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Ok...for the most part these quotes had me giggling so much I was rolling on  the  other words...I thought they were amusing.  And  I enjoyed them too...
::smirk::  I will be starting a Takari quote section just as soon as you  all start submitting some...::hint hint::
Please send all your submissions to me at
  They don't have to be season 2... they can from season 1 or the  long as they're english coz I don't speak Japanese..
  Update!!! New quotes (added May 13th 2001) here .
Luv Takari.

My rating system:

::smirk:: somewhat amusing
::sigh:: probly a Takari moment or something cute
::giggle:: amusing
::snort:: very amusing
::groan:: usually the reaction to a bad pun
::snicker:: somewhat more amusing  than ::smirk::

::smile:: just made me smile, so it was probly something special

Cody:'s a control spire.
Kari: What's it doing there?
Gatomon: Controlling, spiring--the usual.


Upamon: It's the forbidden valley of no return.
Kari:Why do bad guys always name things like that?
T.K.: It's in the job description, it's right after really stinky breath...
Cody: Even if this place was called the valley of duckies and bunnies, with  the control                       spire there, there's trouble...

(after they enter the digiworld)
Kari: Wow, this valley sure looks forbidden
Davis: A few duckies and bunnies would sure spruce it up

(after the others are captured)
Ken: Awaken, Deltamon!
Veemon: Maybe it's a ducky or bunny (big angry looking
   thing comes out) or not...

Ken: Like sands in the hourglass, so are your friends' lives

Kari: Where is he?
T.K.:Izzy? I thought we were waiting for Ken...

Wormon: (to Ken) Cheer up, you can destroy somebody tomorrow.

Wormon:  Master, don't be depressed.  I've got an idea. Let's grab some dark rings,                     capture a  couple of innocent digimon and make their lives absolutely miserable.

Davis: Doesn't anyone have an idea?
T.K.: I have one. 
Davis: What?!
T.K.: I say we run, and then after that we run some more.

Gatomon: Tai hasn't been this angry since I popped his soccer ball with my claws.

(Cody running out of apartement building with Upamon under his shirt)
Cody: Note to self; think of better way to sneak Upamon out of apartement.
(Crashed into Yolei)
Yolei: Hey! Be more careful next time!! Cody what have you been eating lately, you must have gained           20 pounds!
Cody: It's Upamon...
Yolei (eyes wide): You ate Upamon?!?
Cody: Forget about it! Sora sent an email saying Biyomon's in trouble!
Upamon: Squak!
Yolei: Uh...your tummy's growling.

::falls on floor giggling and howling with laughter with the intermitant  snorts and gasps for air...holding aching sides::
ok...that's not one of my ratings...but this one made me laugh so hard it didn't even qualify as any of my ratings...

Matt: I've been living a lie..
Gabumon: You mean you're not a real blonde?


Tai: Matt's a little strange.

Matt (to Davis, about three minutes before he tries to knock him off a cliff): Fighting isn't always the answer.

TK: Oh... I can feel the heat coming up through my socks...
Matt: Well TK, maybe you should put your shoes back on.
::again hits the floor giggling with intermittent snorts::

Matt: Scared, Tai?
Tai: No bout you Matt?
Matt: Course not.....piece of cake but..maybe I'll just hold on to you, to make sure you don't chicken out or anything...
Tai: Thanks Matt, I'll do the same for you.


Kari: You really want them to shoot you?
TK: What if you get, like, dead or something?

Gatomon: How long do humans usually sleep when they're sick, TK?
TK: It's tough to say for sure, Gatomon. But I guess somewhere between eight hours and eight years, give or take a minute or so.

Gatomon: I'll skip on the odor exhibit.
Patamon: Too late for that.

Kari: My light will lead us towards the others.
TK: Don't look at me, but I think it's like this night light I used to have that guided me towards the bathroom.
::groan:: (sometimes the kid is just TOO innocent!!)

TK: Kari! Kari!
Gatomon: I think he just went crazy!
TK and Patamon: Kari!
Patamon: Kari!
TK: Kari!
Gatomon: Huh? They both flipped!

Patamon: Kari's such a graceful dancer.
Gatomon: She should be. I taught her everything I know.
Patamon: Teach me!
Gatomon: Okay!

Gatomon: He'd be kitty kibble if I could turn into Angewomon.

Patamon: Yeah, well, do you know what I heard? I heard that trying to act too grown up is a sign of immaturity.
Elecmon: What's that?!  If you got something to say to me, say it to my face! Come on, out with it, you weenie-headed two-toned pork chop!
submitted by Fuzzy

Ken: But I don't understand... What is the light inside?

submitted by rwbrightness

Tai: Our adventure in the Digital World might be over for now, but that gate won't stay closed forever. I have a feeling that this won't be the last time we see our pals, the Digimon. You wait and see... One day that portal will open again and we'll return to the Digital World. I wonder if Agumon will remember me? I know I'll never forget him or the rest of the Digimon. None of us will!
submitted by rwbrightness

Cody (to Davis): Trying to win points with Kari?  Looks like it actually worked this time...
Yolei: Not even Davis can strike out every time.
Davis: Oh yes, I can!!

Hawkmon (after Veemon runs through him): I feel faint.

Demiveemon/Upamon/Poromon (pigging out on candy): hmmm. hmmmph....
Poromon: I could eat these snacks all day!
Davis: Hey! That's not fair!  Save one for me!

Gatomon: And in the end, every world might be covered in darkness; as dark as a black cat at midnight

Davis: Aw...I got sand between my toes!
Yolei (muttering): And your ears...

Mummymon:  Do you see that?!?
Arukenimon: Gee, I'm not sure.  It's only one hundred feet tall!!

Gatomon (thinking): That catnip rinse makes my ears look too stiff...
Kari: So, ready to go?
Gatomon: Rome wasn't built in a day.  Looking beautiful takes time.
Kari: So beautiful, can you help me wash the dishes?
Gatomon: Ah! Time's up!
Kari: Why are your ears standing up?
Gatomon: It's a neww look.  It's quite the rage in Catmandu...
Kari: You know, most cats like mice, not mousse.
::cries out for help as the very cuteness of it all overwhelms *Takari* and drowns her in a sea of cute fuzziness::
uh...sorry bout that....

Cody: The only way not to look suspicious is to sneak quietly.

Kari: That milkshake was really good.  But seeing you drink from a straw was even better.
::OMG!! NO!!! It's the sea of cute fuzziness again!!! HELP!!!!::

Principal (over PA system): Will Mary Robertson please report to the office? Your locker is missing.

Matt: Moving right along, folks, Keep it moving. Our next stop on the tour will be the forest of irrele
vant road signs. No pictures, please.

Tai ( to Koromon): AHH! What are you? Have you had your rabie shots?

Tai: So what am I supposed to do? Throw the digivice at the monsters and hope they get scared and run away?

Tai: Genius over there is trying to call the telephone repairman because the phones don't work.

Sora (to Tai): Maybe if your brain was as big as your hair you'd be a little smarter.

Sora: Now that the boys have holes in their heads, maybe their brains will get enough oxygen.

::trying to help Sora::
Joe (to Matt):Once it took four of us to get my grandmother off the toilet like that.
::rolls on floor gasping for air yelling 'Oh the mental pictures!!'::

Izzy: Perhaps my definition of weird is different than yours.

T.K. (season 1): Boy, Patamon, I like swimming and everything, but that waterfall almost knocked off my underpants!

T.K.: I don't know, my mom said never to take candy or rope from strangers.
::Rope?!? She actually warned him about rope?!? Where do these people live?!?::

T.K. (thinking):  What am I saying? We have to climb it. Sora told me to be brave!
         (to Kari): Looks dangerous, you go first.

Gatomon (to Kari): Let's just say that while your were sleeping, I had nine lives, and now I'm down to three.

Tai: It's all my fault, right Sora?
Sora: Yes -

Izzy: Just one more thing.
Tai: Why do I wanna throw up every time you say 'just one more thing'?
::barely remaining in chair from laughing so hard::

Izzy: If we had a compass, we'd know which way north was.
Tentomon: I know where North is!
Izzy: Where?
Tentomon: It's the opposite of south!

Tai: Why? Do you think we're too dumb to understand?
Izzy: Yes!
::howling with laughter::

(while Angewomon and Lady Devimon are fighting)
Tai: Wow! Look at them go!
Izzy: I know I shouldn't watch this, but I can't take my eyes off!
Kari: Get her Angewomon! That's right, knock that witch's butt off! Go!

Izzy: I’m not going to hit you, Tai.
Agumon: Can I hit you then?
Tentomon: I wouldn’t mind a swipe myself!

Izzy: We're the first humans to be digitally processed. That means we're pioneers, like Marco Polo.
Tentomon: Oh, I know what he was famous for! Marco!
Agumon: Polo!
Tentomon: Marco!
Patamon: Polo!
Tentomon: Marco!
Biyomon: Polo!

Davis: Are you the Digimon Emperor?
Ken: Speaking.
Davis: But you can't be the Digimon Emperor. You're a kid, just like me.
Ken: Correction, if I was like you, I'd be the one hanging from a cliff, not the other way around!

Yolei: *at a soccer game* Go, Ken, GO!
Cody: We're supposed to be rooting for Davis.
Yolei: Oh yeah...

Jun: What are you doing?
Davis: Nothing.
Jun: Looks like you're packing for a camping trip.
Davis: "It's your imagination.
Jun: Are TK and the others going?
Davis: I don't remember.
Jun: Is Matt going?
Davis: Matt moved to another country.
Jun: Well, if all your friends are going, and Matt's going, can I go too?
Davis: Sure you can go! GO AWAY!
::he was right on the ball on that one::

Gatomon: Why do they call those things on the top of the TV rabbit ears, why not cat ears? When was the last time you saw a rabbit sleeping on top of the TV?
Kari: This is what you think of?
::oh no...that overwhelming cuteness is coming back...aaaargh!!::

Davis: Did you see that? Hey, guess what, Veemon? I'm one of the guys now!
Veemon: Davis, I'm confused. If you're one of the guys now, does that mean you weren't before? Does that mean you were a girl before? Why don't you ever tell me these things, Davis?
Davis: Uhh...

Tai: Ah, go to your party!
Kari: Okay.
Tai: I can't believe Sora's gonna read my letter. Waitaminute...Unable to deliver? I CAN'T BELIEVE SORA ISN'T GONNA READ MY LETTER! YOU TRY TO TELL A GIRL YOU'RE SORRY AND YOUR COMPUTER SHUTS YOU DOWN!

Computer: You have no new messages. Okay?
Sora: No it is not okay! Stupid Tai.


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