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Digimon Season 4: The Digimon Heroes:
Part Five
by Magnadragatomon

When we last met, the Digidestined were going to the Digiworld.
   The Digidestined arrived at the Digiworld.  They were surprised to see Parrotmon, and something that looked like an evil Garudamon.  The Digidestined were sure that Parrotmon must be controlling Garudamon, so they digivolved their Digimon.
   "Buzzigattamon digivolves to... Buzetiamon!"
   "Bunnietamon digivolves to... Bunnlemon!"
   Holly exclaimed, "Bunnietamon, you digivolved?  Cool!^_^"
   "Takettiatamon digivolves to... Taktimon!"
   Taka just stared at Taktimon, not able to believe what he was seeing.
   "Gatomon digivolves to... Angewomon!"
   "Agumon warp digivolves to... WarGreymon!"
   "Patamon digivolves to... Angemon!"
   "Heaven's Charm!" Angewomon screeched.
   "Hand of Fate!" Angemon yelled.
   "Terra Force!" shouted WarGreymon.
   "Hawk-Bee Sting of Truth!" said Buzetiamon.
   "Bunny Pellets!" screamed Bunnlemon.
   "Lizard Poison!" shrieked Taktimon.
   Garudamon was badly attacked now...
*de-digivolving sound*
   Garudamon de-digivolved to Biyomon!
   Biyomon is good now, and safe!
   "Thanks everyone," Biyomon thanked.
   "No problem." said Buzmon, Suzakimon, Takemon, Nyaromon, Tokomon, and Koromon.
And the Digimon Heroes went home for the day.


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