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It is a series. For TaKariGato: Disclaimer:  you know bla bla bla. *this is by Magnadragatomon* Okay here's the fan fic!

Digimon Season 4: The Digimon Heroes  

   One day, a few kids were going to school.  These 'kids' were :
1. Kari : Kari Kamiya was now 15 years old.  She looked like the usual when it showed the episodes 'Digimon World Tour'
2. T.K. : T.K. Takaishi *Ishida* was now 15 years old.  He looked like regular T.K. of Season 2. 
3. Holly : Holly  was 10 years old, and looked like a 4 foot 8 1/2 inch person with light brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a shirt that was pink with a dolphin on it.  She was wearing jeans. 
4. Tai : Tai Kamiya was now 21 years old.  He wore his regular Season 1 clothes. 
5. Kuralee : Kuralee was a quiet girl, even though she was a tomboy that was 13 years old.  She wore a big white sweater with yellow strings and she wore jeans.  She was very quiet and like Kari.
6. Taka:  Taka was a quiet boy like Takato, and also wearing the same clothes.  Taka was 13 years old and a nice guy like Kari.
   So Kari, T.K. , Tai, Holly, Kuralee, and Taka were going to school.  Suddenly a big blizzard came over everyone, including Kari, T.K. , Rai, Holly, Kuralee, and Taka.  Suddenly this weird digivice came.  It looked like a D3, but had a big slot on top, fit for DigiBattle cards or crests.  These were called D-Kaventures.      
   Suddenly a big aura comes, and swallows the kids whole.    The kids land in a grassy area of the DigiWorld, a place where Tai, Kari, and T.K. recognized. 
   Immediatly Kari said, "It's the DigiWorld!  I haven't been here for three years!  Ga-to-mon!" Kari called. 
   T.K., just as excited said, "Me too!  Pat-a-mon!!!" 
   Tai grinned at Holly, Kuralee, and Taka.  He just smiled a 'smirk' and said, "A-g-u-m-o-n!!!"  
   Holly, Kuralee, and Taka, equally confused decided to wait......        
   Gatomon came running up to Kari.  "Kari!" she shouted happily and she ran in Kari's arms.  Gatomon added, "You're the new Digimon Heroes!" Patamon giggled happily and ran up to T.K.'s lap.
   "Hi, T.K.!!!  You're finally back!"  Agumon came running to Tai saying, "Tai!  You're finally a D-Destined again!!" 
   Kari, T.K., Tai, Gatomon, Patamon, and Agumon kept their reunion with a no-volume limit.       
   Finally, Gatomon said, "Well Holly, your Digimon is first.  Come with me!"  
   The Digidestined followed Gatomon as she walked in a cave, pointing to a digiegg with a star stuck in it.  Gatomon said, "This is the DigiEgg of Stars.  You get that one, Holly," Gatomon continued. Holly touched and lifted the egg.  A bright light came and a Digimon appeared.  "Hello, Holly.  I am Bunnetamon.  I am the Bunny of Stars.  I've been waiting for you!!!"  Bunnetamon was a cute bunny Digimon with a cute squeaky voice.  Holly grinned shyly and said, "Hi, Bunnetamon.  Did I tell you you're the cutest thing I've ever seen?"  Bunnetamon, who was equally shy, said, "no, were you goin to?"
   Patamon led them through the next hallway , with Holly and Bunnetamon playing together.  A digiegg with a /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ pattern was there.  "The DigiEgg of ZigZags...goes to you, Kuralee,"  Patamon said.
   Kuralee lifted it and a bright shooting star light came.  "Hi, Kuralee.  I am Buzigattamon.  The Guardian 0f ZigZags." Buzigattamon was a cute lil 'Poyomon' with zig zags all over the top of its body, witha  cute squeaky voice.  Kuralee grinned at Buzigattamon.
   Agumon led them to the next hallway.  "this is the DigiEgg of Flames"he said, pointing to a digiegg designed like flames with a big fiery sun on top.  Taka lifted it, and... "Hi Taka.  I am Takettiatamon, a Lizard of Flames.  Helllo hello!" 
   Takettiatamon wasn't shy, and this made Taka less shy too. 
   Then the Digimon Heroes walked back to the real world where Bunnetamon turned back to Suzakimon, Buzigattamon to Buzmon, and Takettiatamon to Takemon *pronoucned tak-e-mon* Bunnetamon was a blue Tokomon , but smaller. Buzmon was a tiny, cute bee.   Takemon was a small salamander. And then the digimon heroes walked home saying, "good bye!"

To Be Continued....

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