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Two Horrible
by Stacey

   Two months, two days, two hours, two seconds until the Final. The Watcher sighed. She just had to look up at her special made clock right when everything was on two. The wristwatch didn’t tell time, as regular clocks did. Instead, it was more of a stopwatch, meaning that when it stopped, the universe stopped existing. She wished that she could stop the Final from happening, that somehow, she could stop the hands on the clock. However, the clock didn’t decide when the Final would happen. The Final would happen on its own, with or without that clock.
   Well, all she could do now was wait, watch, and guide where she could. This wasn’t right, though! How come she couldn’t do anything to prevent it? She'd tried before, but it only ended up even more horrible. What was unfair about the deal, was that she was reborn every time a Final was about to happen, when all she wanted to do was let her soul rest forever! You would too, if this was your sixty-fourth time (notice it’s dividable with two).

   "Hey, sis, get up! School’s about to start and you’re still in bed! I can’t believe it," a boy mumbled the last part as he passed the Watcher’s door.
    What was even worse was that she had to possess another human being in order to guide the chosen through the Final. At least this time she was in a girl's body. From her thirty-five to her forty-ninth life, she was a man, and for her twenty-second life, she was a cat (Imagine the trouble with that).

   She got up from her bed, looked into the mirror, and gaped in surprise. She was supposed to be a girl?! Her chest was flatter than the mirror! And her hair was so spiky and unruly; her style of clothing wasn't that good, either. Brown eyes, brown hair, and pale skin . . .
   "This sucks!" the Watcher breathed, testing her voice. Good, at least all of her sense worked. One out of five times, she’d be deaf, mute, or blind.
    Using a trick that she learned awhile back, the Watcher began to dig into the memory of this girl. See, when a body is possesed, only the soul is replaced; the memory, knowledge, and sometimes really strong feelings will still be there with the body.

   Her new name was Jun, she was the older sister of Davis, and was suppose to be this Matt’s number-one fan. Well, judging by the posters, lampshade, special made bed sheets, and photograph of Matt on the night stand, the Watcher got the impression that Jun was a total fan-freak when it comes to Matt. Well, that’ll do for now. As the boy said, most likely Davis, she was late for school.
   Jun got into her school out fit, a white tee-shirt, blue jeans and the ugliest shoes scum could make, grabbed her back pack, and headed out the door, joining her brother, who seemed to be unhappy about her tagging along. He acted like she wasn’t there at first, but then got annoyed just by her presence.
   "You know, you can walk to school by yourself," he grumbled.
   Whoa, ain’t you the happy camper? The Watcher sneered in her mind, but then snapped out loud, "Oh don’t be such a grump! You’re just swore that I’m the only girl who will walk within fifteen feet of you!"
   Davis glared back, "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!"
   She smiled, licked her index and middle finger, and then wiped it on his nose. She cringed in her mind, seeing Davis’s total surprise. Jun probably would’ve never done that! The Watcher ran off, hoping to loose her brother before he could ask what that was all about.


   In her classroom, away from Davis, Jun finally relaxed. I nearly blew it back there, and I haven’t been in this body for an hour!
   "Hi, Jun!" a girl said, sitting down in the desk next to her. The girl had curly, blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and tanned skin. Her height was about five feet and she wore a purple dress and matching shoes.  She must have been Jun’s friend or something, because she was acting so sweet. "Are you ready for the test?"
   "There’s a test today?" the Watcher asked, knowing that she should have dug deeper into Jun’s memory to get more details.
   "Um, yeah! It’s only the biggest test of the year, the Final!" She rolled her eyes. "You’re funny sometimes, Jun! I just hope you’re not as unprepared as you sound!"
   "Me too," Jun smiled. The Watcher reached deep within Jun’s memory, bypassed all the Matt memories, and then found what she was looking for. Luckily for her, Jun had crammed all the information she’d need on the final. Too bad it didn’t say anything about how to stop the true Final Test. With that over one’s head, a test for school seemed like a walk in the park.


   After school, the Watcher caught site of Davis. He was with four other kids, and looked like he was getting picked on. At first, she thought he was in trouble, but then a girl with short, brown hair stepped in.
   "Stop it! We don’t need this fighting in between us. Right now, we need to concentrate on what’s important," the girl said, leaving no room for argument.
   "She’s right," a short, brown hair boy said in a scratchy voice. "We need to get rid of the control spires that have been reactivated. They’ll spread the evil and then we’ll be in more trouble than we were when Ken was the Emperor."
   "So what are we waiting for!?" Davis shouted, a little over-hyper. "Let’s go!"
   The group went to the computer lap.  Jun  followed, interested.
   "Digi-port, open!" Davis shouted to the screen and they were sucked into the screen. The Watcher stood in the doorway, shocked and dazed. They were the chosen! Well, some of them, anyway. She was to lead this group of kids through troubles, mind-wrecking, moral-breaking, sanity-losing events! They were just kids! How unfair this job was!  No, scratch that. It’s not a job, because she’s not getting paid to do it.
   Grumbling, the Watcher stormed off. Maybe she won’t guide them, just watch it happen this time. After all, she’d never tried that before, and that seemed better than leading a bunch of kids to their deaths! But, then again, if she didn’t, Jun’s spirit would never return to her body and she’d be stuck in Limbo forever. Being from Limbo, the Watcher knew that it was no pleasant experience.
   "Damn you! Damn you and the stupid balancing goods and evils!" she spat to the sky. She wasn’t talking to God or anyone like that, just the life form that binds all life and death together. "Why do you have to mix good and evil? Why not have it like it was before, where everything was either good or evil, black or white?"   
    But she knew why. No matter how far apart the evil and good where, they’d find a way to find each other and start wars. Evil coudn't live without good, and good can’t live without evil, but they can’t live together. Now, everything was mixed and humans tried to get along with their lives, unsure about anything except what they can see and touch. Then again, she was human too . . . at least until her sixty-forth life was over with.
   As she walked down the street, she saw a boy with blond hair, who she recognized as Matt with one glance. She would’ve played her part and gone over to him, acting like his biggest fan, but then she saw the depressed and serious look on his face. Not feeling in the mood to put on an act, either, Jun just went home and started on her homework. This will probably be the worst life she’d ever had.

~ End of Prolog ~
author’s note: Well, what do you think? Good? Bad? Remember, it’s just the prolog, and I promise that Part 1 will be even more interesting! Questions? Comments?

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