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Welcome!!  Here you will find dozens upon dozens of Takari pics.  I figured I would also subdivide into a Hikari and a Takeru section too coz they're my favorite characters.  I require feedback in order to feedback away!!  If you have any pics to put up here feel free to send them to me...enjoy your stay...
By the way...for those of you precious people who are returning to me (for which I am eternally grateful) you may notice that I have updated (April 12th, 2001)  by adding a whole whack of enjoy!!

Hikari                Takeru                Takari

  this could have gone on my gatomon page...oh well!

     I almost wish I had a brother...

 Stop it're scaring me...

    If u could see what she sees, you would'nt eat either

I love this one!!

 Does it not make you sad?sob...Don't go....
  If this doesn't touch're either an unfeeling monster...or a guy...::snicker::  Cute!

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     that's right Davis...admit defeat

  I love this one...

   I like him better without the hat...

  Cuteness is eternal...

Go TK!

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  movie picture

 I think this is so cute...if you know who this belongs to let me know...also really adorable...

   You'll beat the emperor wont you?

     Don't they work well together...sigh

     you know...if ya huddle you'll be

      this is probly my fave..sigh

 Look...he tries to protect her...awwwWho says girls are weak?C-U-T-E

EEEP! They look awful worried...hehehe::sigh::

How conveeeeenient!!! ::rolls on floor and howls with laughter::

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