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Digimon Season 4: The Digimon Heroes: Part Two
by Magnadragatomon

   Kuralee quietly walked home with Buzmon.  Buzmon was puzzled at Kuralee's quietness, and asked, "What's wrong, Kuralee?  How can I protect someone who won't even talk to me?" Buzmon teased. 
   Kuralee said almost silently, "Buzmon--I- can't be the person you're looking for." 
   Buzmon said anxiously, "Sure you are. Gatomon's wise.  She knows all about this monkey buisness.  She's been part of the DigiDestineds' team every time-even with the Digimon Tamers she mysteriously helped them as Sora did for the others as the 2nd Original Digidestined.." 
   Kuralee whispered, "But I've never done a thing, and nothing to do with Digimon, either-"
   Buzmon interupted, "That's not very true, my friend.   Well take Taka, and Holly, for example.  They've never been connected with digimon either!  But that doesn't matter.  Our master, Gennai and Azulongmon do this and that.  Destiny chooses the new Heroes, and you were chosen, Kuralee.  So don't worry about it." 
   Kuralee calmed and they reached her apartment, Sunnydale Terrace, when she saw Taka, and Holly!! 
  "Hey, what are you guys doing here?"  Taka, Holly and Kuralee asked at the same time.  And, in unison, they replied, "This is where I live."  Then Kuralee, Holly, and Taka grinned.          
   Meanwhile, Kari, T.K. and Tai went to their apartment in Odaiba.  Tai said in a queer voice, "It's funny how we were chosen again--especially since the others were not." 
   "You're telling me.." T.K. said. 
   Kari replied, "Well it makes perfect sense...but....Matt should've been chosen as well, in my theory..." 
   T.K., Tai, and Kari just walked in their apartment and decided to just wait. 

**********The Next Day**********

   At Izzy's house, they used his laptop.  Holding the D-Kaventure, Kuralee said weakly, "DigiPort open.." 
   After that, she and Kari collapsed. Automatically, the kind-hearted Holly picked her up.  They went through the DigiWorld.   At the DigiWorld Taka thought, For once I should look for something to help our team out. So Taka and Takettiatamon went off to look for some firewood.  Unfortunately they found not firewood, but the source to Kuralee and Kari's pain-Dugotietamon.  Taka came back running to warn the other Digimon Heroes, but it was too late. 
   Quickly Holly figured, "Kari, Kuralee and I have a same power-a sort of Light power-and that's why they immediatly were indicated-but I wasn't because I had that inner intelligence they don't yet have.." 
   Tai smiled. "Good work, Holly!  You're about as smart as Izzy and Ken!"  
   Suddenly Buzigattamon came running forward to protect Kuralee as did Gatomon.  Gatomon digivolved all the way to Magnadramon and unleashed a powerful blast of Kari's Light and it incinerated a part of Dugotietamon. 
   Buzigattamon helplessly tried, "Buzzing Bee [Bubble]!" 
   However not only did Buzigattamon fail but also got hit pretty bad and got knocked to a tree. 
   Kuralee sadly looked at Buzigattamon, and shouted, "BUZIGATTAMON!!!!!"
   Suddenly a blast of KURALEE's Light came and... "Buzigattamon digivolves to.... Buzetiamon!" 
   Dugotietamon laughed and shouted, "You think a bee hawk will kill me?  Nightmare Wing!!!!" 
   Buzetiamon easily dodged it and shouted, "Hawk-Bee Sting of Truth!" 
   Dugotietamon suddenly vanished, and the Digimon Heroes cheered until Gennai came and said, "Dugotietamon is the digivolved form of MaloMyotismon  and he is dead only to have a couple of new enemies for you...."

-To Be Continued- 

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