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This fic has no real point to it, but it is funny (or at least I tried to make it that way).  It's around the time Digimon 02 occurs.  )  Enjoy!  Send all flames and rants to ME!

* Izzy is playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire*

  Yolei:   Izzy, what are you doing?

  Izzy:  Uh, nothing!

  Yolei:  Playing games?  Izzy, you're suppossed to be locating control spires!

  Tai:  What's he playing?  Hey, it's that Regis dude!  I love this game!

  Davis:  Dude, I thought you loved soccer!

  Tai:  Soccer?   Oh yeah, I do.

  Kari:  Can I try Izzy?

  Izzy:  Ok, here.

  Davis:  Here Kari, I'll help you win $1,000,000!

  Kari:  Uhh...

  TK:  If you get stuck, I can help you if you want Kari.

  Davis:  Listen TC, Kari doesn't want your help, she wants mine!

  Kari:  Davis....

  TK:  Whoa, chill out man!

  Davis:  No, I won't chill out!

  Kari:  Davis!!

  Davis:  Yes Kari?

  Kari:  Do me a favor and shut up!

  Davis:  (thinking) She hates me!!!

  Veemon:  Yo Davis, I think Kari's mad at you.

  Davis:  Nooo, she's not!

  Veemon:  Uh, I hate to tell you Davis, but I think she is!

  Davis:  I was being sarcastic!

  Veemon:  What's that mean?

   Patamon:  Gee, those two are quite a pair!

  Gatomon:  Tell me about it...

  Davis:  Hey, where did everyone else go?

  Yolei:   You scared them off stupid!

  Davis:  I'm not stupid, I'm just mentally challenged.

  Izzy:  I hate to tell you Davis, but they kinda mean the same thing.

  Davis:  Stay out of this, you computer freak!

  Izzy:  Well, at least I'm not a Kari freak!  No offence Kari.


  TK:  I think you are.  We all know about you're not-so-secret crush on Kari.

  Davis:  Oh, and I suppose you don't like her either?

  TK:  Dude, she's kinda my best friend!

  Kari:  Uh, boys...

  Davis:  We all know you have a secret crush on Kari!

  Kari:  Boys...

  TK:  No I don't, and even if I did have a secret crush on her, how would you know!


*Everyone becomes dead silent*

  Gabumon:  Do you guys hear that?

  Matt:  What is it Gabumon?  I dont' hear anything.

   Patamon:  EEK!!  It's Kuwagamon!

  Kuwagamon:   GRRR...

  Cody:  Who's Kuwagamon?

  Sora:  That's Kuwagamon!

  Tai:  It looks more like my mom when she's on a war path!

  Kari:  Tai!!!

  Tai:  Well, it does!

  TK:  Enough, we have to get rid of Kuwagamon.   Patamon, get ready..

  Davis:  Hey, I'm gonna defeat Mr. Ugly all by myself!  He'll have to get through me before I let him get Kari!

  Biyomon:  Spiral Twister!

*Kuwagamon runs away*

  Davis:  Hey, I wanted to take care of him.

  Kari:  Here Davis, I got something for you for trying to be brave...

  Davis:  What is it Kari?

  Kari:  This!!

  Davis:  What are you going to do with THHHHAATTTTT!!!!

*Kari shocks Davis with a cattle prod.*

  Kari:  Did you like that?

  Davis:  Well, um, No

  Kari:  Then maybe you need more!

*She shocks Davis again*

  Kari:  How 'bout now?

  Davis:  I'd do anything to please you, Kari

  Kari:  Ok then!

*Kari continuously shocks Davis with the cattle prod*

  Yolei:   It's almost lunch time guys, time to eat!

Upamon:  Oh goodie goodie!!  Food food food food food food food!!

  Cody:  Upamon, calm down!

  Yolei:   Where's Davis?

  Kari:  Ummmm...I dunno.  I guess we'll have to start without him!

*The kids chow down on their lunches*

  Kari:  Oops, we forgot to save Davis some lunch, oh well, his bad!

  TK:  I'm gonna go wash my hands in the river.

  Gabumon:  Goodie!  I wanna go swimming, and I don't give a crap if my fur starts to stink!

  Tentomon:  Well you ain't coming in my room then!

  Gomamon:  Yeah, swim time!

  Joe:  Wait!  There are piranas in the water!

  Kari:  Piranas, huh?  Hey Davis!

  Davis:  Yes Kari?

  Kari:  Wanna go swimming?

  Davis:  With you?  Sure Kari!

  Kari:  You go in first, I'm afraid of what could be in there..

  Davis:  Sure Kari.

*Davis gets eaten by piranas*

  Tai:  Kari, what are you doing?

  Kari:  Watching Davis get eaten by Piranas.

  Tai:  Why?

  Kari:  He deserves to suffer!  he's got a bigger ego than you!  I'd rather hang with TK anyways.

  TK:  :singing:  Kari is in love with me, do dah, do dah...

So and that's how it ends, TK singing hapily, and Davis getting eaten alive by piranas while Kari watches, laughing hysterically.  I know it sux, but oh well!  I said it was the Most Pointless Digimon Fan Fic   Ever, so...

PS Sorry Davis fans!  I just don't like him all that much..

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