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Here’s the long awaited part 3! Sorry it took so long, I wanted to get part 4 started before I posted this, and I had very severe writers block. From the reviews, I did take note of that you people didn’t like the part where the narrator (me) argues with Kari, or the part where TK gets beat up. The plot line has sort of staggered (for those who don’t know, plot is simply the action in the story), since part 1 was mostly humor, and all the rest are sort of drama and turning into a mini soap opera (sorry, that’s the best way I could describe it). Enough, on with part 3!

Teen Troubles
Chapter 3

TK had to stay in the hospital overnight because he was beaten pretty badly and was in a lot of pain. Even though he was capable of kicking Davis’s ass, he didn’t want to, because he knew that violence wasn’t the answer. Matt stayed with him the whole night to keep TK company.

Meanwhile, Kari was very upset. She was somewhat relieved when Matt called from the hospital to tell her how TK was doing, but she still felt bad. She was feeling guilty, like she should have insisted Tai give him a ride home. That way, none of this would’ve happened. Kari felt totally helpless. No..wait...there was something she could do, but she needed time to plan it out and get TK’s approval.

On Saturday afternoon, TK was still in the hospital. He was too sore to get out of bed, and the doctors wanted to keep him there over the weekend for his own safety. The doctors bad given him sedatives to help ease the pain and keep him from moving too much. He sitting up and much as he could, fighting the effects of the drugs. Kari was with him now, and he didn’t want her to think he was worse than he was.

"It’s not your fault Kari, sometimes these things just happen."

"Yeah, but I wish I could have done more."

TK lifted his arm to grab Kari’s chin, forcing her to look straight into his eyes. "Look, it’s not your fault Davis is a jealous asshole!"

"You have a point there."

"Kari, weren’t you supposed to go on that Photo field trip with your class today?"

"Yeah, but I told them something came up and I couldn’t go."

"You gave up going on a field trip to a place you’ve been dying to go just for me?"

"Of course! You’re more than worth the trouble."

"Thank you Kari."

"It’s ok TK, I know you’d do the same for me."

"Sorry to end this conversation, but these drugs are really kicking in!"

Kari giggled. "Alright TK, I’ll leave you alone now."

She kissed TK on the cheek and wandered out of the room. TK, no longer fighting the drugs, was already fast asleep.

Kari slipped back into the room momentarily, aimed her camera, and snapped. He’s gonna get me for this, she thought, but he sure does look cute when he’s asleep!


Kari went home, and spent the rest of the day making TK a get well card. Gatomon helped too, and she took a pencil with her tail, and drew a cartoonish, yet very lifelike (is that an oxymoron? Since I am assuming that Kari and TK are real life people in my fics) picture of Kari on the back. Kari never knew Gatomon had this talent, and was very proud.

That evening, all the Digi-destined except Davis went to visit TK. After his drug-enduced sleep, TK felt much better. Now he was free of the drugs (for now), and he and the gang laughed like old times.

TK then noticed that Kari had left the room. He didn’t know why, but he thought maybe she had gone to the bathroom or to get a drink or something.

Moments later, Kari returned, but something was different. Gatomon was with her, and she was wearing an orange hat? It could'nt  be.,TK thought maybe he was having some aftereffects of the drugs or something.

Suddenly the orange hat cried out, "TK!!" It was no hat, it was good old Patamon!

"Patamon! Hey buddy!"

"Are you all right TK? I missed you!"

"Don’t worry pal, I’ll be fine again soon."

"Well, it had better be soon, your mom is so worried! She actually started talking to me today! I mean, she knows about me, but we never had a conversation before, it was weird!" Patamon then flew over to TK, and became the orange hat on his head.

Gatomon jumped in TK’s lap with something in her paw. "Here TK, Kari and I made you a card!"

TK read it, and was surprised at the drawing of Kari. Kari explained that Gatomon had drawn it with her tail, and the whole group was amazed. Gatomon blushed.

TK put down the card on the nightstand next to him. "Read the back silly!" said Kari. He picked it up, turned it over, only to see the picture of him that Kari had taken earlier, along with a note saying, "Haha! Gotcha again Takeru!"

"Hey!!" TK’s face had a sarcastic look of anger on it. Not only did she catch him sleeping (he hated that, especially after the story of what happened to Matt at a Digi-destined sleep-over a year or two back), but she called him Takeru! He hated being called that in front of people, especially Matt.

The weekend passed, and TK stayed in the hospital. The doctors didn’t want TK to suffer humiliation with all his cuts and bruises, so they had him stay.

Meanwhile, Kari had just finished outlining her plan for vengeance. Davis had to pay for what he did. It was perfect, but TK had to approve of it before she went through with it, because if she did it without him knowing, it would hurt him too much. Hopefully, he would approve.


What is Kari’s plan of revenge? Stay tuned for the answer in part 4!

Sorry it’s so short!! This is where I got writers block and by the time it was finished it got so bad I couldn’t start part 4 for at least 2 weeks, if not longer.

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