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Too Late ~ Part 2
by DigiDragon12

   The next day Takeru like always sat himself in the back of the room at school.  He was never in the mood to be called on and the teachers seemed to notice.  They tried sending him to counseling but he
wouldn't say anything. So the teachers just left him alone.His grades had gone up, but when the dreams started they went right back down. But the teachers just left him alone.
   "CLASS! We have a new student with us. Her name is Amira A... Abu-Sh..."
   "Amira Abu-Shawish," she said realizing the teacher couldn't say it.
   "Yes, what she said," the whole class began cracking up except Takeru.
   Amira looked at him oddly noticing the expressionless look on his face.
   "Well, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?"
   "Oh yes! I lived in Texas all my life,and my Dad moved here on a job offer.  My name sounds kinda funny because I am Muslim," the teen said, still focused on Takeru.
   "Yes well Amira go sit by Takeru, the boy with the messy hair," she said.  Then she wispered, " and don't bother him , he is very depressed for some reason."
   "Ok," she said in a low voice so no one in the class room could hear.
   She sat down and was handed some books and an assignment. But she couldn't understand it. The teacher noticed her confused look and asked her if something was wrong.
   "Um...yes... Idon'tknowhowtoreadjapanese!" she said as quickly as possible.  The teacher had understood what she had said since she had had a lot of training on this but she had never seen someone say anything so fast.  Then the teacher got an idea in her head.
   "Well that's alright. Takeru will help you."
   The young looked up with empty eyes.The young girl looked up as well, only she was confused.  She thought she was supposed to keep her distance, but then she caught on to the plan. She set up a study date with him even though he really wasn't interested in it. She went over to his house and began studying. He wasn't explainging well so she really didn't get it.
   Finally she asked, "I don't want to offend anyone but is something wrong?"
   "Sorry, like I said I don't want to offend anyone."
   "No I'm sorry I shouldn't have been so mean."
   "That's alright. I really didn't have any business asking."
   "Can I tell you something?"
   "Sure, I wont tell anyone."
   "Well there was this girl named Hikari. Both me and this other boy were in love with her but he didn't love her as much. His name was Daisuke Motymia."
   "Oh I know him he's in my Honours class." (Her honours class wasn't really honors, she just had science one grade up.)
   "Yeah well anyway. She decided to go out with him for god knows why, and I got left out of the picture.Now she is really sick, but I just can't bring myself to be around her. I can't bring myself to be around any of them anymore."
   "Who's them?"
   "My friends: Iori, Miyako and Ken."
   "What about Daisuke and Hi-... nevermind."
   "It's alright. It's just...when they are together...I...I...just want to kill him."
   "Makes sense to me. He is a real jerk isn't he?" she said with a small smile hoping he might feel a little better. It didn't work but it didn't make him more upset.
   "But what is even worse is the dream."
   "What dream?"
   "Well, I'm getting married to Hikari, then while she's walking down the aisle, Daisuke comes and takes her, but I don't even notice.Then a strange creature comes and kills her."
   "That's terrible. It must mean something.When did the dream start?"
   "When Hkari got sick."
   "You should go see her."
a faint giggle that lasted for about 3 seconds.
   "I'm not joking."
   "Neither am I, we really should be working on your Japanese skills."
   "I still say you should talk to her."
   "On with the lesson please."
   And so they got on with the lesson.

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