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The Ode to Gatomon
by Magnadragatomon      

    One day, Gatomon was doing her normal stuff.  Suddenly she sees Wizardmon. 
   "Hmm?"  she asked in a confused tone. 
   Wizardmon just said plainly, "Gatomon, you are the only hope to the Digital World!  The evil Kahadamon is taking over, (Wizardmon pointed to Gatomon's tail ring) and only your golden tail ring of light can help the DigiWorld now.  But you will need aidance of Kari.  The paper that you need to collect to keep the balance(this is the first step) is finding the Ode to Gatomon script.  Once you find it you must let Kari get her crest to combine with your tail ring and the script.  This is what is hope.  Good bye my friend."  Wizardmon repeated while leaving. 
   Kari came in with a bunch of Gatomon's favorite snacks, KittyMunCHow.  Gatomon explained the quest to Kari and Kari nodded.  Kari and Gatomon packed and went into the Digital World. 
   They found a clue: "One may not have the Ode to Gatomon unless they have the tail ring and find it in the Swamp of Truth.  Kari and Gatomon decided to rest. 
   "We'll do more tomorrow," they said sleepily. 

To Be Continued...

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