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Two Horrible
Part 2

   “What are you looking at me for?!” Davis shouted, his face red with anger.  “You think that I’m the evil?  Tch!  Some friends you guys are!”
   “Her description fits you perfectly, Davis,” Yolie stated.  “You’re thick-headed and you’re always running off into danger.”
   “But that doesn’t mean that he’s the evil,” Kari pointed out.
   “That’s true,” the Watcher spoke up.  “Just because he fits the description doesn’t mean he’s the User for the Evil.  But, Davis, if you have any really, really depressing thoughts, let us know, because that’s the first sign that the evil will take over you - same goes for everyone.  We are all potential conduits for the evil to use.”
   “How does it pick the right one to be the User?” Cody asked.
   Jun shrugged.  “I think the person as to be very depressed, or angry, or feel like there’s no tomorrow . . . Basically, the person has to give up hope on life.”
   “That’s so sad . . .” TK whispered, trying to comprehend what he had just heard.  How could anyone give up hope on life itself?
   “I know . . . But look on the bright side!” The Watcher tried to cheer everyone up.
   “What bright side?” Cody asked.
   “Um . . . Well . . . Okay, so there isn’t a bright to it (At least not that I can think of)!  But, that’s beside the point.  Just don’t get too depressed about it.  Hey, wait a minute!  Where’s the others?”
   TK looked confused at her, “What others?”
   “There’s suppose to be six other people here.  There’s always been the same amount of people to deal with this - ten.  Isn’t there any other Digi-destine around?”
   “Oh yeah, there’s Matt, my brother, Tai, Sora, Joe, Izzy, and Mimi, who’s in America.”
   “Well, you guys can explain it to them, and believe me, they’ll need to know.  So, anyhow, on with the story . . . Okay, so, you know about the evil, how it finds a User, and now you need to know how to fight it.  First off, there’s always the Holder and the User.  The Holder can find the power and direct it to the User, who, of course, uses the power.  They have to be people who have a lot of hope, dreams, emotions, and things like that.”
    “Well, that’s pretty broad,” Yolie sneered.  “Can you narrow it down, please?”
   “Um, yeah, they also have to have a lot of courage, and . . . that’s it.”
   “Hey, I fit all of those, too!” Davis pointed out.
   “And so does everyone else here,” the Watcher added.  “Look, we can worry about who’s who later on.  It’ll be another two months before the Final Day, where it’ll be decided if life should go on or not.  Until then, keep your eyes open for anyone who may seem really, really, over the edge depressed.  Well, come on, let’s get to school.”
   “Why?  We’re already missed the morning classes, we might as well forget the rest of the days,” Cody said, a little angry.
   “Oh, don’t worry!  I know a few more tricks than just making water form from air.”

   And so she did.  When the destined and Jun got to school, they found that they weren’t marked absent and their homework was waiting for them in their lockers, much to Advisee’s disapointment.  Jun went off with her friend, talking about Matt and how one day they’d be married with a few kids.
   “You have to give her credit.  She can act,” Kari whispered to Yolie.
   “Yeah, but do really believe her?  What if this is all a huge joke of some kind?” she whispered back.  “Jun is pretty twisted and we know Matt, so she might be doing this to closer to Matt.”
   “How do explain the water balls, and our homework?  We should give her a shot.  Maybe it’s true and we’ll all have to save the worlds.  We’ve done it before.”
   “Come on you two, or you’re going to be late!” Davis shouted over his shoulder, and then mumbled as he walked away, “Man, why do girls have to talk so much?”
   “Man, why do boys have to be so thick headed?” Yolie sneered, but grabbed her backpack and went off to her classroom.  “And why couldn’t we come when math was finished?”

~ Two weeks later ~

   “It’s time,” the Watcher whispered when she opened her eyes.  A huge poster of Matt singing on a stage greeted her, though she didn’t mind this time.  She had more important things to worry about than Jun’s obsession of Matt.
   “Come on, Davis!  Get up, you big oaf!” Jun shook her brother, trying to get more than a grunt out of him.  She finally gave in, looked around, and then made a water ball that crashed on Advisee’s head.
   “WHOA!” Davis jumped up.  “That was cold!”
   “Good!  Now get up!” Jun threw him some clothes that looked clean.  “Davis, you need to clean your room!  I was surprise that I even found my way to your bed without sinking into a pile of dirty clothes!”
   “Hey, you’re getting good at acting like Jun,” he said, still a little sleepy.
   “Who said I was acting?” the Watcher glared at him.
   “It’s 7'O-clock on a Saturday, you know.”
   “Yeah, but something big is going to happen, and we all need to be prepare.  It’s a fourth until the Final, so something’s going to happen!”
   “Whatever . . .” Davis slipped his pants on over his boxers.  “As long as we don’t have to do this every other weekend.”
   After Davis got dressed, he called everyone up, all still asleep, also, and told them to meet him at the gate of the school.  They were too drowsy to question his motives, so they said they would be there as soon as possible.
   At the school, the Watcher sunk everyone into the school and onto the roof after much protest from the Destined.  When they were all on the roof, the Watcher had them stand to face a certain way in a huge circle.
   “What are we doing here?” Tai asked as the Watcher counted everyone to make sure that they were all there.
   “Simple.  We now have four more weeks until the Final Day, meaning that we’re a fourth into the time the Final is known.  Every fourth, we get a little something to help us with the Final Day.  A weapon, an old book with some riddles, whatever.  When we all stand a certain way, we’ll get a certain thing.”
   “And do you know what that certain thing is?” Joe asked, feeling uncomfortable.
   “Nope.  All I know is that if we stand this way, we’ll get a weapon of some kind that can be used to get rid of the evil,” the Watcher answered, not really paying attention.  She was making sure that all of Digi-destined were in place.
   “Okay, let’s see . . .” she checked her huge clock to see the exact time.  We’re cutting it closer than I thought.  “The show will began in two . . . One!”
   At that moment, the whole sky seemed to light up with an intense whiteness and golden fire works blossomed.  After two minutes of dazzling the Destined, the sky began to twist clockwise into a whirlpool.  Everyone was too stunned to move, but they thought something bad was going to happen - all but the Watcher.  She had seen this happen two hundred six times already, so it wasn’t something impressive.
   I can’t even remember when this dazzled me anymore . . . That’s kind of sad.
   The whirlpool tightened itself into a very small ball . . . then . . . POW! The ball shot straight down to the middle of the group and landed with no sound, but exploded and blinded everyone with the intense light shooting everywhere.  When the light dimmed down, the Destined saw a sword hanging in mid-air, with no strings, stands or anything like that. 
   The sword itself was something to gawk at.  It had green jewels the sizes of chicken eggs, its handle made completely of crystals, and the blade was perfectly straight and smooth, clean as if it was just made.
   “Oh, it’s just the Light Sword,” the Watcher frowned.  “I’ve seen that thing so many times, that it’s not even funny.”
   “What does it do, float?” Matt asked, not too sure on what to think of the situation.
   The Watcher laughed at the comment, and answered, still smiling, “Nah, it’ll just stay like that until the rightful owner takes it.  It’s kind of like the Sword in the Stone - only now it’s the Sword in the Air.  Well, who’s first?”
   “I am!” Davis jumped into action.  He pulled, tugged, and even got on top of the sword, but it stayed where it was.
   “Nice try Davis, but if hadn’t moved by now, then it won’t move at all,” the Watcher smiled sympathetically at Davis, who was panting.
   The next person was TK.  The sword didn’t move an inch.  Then it was Kari, Sora, Matt, Mimi, Yolie, and then Tai.  At the touch of Tai’s hand on the handle, the sword fell to the floor with a clank.  Everyone looked shocked for a moment, but then smiled.
   “It fits you, Tai,” Sora smiled, almost too proudly for Matt’s liking.
   “Good, now that’s done, the fun begins!” the Watcher piped up.  When everyone gave her a questioning looks, she explained to them. “Tai, the Holder of Light, has to learn how to use the Light Sword, we have to find the Holder of Light so the Light Sword can be more powerful than an ordinary sword, we still need to find the Evil, and I need to get some breakfast!”
   “I don’t know how to use a sword,” Tai said, moving the Light Sword from one hand to another.  Funny, though it was a good weight, it felt lighter than it should.
   “Cody does,” Yolie said, pointing to the small boy.  “I’m sure he could teach you.”
   “Um, I’m not really that good,” Cody blushed.  “You should ask my grandfather.  He’s my teacher.”
   “We don’t have time to do that.  He’ll probably want Tai to go slow, spreading the lessons over the years, which I’m not saying is bad, but we’ve got only six weeks until the Final Day.  Tai just basically needs to learn how not to poke his eyes out with it.”
   “Hey!” Tai snapped, though it was ignored.
   “Well, alright,” Cody sighed, but then looked straight into Tai’s eyes, “But no matter what, you have to do as I tell you when we are practicing, got it?”
   “Yeah, okay, calm down,” Tai took a step back, as the others did.  Guess Cody was really into the whole sword-fight stuff.


   Matt walked down the street to Tai’s house.  Tai didn’t seem to be himself after he got the sword that morning, so Matt wanted to make sure that Tai could handle it or that his ego hadn’t stretched to unreasonable lengths (Both sounded like Tai).
   Matt knocked on Tai’s door.  He heard something hit the floor with a thud, a few curse words, and shuffling.  After a minute, though, Tai opened the door, wearing nothing but a blanket wrapped around his waist.
   “Who’s in bed with you, Tai?” Matt asked with a smirk.
   “Wha-No, no one is . . . I was about to take a shower,” Tai stuttered.
   “You keep blankets in your bathroom?” Matt questioned his friend.  Tai stood completely still, trying to think of something to say.  He was about to when they heard a small voice curse.
   “ . . . Sora?” Matt asked surprised, in doubt.
   “No way, man!  That’s not Sora!  I mean, come on, Sora’s yours!  No way would I sleep with your girl!  You know that.  We’re friends,” Tai reassured Matt.
   “Yeah, then who is it?” Matt asked.
   “Um, no one.”
   “Since when have you been so . . . shy about your relationships?  Usually, we can’t get you to stop talking about them.  Now come on, Tai!” Matt shoved his way pass Tai and ran to his room.  He gasped in surprise when he saw who the girl that cursed was. 
   “ . . . S-S-Sora?”
   “Hi, Matt . . .” Sora smiled weakly.  She was wrapped in the bed sheet, her hair a mess.
   Matt just stood in the doorway, fear freezing over his veins, his heart beating rapidly.
   “I know this looks bad, but believe me, it’s not what it seems to be-”
   “WHAT?!” Matt screamed, anger washing away all his fear.  “HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!  WHAT ELSE WOULD THIS LOOK LIKE!?!”
   “Matt, please, calm down,” Tai put his hand on Matt’s shoulder, who slapped it away.
   “Get away from me!” Matt spat, taking a step backwards.
   “Matt, we’re friends-”
   “No!  Friends don’t do this to their friends!”
   “Matt, if you just listen to us for a moment,” Sora pleaded.
   “What?  Listen to you lie to me?  What are you going to say?  ‘Sorry, Matt, but Tai has the Light Sword and you don’t’”?”
   “We were like this even before all of that happened!” Tai snapped, feeling it wasn’t right that Matt should think Sora would be doing this just because of the sword.
   Matt, even more shocked, punched Tai square on the nose.  Tai fell backwards, nose bleeding.  Matt shook with rage, and despair.  He looked down at Tai, who was looking up at him, shocked and angry.
   “How did you ever trick me?” Matt whispered, looking at Sora.  “I thought you loved me.”
   “I do, Matt,” Sora tired to reason.
   “Matt,” Sora moved towards Matt, reaching for him.
   He stepped away from her, closer to the door.  “I can’t believe I called you two friends!”
   With that last statement hanging in the air, Matt ran out of Tai’s house and down the street.  He didn’t care were he was going, as long as it away from the broken heart that hung onto him like a slime.  More like a knife cutting deeper and deeper into his heart, sending wave after wave of body wracking pain.
His legs burned, his lungs felt like they were on fire and his vision was blurred from the tears.  But he kept on going, running blindly through the streets and not caring about the people shouting at him.  In a small, deserted park, Matt tripped over a tree root and fell to the ground.  He would have gotten up, if he had had the strength.  Instead, he lied there on his stomach, crying into the earth.
His only love was gone.  The only reason why he wrote those beautiful, inspiring songs about trusting your friends and finding your true love.  His love of Sora was the only reason why he ever smiled.  Now it was gone.  The songs, the smiles . . .
   “Sora . . .”

~ End of Part 2 ~
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