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The Ode to Gatomon
Part Five
by Magnadragatomon

    At the Digimon's Sea, Kari and Gatomon and Wizardmon looked all over for the clue.  Gatomon grew bored and jumped into the ocean.  She shrieked, but bubbles came out. 
   Kari and Wizardmon noticed however, and went in.  They found Clue Five and T.K. + Patamon. 

*Above the Water*

   T.K. and Patamon were transported where they last were.  Kari said, "Let's read the scroll." 
   "Go for it, Kari!"  cheered Gatomon.
   Kari cleared her throat;
We have hidden clue six
in a far away forest of sticks
We took the clue and hid it
in a place you hardly knew-that's it!
In the forest you go
At the sound of Gatomon, you may just have a go!
   "Well... Let's go!" Gatomon shouted.
   And they were transported to Sticky Stick Forest.

...To Be Continued...

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