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I'm Gone
by Digidragon12

#1's POV
   I sit and I watch the blonde boy I once called a friend.A friend I used to trust with my secrets and problems, and even my most secretive and well-guarded crushes.Then he went behind my
back and stole the one person I ever really cared for.
   I knew her before our first adventure and when she first started liking him.
   How unfair!  How frustrating!
   Especially the fact that I supported it ... at first anyways...I was so stupid to let her go.Especially to him. I sit and watch the concert pretending to be his friend and most people believe it,but every once
and a while I catch her looking over at me a confused expression on her face.  I smile and put the
act on even harder and she smiles back and figures I'm fine.
   Looking back toward the a**hole I sneer and turn my head letting a few tears escape the dam of anger that I had built up;  quickly wiping them away before anyone sees them.I find myself running away,away from the concert , away from my friends and family and into the woods.Slowly I make my way to the pond , the pond that I had my first kiss at.
   The first kiss that started all this.  God if I hadn't shown my feeling he wouldn't be with  her.
   I pull a small razor from my pocket and thoughts flash through my mind.  In an instant my troubles
will be gone. No one can touch me.

#2's POV

   He is gone. Where did he go? I tell my friend I'll be right back and off I go.Somehow I know exactly where he is.I walk and finaly I make it exactly where I want to go.On the bench there he is.
   "Taichi?" I say my voice just a tad shaky.
   He doesn't answer.I freeze when I notice a metalic object coated in red next to his hand. I run to his side and look at his  wrists.Panting I notice 2 bright
red marks oozing with a red liquid.
   "No..." I say to myself in a low whisper.

#1's POV

   She's crying over me.Why is she crying over me? She has him. If she has him she doesn't need
me, and she was the only reason I lived.Without her my purpose is gone.Sobs escape her body as she cries over my body; her tears slipping over my face. A hard expression takes away most of my strength.
   "Taichi don't leave me! I need you!" she screams hoping I will hear her.
   Then something hits me. She does need me. I was such and idiot! How could I be so stupid! Soon the light starts to fade.
   I say to myself just before the light completly fades away.I'm gone.I'm sorry.


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