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The Ode to Gatomon
Part Four
by Magnadragatomon

    Kari, Gatomon and Wizardmon searched the swamp.  Gatomon looked under a large pine leaf, unusually large. 
   "I found it! I found it!" she exclaimed excitedly. 
   Wizardmon said, "Read it."
   "Sure," Kari took the scroll, cleared her throat, and read;
Where is clue five?
You ask a bee in a bee hive.
Why ask me?
Replies the bee
And your search is hopeless
Until you go to the Sea and dive in
To rescue what we had taken
If you don't finish, hour zap.
there goes what we took-just like that!"

   Gatomon screamed, "Let's go to the Sea!"
   And they were teleported to the Digimon's Sea.

...To Be Continued...

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