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More of chapter 4 is up!! And it’s finished!! It’s not the best ending I wrote, and it has some humor in it. Again, sorry for the wait! And I hope you enjoyed reading this series! **Note: If you’ve already read part of this chapter, then look for the *** in the reading, that’s where I left off after the last post.

Teen Troubles

Chapter 4

"So that’s now I plan to get back at Davis. I thought you should know before I went through with it."

"Well Kari, I hope it works, but just don’t get too involved with this plan!"

It was Monday afternoon in the hospital waiting room. Kari and TK were waiting for his mom to take them home. He was going to stay home from school on Tuesday, since the purplish-yellow mark over his eye where the black eye once stood was pretty gruesome, and he didn’t want people to stare at him all day.

Just then, TK saw his mom, and to his surprise, his dad and Matt. TK felt odd having all three of them there, since it had been a long time since they hadn’t been together in so long.

TK’s happiness suddenly came over him, and hugged his family like in all those sappy long-lost family reunions you see on TV. He suddenly remembered that Kari was still sitting in her chair. Matt picked up on this, and pulled her from the chair and into the group hug.

"You’re part of the family too, Kari," Matt said, "You’re coming with us to McDonald’s to celebrate!"

"McDonald’s?" their mother questioned.

"Well, um, I’m kinda low on cash, since I just bought myself a new guitar!"

"Another one? Don’t you have like 5 already?"

"Not working ones, no!"

"Why don’t we all come to my place? We can all tease Tai about his feeble attempts at cooking."

"Sounds great!" said their dad, " and on the way, we’ll spring by the TV station, and I’ll pick up a video camera, we’ll have a night of fun tonight!"

Forty-five  minutes later, they reached the Kamiya home.

"Now remember," Kari instructed, "Stay away from Meko’s dish, unless you want your face covered in claw marks!"

"Tai!!" she yelled as the 5 came into the house, "We’re coming in to crash the party!!"

"What do you mean, we?"

Tai turned to see his sister with TK, Matt, and their parents.

"So what are you all up to?"

"I told you, we came to crash the party."

"What party?"

"Tai, you are so dense! We came to have a free meal and a good time!"

"What’s for dinner?"

"I don’t know, it’s your night to cook!"

"Screw the cooking, I’m ordering a pizza!"

"How about we make one ourselves?" suggested Matt and TK’s dad. "I can take you to the store to buy the ingredients and everything!"

"Great idea!!"

So they all went down to the store and bought everything they needed, and baked the best pizza they had ever tasted. The night was a total blast, and all of it was caught on videotape.

The next morning, however, got very serious. It was time for Kari to put her plan of vengeance into action.


The next day at school, Kari met Ken on the school Tennis courts.

"Well, ready to get the plan into action?"

"Yeah, but are you sure TK said it was alright? I mean, you’re his girlfriend and all!"

"Let’s cut the chat and get on with the plan, okay?"

"Okay, but remember, this was your idea, not mine!!"

So Kari and Ken walked into the building. You see, Kari picked up on Davis’s motive for beating up TK; it was to make TK look weak so Kari would go for him. But she was not falling for it. Instead, she was going to give the impression that she was going with Ken, so Davis would take a hint and figure out Kari didn’t want him.

Soon it was lunch, and the plan was going well. It was a nice day, so Kari and Ken went outside to eat lunch. Suddenly Yolei came storming outside, looking very pissed off.

"Kari, what do you think you are doing? You already have TK, and besides, Ken is mine!!!"

"Yolei, let me explain.."

"Damn right you have a lot of explaining to do! I can’t be-"

Yolei was suddenly silenced when something startled her. She looked to see Ken locking lips with her. She was loving every second of it, and he knew it. She closed her eyes and eagerly returned the kiss.

When he pulled away a moment later, she had a very confused look in her eyes.

"Yolei, let me explain. It’s all part of a plan to get revenge on Davis. We’re sorry we didn’t tell you, but you should know that you’ll always be my girl Yolei. How does Friday night sound?"

Yolei just stood there in shock for a moment. Suddenly a huge smile appeared across her face. When she looked as if she would scream in joy, Ken covered her mouth with his hand.

"But you have to keep it down. We’re trying to make him believe that Kari left TK for me, and hopefully he’ll take a hint that Kari doesn’t want him!"

"But Davis isn’t coming to school anymore."


"Didn’t you hear? He’s in a juvenile detention center now!"

"Kick ass!!!"

So Kari never got her revenge, but she was happy nonetheless. Everyone was. Except Davis. But who cares about him?

Anyhoo, TK and Kari stayed together all the way through high school. Ken and Yolei stayed together, but had to take up a long distance relationship when she left for college until he graduated. Wallace went back to America, but came back to visit during summer and school vacations. And Cody, little Einstein of the group, ended up class Valedictorian and ended up going to America to study at Harvard.

And as for Davis, after 6 months in the center, he was moved to a mental hospital after apparently repeatedly hitting his roommate, Bob, over the head with a mallet. Bob was in the center because she had bashed Davis the Moron himself with her mallets. She was released shortly after Davis was moved, since she no longer needed her mallets because he was gone from her life.

And as for me, the author, I went on to write a continuation of this series, when the group is in college (coming May/June).  But my immediate mission is to whack Bob over the head with a mallet, so maybe she’ll get some inspiration and write!

Dedicated to Hikari4Takeru, otherwise known as "Bob"
"Beware the Laundry detergent!"

Authors note:  Sorry that was so short!  I'm eager to get on with the next saga.  I apologize for any mistakes I've made in writing this (I believe I called Willis Wallace). I'm sorry if I offended or disappointed anyone by writing this, but you can't please everyone.  I thank all of you who reviewed, each reviewer made me strive to finish this saga sooner rather than later.  If you would like me to read your stories, I'd be happy to, just drop me a line at and tell me youe pen name (title the e-mail please!).

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