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The Ode to Gatomon
Part Two

by Magnadragatomon

   Gatomon woke up.  "Hey, you think we should try to figure out our clue now?  It's been a day.  Kari, come on!  Wake up, Kari!"
   Kari opened her eyes a wink.  "Uh?"
   Gatomon smiled. "Shouldn't we be looking for the Ode to Me?"  Gatomon teased. 
   Kari giggled. "I guess so.  Let's go, Me."

At the Swamp of Truth

   "Hey, Gatomon, here's a scroll!  Read it!"
   Gatomon clawed out the bushes in front of it.
   "Here's clue two, Kari!  You found it!

The next clue awaits you at the Meadows of Unimon,
Without the Child of Light
Golden Tail Ring of Light
And Wizard Friend
The search for clue three will never end! 

   "What a strange clue!"  Gatomon said thoughtfully.
   Kari grinned.  "I guess I am the 'Child of Light' you are the one with 'Golden Tail Ring of Light' and 'Wizard Friend' gotta be Wizardmon-huh?" 
   Gatomon grinned back. "Why of course.  Let's look for Wizardmon!"
   So Gatomon and Kari went to look for Wizardmon at the Infinite Points of Light Battle Dome. 
   Wizardmon was shooting a thunderbolt at a practice target, and Gatomon said, "Wizardmon, you're part of this too! Can you help us?"
   Wizardmon answered, "Nice to see you again Gatomon.  The Helping?  Well......"

To Be Continued.....

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