

   “Hey Gatomon! What on earth are you doing?!” Kari yelled as she looked for her digimon.
   “Making myself even more bea-u-t-i-ful.” Gatomon replied
   Kari laughed and replied, “Is that even possible?”
   “Kari! We are out of mousse again!”
   “Gatomon! If you don’t stop using all that mousse, your ears will turn green!”
   After this had been said, the phone rang. Tai answered and after a few, Uh huh’s and Ok’s he yelled, “KARI! TK IS ON THE PHONE AND WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!”


   “H-e-ello? Hi TK! ::sigh:: What's up?” Kari had almost fallen over trying to get to the phone.
   “Hey Kari! Gee, you sound out of breath! Have you been running in a marathon or something?”
   “No silly! I…uh…was chasing Gatomon!”
   “Oh. Do you know what today is?”
   “Omigosh! You of all people should know!” he laughed and then coughed. “Today is the day that you and Gatomon defeated Myotismon 4 years ago, remember?” ::cough::
   “Oh Gosh! I forgot! Stupid me! Thanks for reminding me, TK.”
   “Anyways we are..are..cough! TK began coughing helplessly and couldn’t stop.
   “TK? TK? Are you alright? TK!” Kari voice was full of worry and concern.
   TK finally gained control of himself and said, “I am just fine, Kari. It is just that this cough has gotten worse and worse over the last few days.” TK said, his voice cracked every few words.
   “TK will you be OK?”
   “Sure thing Kari, but listen the real reason that I called is because I want you to come with me to the party tonight. I mean…” he stuttered thinking ‘Oh man! She is never gonna buy this!’ but he forced himself to continue. “Ken is going with Yolei and Tai with Sora and I thought…”
   “You want me to come with you, TK? I wouldn’t go with anyone else!” she squealed.
   Gatomon rolled her crystal blue eyes (which I have fallen in love with!). “Oh my Kitty Kibble! She is as happy as a cat in a barn full of mice!”


   Kari was dancing around the room after her talk with TK. “Gee, I hope that he is alright.” she thought aloud.
   Gatomon smiled and asked shyly, “Do I get to go too?”
   “Of course!” Kari exclaimed. “You are the hero, silly! You are the one who digi-volved into Angewoman and kicked Myotismon’s sorry lil' butt in the first place!” Kari said. Gatomon beamed with pride.
   “Kari? Can we go out for ice cream?”
   “Sure!” Kari exclaimed. “I am in a great mood and mom just gave me my weekly allowance.”             Gatomon began to rattle off a long list of things that she wanted, “and a sundae, with sardines and LOTS of chocolate, and a shake, a banana split, and a….”
   “Whoa! Hold your horses! If you eat all that you will become as fat a Shogungekomon! How about a shake? Mom doesn’t pay me that much ya know!”


   It was 6:15 and TK was going to be there in 15 minutes. Kari was a nervous wreck. She had done everything she could think of to get her mind off of TK. Gatomon was laughing and rolling with laughter watching her partner pace the room.
   “Kari settle down! You are as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!” Gatomon said between helpless laughs.
   The second the phone rang made Kari jump out of her skin. Kari ran to the phone only to trip over her computer cord causing her to fall. “Gosh Darn it!” she said. She grabbed the phone and fell to the floor. “H-e-llo?” she managed to breathe out. Whew! Gosh that was awful! she thought. She was even more surprised to hear Matt’s voice on the phone.
   “Kari?! Oh man! Kar…TK is real sick and I need your help!”

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