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Formerly Takari and Gatomon

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  Yes you are in the right place!!! Don't leave!!::on knees begging::
This is still Takari and Gatomon's site...Just with a new layout and title!!

I hope you all like it...let me know what you honestly think...coz if you like the old layout better I can go back to that instead!!
  Updates!! (December 11th)
actually this is more like...updates in progress!!
a whole whack of new fanfics are up...sorry to those that aren't yet...but I have an exam on thursday and I gotta factor some sleep into this..::yawns::
thanx to everyone for submitting...I couldn't do this without you...I promise that soon I will have everything up and posted...soon...
what a cutie!! Luv Takari

I've moved some of my older updates to another page...just to makemy homepage more can still read them here.

You can reach me at
Luv Takari grin

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Isn't she the cutest...
::glares at anyone who dares to disagree::


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Thank you soooooooo much for all your hits!!
::wipes a tear::
you actually like me
::sniffs and voice cracks::
you really like me...

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