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author's note: Ok I don't own Digimon but I do own all characters created by me.  The crest of loyalty is mine and I did donate it to Takari's story but I'm using it now

Loyalty, Then Love
by Dlazer151

   This story begins right when everyone is in his or her dream state while fighting Malomyotismon, even Davis, although he doesn't know it.

    "Wake up!" yelled a voice, "it's an illusion, you must come back to reality and fight!!!"
   Sora wakes up from her dream of her reunited family.  "What? Wait I know that voice."
   "Coyomon (Kai-yo-mon) Digivolve!" said the voice.
   "Agggggggggggghhhhhhh!!" screamed Malomyotismon in agony.
   "He's gone." said TK.
   "Was he destroyed?"
   "Yes." replied the voice.
   Suddenly 2 figures, a human and a Digimon appeared in the shadows.
   "Who are you!?" yelled Cody angrily.
   "Daniel," said Sora
   "Sora are you sure?" asked Tai.
   "She is," said the figure as he stepped out of the shadows.
   "Wait, hold on. Who the heck is this guy?" asked Davis.
   "My cousin."  said Sora calmly.
   "Your cousin.  Sora what's going on?"
   "Look Davis just calm down.  Sora, Kari, and I will go back to the real world and sort this out.  Can you guys clean up here?"  asked Tai.
   "Sure, Tai,"  said Matt breathing heavily.

Later at The Kamiya's
   "Daniel, how come you didn't tell me you were a Digidestined?" asked Sora.
   "I didn't want to make an issue, besides I thought you would have figured it out.  I was with you during the Heighten View Terrace incident and I saw the whole thing."
   "Now I remember you, we played together while Sora and Tai played soccer that year," said Kari.
   "Yeah that's me..."
   Kari cut him off, "You game me my first kiss." she said giggling.
   Daniel started to blush "Yeah, eheh, hope you didn't take that too seriously."
   "Don't worry, I didn't." said Kari holding back a howl of laughter.
   "You picked up my soccer ball and I couldn't take you down."  said Tai with a smile.
   "Yeah that led me to football.  Oh! I just remembered," Daniel opened his backpack.  "this is Coyomon.  He's a Black Dragon Digimon."
   "He's cute..." said Kari.
   "So are you." said Coyomon.
   "Sorry," said Daniel as he slapped his hand of the Digimon's mouth, "He learned that from me," Daniel continued with an embarrassed look on his face.
   Kari giggled.  Sora and Tai sniggered.
   "Sora, I'm really sorry I didn't tell you.  Truth be told I didn't really know for quite a while.  It was very confusing, especially because I didn't have any other Digidestined to talk with."  Daniel
said.  "I was actually in the digital world before all of you.  I had a feeling something was going to go wrong so I wanted Coyomon at his strongest."
   "Daniel how did you get to the digital world without a D3?"  asked Tai. 
   Daniel pulled out a D3, it had a white base color with black as the others had their colors.
   "So you have one.  But how?" asked Kari
   "I became a Digidestined at the same time you all did.  And I assume
your's transformed as mine did when the egg of courage was found."
   "Daniel, since your here, would you like to stay for a while?  I'm sure my mother wouldn't mind."  Sora suggested.
   "That would be great, if its not too much trouble."
   "Not at all."  Sora said with a smile.
The 4 decided to go to the park to chill out.  Daniel and Tai sat on the benches while Kari and Sora went on the swings.  Tai stared at Sora with an entranced look.  How could anyone be so perfect? he thought.
   "Are you going to ask her out?" Daniel asked to Tai's surprise.
   "What?  Who?"  Tai said coming out of his daze.
   "Don't play dumb.  I saw how you looked at her."
   "She's Matt's girl.  I couldn't,"  Tai started to feel weird so he said goodbye and went home.

Back in the Digital world

   "Are you comfortable with Tai hanging out with Sora without you Matt?" ask Izzy.
   "Izzy, Tai's my best friend.  Why would I be uncomfortable?"
   "He's always loved her you know,"  Mimi said softly.  "She used to be all he would talk about."
   "What?  Look it doesn't matter,"  Matt said harshly. 
   It was a lie.

crazy webmistress' note: I'm assuming this is to be continued.  Well...let's just say that I'm hoping it is...coz now I'm curious...hehehe...for the time being please send me your feedback and I'll once again forward it to the author (until I have permission to post said author's email here)

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