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Author’s note: This fic is a sequal to Friends Til the End. Reading of the first fic is essential to understanding this one. This is rated PG-13 for its language and content. This fic is not recommended for readers under 13 or those who cannot handle depressing situations and graphic violence. Drop me a line at , flames and praises welcome. If you have not already, please visit Anime Park, which has info on several of the most popular Anime!  Also note I do not own Digimon. The characters are copyright by their respective owners (I think we all know who they are!) Enough of this, on with the fan fic!!

*Note this fic and its predecessor occur as if Digimon 02 NEVER HAPPENNED*

  A Lesson Before Dying

"TK? Hello? You there pal?" Tai was losing contact with TK over the phone.

"Huh? Sorry about that Tai. Were those really her last words?"

"Hard to believe, but yeah, that’s what she said."

They sat in silence for a while, TK was still too shocked to know how long it was.

"Listen TK, I’m gonna let you go now.  I know you need some time to let this sink in, plus I gotta call everyone  else and tell them. I called you first because I felt you had to know right  away."

"Ok Tai, thanks. I’ll give you a call  later once I make plans to come back. Talk to you soon. Bye!"

"Bye TK, and you just be careful, alright? Bye!"

TK hung up the phone. I can’t believe  she’s really gone, he thought. She could have at least called  to say goodbye. Wait, I’m being selfish. She was probably in a lot of pain and wanted to go. Plus, I told her it was okay. I’m just so confused!

TK lay there on his bed,  staring at the ceiling, not thinking or anything, just staring. The next thing he knew, it was past 2:00, and he was starving. He took a bus downtown to Applebee’s, where Kari used to work and where the both of them would eat whenever they could.  He ordered his usual and ate in silence. Every few minutes he was waiting  for Kari to say something, but then it would hit him that she wasn’t  there with him, and wouldn’t be anymore. He took the check and took  the rest of his dinner home in a doggie bag.

He then went to all of his teachers and asked  them about what he would be missing, since he was going to Boston for a week  after he explained the situation. They all told him not to worry about it; they would give him plenty of time to do the work when he got back.

TK called his mom up and told her everything,  and she said for him not to worry about going back, that she would do it for him, and call him back once the arrangements were made. She also offered to call Tai and tell him about the plans. TK told her that he couldn’t thank her enough.

The arrangements were made so TK could fly back the next morning. Kari’s funeral was going to be Friday, and today was Monday.

The flight felt like an eternity, and the whole time TK was trying his best for Kari’s death to sink in, but it wouldn’t work. In a way, TK didn’t want the event to sink in, but he knew it would have to, since it was the truth and there was nothing he could do about it.

When he got back, everyone was already there, including their parents. Everyone gave TK a big hug, and when his mom did, she wouldn’t let go until TK told he her couldn’t breathe (which was almost the truth). Joe told TK that he was there if he needed to talk to someone, because he was a psychiatrist (kinda ironic, huh?)

Izzy had found a way to contact the Digimon,  so they could come to the funeral. Gatomon didn’t want to come, but  she realized it was her last chance to say good bye, so she reluctantly went  along.

Patamon noticed TK was really depressed, and  tried to cheer him up. TK told him to shut up and leave him alone. Patamon  was shocked, but TK apologized, saying he didn’t feel like himself and was doing things beyond his control. Patamon promised he would be there if TK needed to talk to someone but couldn’t tell the humans. TK told him that he wasn’t ready to talk just yet, and Patamon understood.

Gatomon took the news as hard as TK, if not  harder. She wanted to say how she was feeling, but Kari was the only person  she trusted with her secrets, and now she was gone. Since she and Patamon  were pretty close, she decided to tell him, when and if he ever got away from TK for a few so they could be alone.

TK had tried to give Gatomon Kari’s crest and Digi-vice, saying Kari would be happy they were with Gatomon, but Gatomon said it would be better if TK had kept them to remember her by, since she had the whistle (which she never took off).

So TK had secretly worn her crest and Digi-vice along with his. It was Wednesday by now, and TK was still beyond accepting  the truth.

On Thursday, TK let Patamon spend the day with Gatomon. He said that Gatomon seemed like she really wanted to see Patamon alone, plus TK needed time to himself. He was in the room Kari had slept in when she was visiting Tai and Sora. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Go away!" TK yelled.

"It’s me little bro. I need to talk to you."

"Ok, fine Matt, but only cause you’re my brother."

Matt opened the door and shut it behind him.  Gabumon had tried to sneak in with Matt, but Matt told him that this was a brother-to-brother chat.

"I am so sorry TK…"

"You don’t have to say it Matt, it wasn’t your fault."

"I know TK, but I’m your brother, I’m supposed to try to make you feel better. That’s what older brothers are for."

"Then what are younger brothers for? To bother everyone and get in their way?"

"Of course not TK, younger brothers are for older brothers to protect."


"Listen TK, I want you to know that you can  come talk to me whenever you need someone to listen. Remember that."

"Thanks Matt."

Matt left TK to be alone for awhile. He was really worried about him. Matt had a really bad feeling that TK was going to let Kari’s death get to him and that he wouldn’t follow his dreams like Kari would want him to.

TK skipped dinner and went to bed early that night. He had almost decided not to go to Kari’s funeral, but he felt that he should, since it was his last chance to say goodbye, and Kari would want him to go.

All the Digimon went too. Gatomon no longer had a partner, so she went with TK and Patamon. She had never really been close to TK before, but she decided to give it a shot, since they both were close to Kari.

At the funeral, TK was too depressed to cry.  He just sat there, staring at Kari’s coffin. Gatomon wasn’t much  better. She was curled up in TK’s lap, and her sharp claws were digging  into TK’s lap (but he was so involved with his staring that he never  noticed).

After the funeral, everyone went home. After  TK changed, he went up to the old tree house. Patamon and Gatomon tried  to go with him, but he told them to leave him alone. They suspected something  really bad was going on within TK’s mind. Little did they know that  their suspicions were about to come true.

TK sat alone in the tree house, crying so hard he could barely breathe. He desperately wanted to hold Kari one last time and say a formal goodbye, but he knew that wouldn’t happen. But, there was a way that he would be satisfied.

He remembered that he and Kari had left a secret mark in the tree house that said "Kari + TK 4ever" with a huge heart around it. He also remembered the Swiss army knife they had carved it with. In a stoke of luck, he found it. "I’m sorry everyone!" He screamed. An instant later, TK’s body lay on the floor of the tree house.

Gatomon and Patamon had revealed their suspicions to the rest of the gang. Matt concluded that he would most likely be at the tree house. But when they had gotten there, it was too late. TK was on the floor, blood everywhere, spouting from his wrists.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" cried Matt. Tear started flowing from his eyes. He knelt next to TK, begging for him to come back to him. "Don’t leave TK, please!! We need you here! Please TK!!! Come back to me!!"

TK was floating in the air, and he could hear  soft music coming from somewhere. He saw Kari. She just looked at him with  a sad look on her face.

"TK," she said, "You have to go back, everyone needs you. Don’t worry, I’ll always be watching over you, and I’ll always be with you."

"But I won’t be with you!" he yelled back. "You were all that I lived for Kari!"

"But you lived all that time when I was sick  TK. I know you're hurt TK, but you have to move on. You don’t realize  how much stronger a person you are now TK. If my passing on had really gotten  to you, you would have done what you did when you first heard the news. But  you didn’t, you just think you need me here with you to survive, but  you don’t. Together we have learned every important lesson life has  to offer. Now we must learn the last and most difficult, how to say goodbye.  No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we will always be together,  forever."

TK just nodded, trying to understand what she was saying. He could hear a very fait voice far off in the distance. It was Matt, begging him to come back. He also noticed that his and Kari’s angel Digimon floating beside her.

"You have very little time to go back TK. You must fulfil your dreams and mine. Just remember that the farther two people are apart, the closer they become. We will be together again one day TK, and everyone too. Our angels are here to protect me, and they will always be watching over you."

"You’re right Kari. I can’t let everyone down, especially Matt. Who’d be there for him to protect? That’s what little brothers are for!"

Kari smiled. "Now you know what you must do. Use the crests of hope and light, and our angels will guide you back down to where you belong. Remember I’ll always be waiting and watching. Goodbye TK."

"Goodbye Kari."

And so Angewomon and Mangaangemon guided him down.

"So I guess I won’t seeing Gatomon or Patamon any more, will I?" The angels just smiled. "Take care, watch over us all, don’t forget to write, and watch out for the Dark Masters!"

A light blinded TK, and he found himself awake in Matt’s arms. The blood was gone, and there was not a trace of scars where TK has slashed the knife against himself.

"TK!!!’ shouted Matt, "I’m so glad you’re back!!!"

Everyone was happy to have TK back to normal. Suddenly Sora became quiet.

"What’s wrong Sora?" asked Tai.

"Where’s Gatomon, and Patamon? I though they came here with us."

"Don’t worry guys, they’re out there, watching over us, even though we don’t always notice."

"Huh?" was everyone’s reply.

"What’s the matter? Don’t you believe in angels? Even though we can’t see them, they’re always watching over us."

Everyone still sat with confused looks on their faces.

"What are we waiting for? Kari would want us to be happy and not be upset about her passing on. Let’s party!"

So the gang went back to Tai and Sora’s place and partied all night in honor of Kari.

TK went outside to look at the beautiful full moon. In the distance, he could see a light shining all the way from the tree house. He couldn’t see very clearly, so he went out into the yard and climbed a tree to get a better view. He still couldn’t see very well but he knew who it was. "Thank you Kari, for everything."

Kari smiled a bright warm smile, with the angel Digimon following suit. Then, the three disappeared into the night without a trace.

. "You’re very welcome TK."

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