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Returning a Favor
by Cute_Gatomon

   “H-huh?!” Kari was taken aback by Matt’s frantic words. “What do you mean, Matt?”
   “Kari you have got to come here now! Joe is out of town and so are my parents! What am I gonna do?”
   “Matt! Matt! It’s going to be OK.” Kari was shocked at how calm her voice sounded. “Listen to me, Matt. Call Tai and tell him that I am at your house. Then tell him to call the others and tell them the party is canceled. OK? Matt! Where are you?”
   “Sorry Kari! Yeah sure I do that.”
   At least he calmed down a bit, she thought.  “I am on my way right now!” and with that she slammed the phone on the receiver and snatched up her jacket and digi-vice.
   “Kari? What’s going on? Is everything OK?” Gatomon asked in a worried tone.
   “We have got to leave now! I'll explain on the way. C’mon!”


   With the cold night air whipping up against her face, Kari ran full speed down the street. She had to take in big gulps of air just to breathe.  Her mind was full of images but she didn’t know what to do with them yet.
   What if I don’t make it in time? What if he is so sick that…No Kari! Stop that! Her subconscious told her, TK will be fine! Matt was probably just overreacting.
   Kari’s thoughts were interrupted by Gatomon’s frantic yell, “Look out, Kari!”
   But it was to late. Kari tripped and fell on her face. “Ummph!”  she said as she hit the asphalt.
   “Kari! Kari! Are you alright?!”
   “Uh…Yeah sure, Gatomon,” Kari tried to hide the pain in her voice. Kari brought her hands to her face only to find that her chin and forehead were bleeding. Gatomon helped her to her feet. “Ouch!” Kari yelled as a sharp pain shot from her ankle.


    “C’mon Kari! We are almost there.” Gatomon pleaded.
   Kari limped for what seemed an eternity but with Gatomon’s help, made it to TK’s house. Matt flung open the door and hugged Kari and Gatomon.
   “You’re shaking, Matt.” Kari commented.
   “I am so worried about TK. I have been a nervous wreck!” Matt choked out.
   “That’s obvious.” Gatomon said. 
   “Where is he?” Kari asked still limping.
   “Right over here, on the couch.” Matt said, leading her to him.
   What Kari saw took her breath away. She had never seen TK in such a awful shape. The glow that was once in his eyes was gone, as if the life had been taken from him. Patamon sat by him, ears drooping and a sad face. Upon seeing Kari, he flew into her arms.
   “There, there, Patamon. Everything is going to be alright.” Kari cooed as she walked to TK.
   “I kn-now but…” he choked.
   “Calm down now. I am going to help TK get better.” Kari said and motioned for Gatomon to talk to him as she sat him down in a chair.
    Kari rushed to TK’s side and smiled a sad smile. Softly she said, “TK? TK it’s me, Kari.”    “K-ari?” he was barely able to say her name.
   “Yes TK! It’s Kari!” She said and took his hand into hers. When their skin touched Kari wanted to jerk back because of the heat coming from his hand. “Matt! Get me a thermometer!” she said.
   At the sound of his name Matt jumped up and nearly tripped over himself. “Here,” he said rushing to her side.
   “Thank you, Matt,” she said as she brushed the hair from TK’s forehead. “Here, TK.  I need to take your temperature, OK?”
   TK mumbled something that Kari couldn’t understand. She put the thermometer in his mouth.
   “104.6 ?! Omigosh! This is way over normal!” Kari exclaimed. I can’t do this! I want to help TK but I am so worried and scared. What can I do to help him? 
   Gatomon was by her in a split second. “What do you want me to do, Kari? Anything. I will do anything.”
   “Me too, Kari!” Patamon said.
   “Thanks guys,” Kari said, "I’m here for you TK. We all are."

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