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The Ode to Gatomon Part Three
by Magnadragatomon

   Wizardmon stopped.  He smiled.  "I might as well." 
   Kari and Gatomon slapped high-fives.  "All right!" 
   Wizardmon smiled.  "Well let's look for--clue three, is it?"
   "Well, shouldn't I?"
    Grr...never mind go on...
    Kari and Gatomon smiled and said, "Yeah that's the one!"
    After hiking for two hours in the Meadows of Unimon, Kari burst, "It's right!  The search for clue three will NEVER end!"  Gatomon glared. 
   "Kari, since when were you a quitter?"  Kari sighed.  "You're right, Gatomon."
    Wizardmon went through some bushes.
    Gatomon asked, "What is it, Wizardmon?"
    Wizardmon took out a piece of paper and shouted, "Ta-dah!  Clue three!" 
   "Well that took two hours--not forever," Gatomon teased. 
   Kari laughed.  "You're right, Gatomon.  You always are." 
   Wizardmon impatiently said, "Well?  Aren't you going to read it?" 
   Gatomon nodded.  "You're right."  Gatomon opened the scroll.  "Hmm...what does this mean, Kari?

Clue four
is somewhere you've never been before
In a mystical swamp
Far, Far away
lies clue four - you won't find it today!
Clue Four is hidden under a leaf
Beware of the theif
who steals the clues
so you won't get them
and replaces them too.
Hurry, LIGHT
Get it fast
don't waste time snoozing or resting
the only hope for the Digiworld
lies in you

    Kari turned solemn.  "It means clue four is in a far away mystic swamp, under a leaf.  We won't find it today-but we shouldn't rest.  Uh-oh, guys I think we're in for a too major quest."
    Wizardmon nodded. 
   Gatomon declared, "Well if it's the only Hope for the DigiWorld, we'll do it!  By the way if it's the only HOPE for the Digiworld...does this mean...what I think it means?"

    Kari nodded sadly.  "T.K. and Patamon are being held prisoner, or hostage you can say, until we find the scroll and free the DigiWorld!"
    Gatomon sighed.  "Let's get started." 
   As she said that, they were teleported to...THE MYSTICAL SWAMP FAR AWAY!!!

    "Wow, you've got some power!" Kari said.  Gatomon blushed.  Then they started to search for the scroll...

...To Be Continued...

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