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I don't really have much right now...but you can  go visit what I do... ::grin::
If you would like to put your link here please send your url and a description of your site to .  All your comments can be sent there too.

Fuzzy's Digimon Palace
Tons of pics and the best webmistress on the entire planet.  Alot of Fanart here!!
A general anime sight with a Digimon section.  Also contains a webmistress with multiple personnalities...ROFLMAO (roll on floor laughing my ass off)
I'm sorry...I'm really tired and it doesn't take much to amuse me...sorry to's a really great webpage and you should go and visit it just coz I said so!!
A great Digimon site. Lot's of  info, a complete episode  guide, a character guide, quiz, and quotes. And she's a fellow tripod there! ::chuckles::

Gatomon's Digiworld
A new site...still has some construction going on...but hey, it's about cannot go wrong...::grin::

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