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Too Late
by DigiDragon12

   Takeru sat up in his bed in a cold sweat.  It was happening again.  He had been haveing the same recourring he had been having since the day she had gotten sick.  He had felt so much for her but
aparrently she didn't feel the same way. 
   It had been 3 years since Hikari had been going out with Daisuke , and Takeru had been severly
hurt by this. He couldn't look at Hikari and Daisuke together. It was driving him insane, his grades had dropped and he had missed alot of school. He had gotten held back because of it. Hikari seemed happy with Daisuke though, and he didn't want to interfere. There was no way he
would do anything to make her unhappy , he just didn't want to hurt her in that or any other way. She had always meant so much.
   Takeru always protected her no matter what (up until 3 years ago that is, he couldn't
go to the Digiworld anymore if both of them went), he just felt it to be his duty at that time.  He kept her healthy and when she did get sick he helped her get better, but lately she hadn't been feeling well.
   Then 2 days ago she had gotten incredibly sick.  Takeru wasn't sure if he should see her. Taichi had been trying to encourage him to go see her but he couldn't... no... he wouldn't. He was too hurt. Though it had been 3 years he still couldn't look her in the eye, it was just too
   In the dream Takeru was getting married to Hikari and as she walked down the isle Daisuke came and raped her.  But in the dream Takeru didn't even notice.  He just stood there waiting for something, staring into space. Then a strange Digimon would come and kill Hikari. Finally after she died he would realize she was gone. Every time he woke up all he could think about was his dream and often he couldn't get back to sleep.He sat up just thinking. Maybe this
dream means something
, he said to himself in his head. MAN WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING IT'S JUST A DREAM! he mentally kicked himself for being so stupid but then he started scaring himself so he grabbed Patamon and tried to get himself back to sleep.


   Taichi sat next to Hikari holding her hand, wishing there was some way he could help her.All he could think of though was to bring Takeru. But he wouldn't come. Every time Taichi tried to get him to come, but every time he called him, Takeru just screamed for him to call her
boy-friend and that that was who she liked anyway.
   Poor guy, Taichi thought to himself, even though she hooked up with Daisuke 3 years ago
he still hasn't gotten over it.

Oh well I just have to keep trying, then Taichi left to call him again.


   "Hey Takeru?"
   "No this is his mother. I'll go get him."
   "Ok thanks."
   Taichi waited.
   "Hello,Takeru here, oh and if this is Taichi could you just leave me alone, I am not going to visit her."
   "But Tak,"
   "I... I...don't know..."
   "That is what I thought now leave me alone!"
   Takeru hung up before Taichi even got the chance to speak.He turned around to see all the people in the waiting room just starin' at him.
   "Hehehe... emotional kid ... hehehe," he rubbed the back of his head nervously and headed back to Hikari's room with a frown on his face.
   He knew if she didn't see someone who truly loved her...

Part 2
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