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COUPLES: Tai and Holly are in love with each other in this series and it's called Hochi.  Taka likes Graci, Graci hates Taka but it's called Graka.  Kuralee hates Widy but Widy like Kuralee, and that's called Kuridy.  Kari and T.K., of course, are couples, and obviously called Takari.  I hope you enjoy this version!

Digimon Season 4:The Digimon Heroes: Part 4
by Magnadragatomon

   The next day, Kuralee asked Graci, "So who's your Digimon anyway?" 
   As they walked to meet the others.  Graci grinned.  "I don't have a Digimon."
   Kuralee was shocked.  "Then..?" 
   Graci laughed and said, "I have FIVE Digimon." 
   Kuralee remained shocked.  "Who are they?" 
   Graci said, "Strawberrymon, Twinklemon, Jaewonmon, RoxyAngelmon, and Tailmon.  The REAL Tailmon."
   The five Digimon appeared. Strawberrymon looked like Gatomon replace some parts that looked like strawberries instead. RoxyAngelmon looked like combination of Renamon, an angel, and a fox. Twinklemon was a star with a tail with star marks and a star with a face at the tip. Tailmon was like a Motimon with a racoon-tail-like tail. Graci, her Digimon, and Kuralee & Buzigattamon went to meet the others.
   The others asked, "Why are there all those extra Digimon?!" Kuralee explained, "They're all Graci's Digimon."
   Widy just stared at Kuralee admiringly.  He pulled Kuralee over to a room. "Kuralee...?"
   "Yeah Widy?"
   "I love you...." 
   Kuralee screamed.  "HELP!" But Widy bear-hugged Kuralee and Kuralee was being tortured...  No one heard Kuralee...luckily Graci did, at least, and came to rescue her new friend. 
   Graci told Widy, "Taka wants to talk to you." 
   Widy left, falling for the false alarm and Graci got Kuralee out. 
   "Thanks" said Kuralee.
   Then the DigiDestined went to the Digiworld....


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