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Updates!! (September 11th)
Chapter 13 is now posted.  I regret that this will probably be one of the saddest chapters in the series, due to it's nature, but today's tragedy in the states does not have me in an altogether cheerful mood.
I've also put up a whole whack of new fanfics submitted by several new authors and some old authors.  I would sincerely like to thank each and everyone of you.  I couldn't keep running this site without you.
I didn't want to change the update page until I had finished with my new pics page...but I've decided to do it now.  The new pics pages are almost ready, though my sadistic professors have decided to try and kill me with homework.  Thank you to Hakari who has sent me so many new pics, and to everyone else.  I really really appreciate it.  I have 50+ new pics to post, so please bear with me...
    Luv Takari

Update (August 3rd, 2001)
Yup...another pathetic little update...I just don't have the time to do anything!! I got three fabulous awards, which I haven't even had time to put up yet..
Thanx SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! to everyone who sent me the's been awhile I was starting to think you had all given up on me...I know that I'M about to!!
I wish I had more TIME!!!!
BTW...Chapter 9 is now's not too bad if I do say so myself! Thank you to Daniel and Stacey for the inspiration...I hope eveyone likes it!
I'm looking for a name for my webpage...when I started the site, I had so much on my mind that 'Takari and Gatomon' was the most creative thing I could think of!!  So I ask all of you to join me in finding a snazzy new title for the page!!
Send all submissions to
luv Takari

Update (July 21st, 2001)
Yeah...pretty pathetic...note the lack of 's' at the end of 'updates' and the lack of exclamation marks...the only thing I put up this week was Chapter 8 of my dreams series.....why?  coz working 14hours a day doesn't leave you any time to do ANYTHING you want to...
::grumbles in frustration::
I am working on a new layout and a section of pictures relating to my dreams if ever any of you are inspired enough by my writing to draw my characters...or any of the digimon characters that I use..feel free to do so..I would really really really really be grateful
::on knees begging::
But hey...I kept my promise...It is 2 AM saturday morning and chapter 8 is up ontime...
::is shocked by own punctuality::
(I'll try not to let it happen too often ::grin::)
So that's it on this fine morning...
I'm going to bed ::yawn::
Luv Takari

Updates!! July 8th, 2001
Well, I have a little surprise...this week you guys get both chapters 6 and chapters 7 of my dreams series.  Also, you get parts 3 and 4 of Magnadragatomon's heroes series and part 3 of the Ode to Gatomon!!!
I'm working on a new layout and I have tons of images to hang in soon as I have time there will be a pretty big update!!
::crosses fingers:: all you newcomers...please send me FEEDBACK!!
luv Takari

Happy Canada Day!!!
July 1st, 2001!!!
This calls for an update...
actually...I only managed to get Chapter 5 of my 'Dreams' series up and some fantabulous new fanfics from Magnadragatomon!!!
Tomorow...being a national holiday means that I get a day off...that means that YAY!!!! I might be able to update!!!!
And....My mom is almost convinced to switch to cable internet!!!
::jumps around clapping happily::
hope to see y'all tomorow!!
luv Takari

Updates!! June 22nd, 2001
Contrary to popular belief...I haven't given up on my webpage...unfortunately, working 14hr shifts does not leave a whole lot of time to update...
A huge thank you to Nikki for your submissions...they're not up yet...but hopefully be the end of summer ::grin::
Thanx to Magnadragatomon for more fanfics!!! If not for her the only other fics to go up would be my 'dreams' series...which is a week behind...
I was joking last week when I said it would be late...oooops...turns out it wasn't such a joke...sorry..
But...Chapter 4 is now up!!
I also hope to have the new pics I recieved up by next week...
That's it for now
Thanx... didn't all have to quit writing to me just coz I said that I appreciated it...yeeeesh!!  Now I feel lonely :(
Luv Takari

Updates!!June 8th, 2001
Well consider this a gift everyone (well only if you all like my writing ::grin::) Chapter 3 is up one day early because I really won't have time to post it on the this will make up for when chapter 4 is late, right?? ::ducks:: okei, okei....just kidding
Congratulations to my good friend and sister site mistress Gatomon for winning the first hit gift...she kinda forgot to tell she was lucky visitor 1000...but don't worry, if you are visitor number 1239 you still get my second hit gift... so yay!!
A huge thank you to Nikki for those wonderful pics you sent me, I will try and have them up as soon as possible..Thank you too to Yan and Tong (I hope I spelled that right...) for your quote...that too will be up as soon as I can...
Now on to the best part of all...
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody. really....I've had a sudden rush of feedback and I LOVE IT!!! don't quit now coz I've gotten used to getting all your emails!!
Luv Takari

Updates!! June 2nd, 2001

A big huge gynormous thank you to Magnadragatomon for 2 new submissions...boy...she's putting me to shame here!!! She's more punctual than I am!!!
As it's a little late in the day....but it's still Saturday!!!
Chapter 2 of the 'Dreams..' series is now up!!!
Please go and have  a look...
I am currently working on a picture section for that story (coz some of the characters are my own)
It should be up in a couple weeks (read 'months')
That's it for now!!
And it looks like no one wanted the hit I'll boot the number to if you are lucky visitor number 1239...just to make life interesting....hehehehehe

Updates!!  May 28th, 2001
::jumps around singing "I got another submission"::
YAY!!! Thank you to Magnadragatomon for your fanfic...please go and have a look!!
Also...I have begun a new series in my fanfic...I would really like to know what you think coz it's really not your typical *takari* fanfic..
I wish that I had more pics to put up for you guys...but my connection is so unstable that I can't even upload them right now...
So I guess that's it for now...
::snaps fingers::
If you are the 1000th visitor please email me...coz you win the hit gift!!!
Luv Takari

Updates!! May 26th, 2001
Well I'm only one week late, but hey! Better late than never ::grin::
My first attempt at humour is now up in the fanfics section.  Please...if it's really not funny, tell me and I'll never assault your senses with the likes of it again...I'll stick to the depressing stuff...hehehe
Also, about a week ago (maybe longer) my good friend RWbrightness submitted  a fanfic to me.  It is the most amazing piece of fanfic!!  I would like to take this moment to say...
OMG!!! I am soooooooo mind is so far in the patatoes that I totally forgot that I hadn't posted it yet!!!
::on knees begging::
Please forgive me RWbrightness.
Any comments about her work can be sent to my address and I will forward them to her (at least until I get the okei to post her address on them)
That's it for now...
Luv Takari

Updates!! May 20th, 2001
The long awaited Teen Troubles-part 4 is now up!!!
::would be clapping and jumping but is still miserable about the lousy turn of events in the season finale::
Thank you so much Artemis!! You are the greatest!!!
As per promised fic is not quite's kinda a combination of writer's block and work...but hey!! it's the long I'll have time tomorrow and Monday to finish it...
I promise.
That's it for now... me a pest...but I would really really appreciate anything you guys can send me...even feedback...let me know what you like...and what you don't...

May 18th 2001
::is currently throwing a temper tantrum::
::screaming and throwing stuff around the room::
Well I don't care if they didn't say it aloud that they were married...they don't need to coz we all know it's true (sides' I'll bet they said it in the japanese version...if there is anyone out there who could let me know I'm right please email me...pleeeeeease...)
::glares defiantly at anyone who tries to burst bubble of deludedness::
::throwing more stuff around and looking for materials to start building voo-doo dolls of the PTB and Toei and Fox Kids::
IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok...I'm done now... If you haven't got a clue what that was about...wait till you see the season finaly of digimon tomorrow morning (it aired tonight here in Canada) ::Takari skulks to her corner and sits there pouting:: Well at least she didn't marry Davis.

Updates!!   (May 14th 2001)
Well it looks like everything is back to normal...I'm running late on my promises
::sighs contently::
I was starting to worry myself...
Well it's now Monday instead of Saturday...but here is the promised update..
I've added pics in all the sections including fanart.  I've also added about a bazillion new quotes to the quote section (really?? I thought I could add the quotes to the crests section...oh be's those darned voices
ok can all quite worrying I'm not going insane..much.
I also got a new award!! You all have to go and see it (in the misc. section)!!  I swear I actually stopped breathing when I saw the pic...whoever drew it...can you please send me more
::on knees begging::
Thank you to 'Digimon My Website' for the great award.
Now this is the part I've been dreading.  You see, I've added a Davis section...please put the knives down.  I've explained it all inside...I hope you can all understand my point of view..and remember..he's not a threat!! So we don't have to hate him!!!
::ducks under desk::
If you disagree with me..that's fine...but don't flame me over this...I'm not a traitor
I think that's just about it
::pops head over desk to be sure the coast it clear::

Updates!! (May 8th 2001)
::jumping around the room excitedly screaming 'I'm a genius!!!'::
why? because I fixed my!!! And I even managed to save all my files...this calls for a celebratory you'll prolly see a pretty big update in every section by saturday...stay tuned...
oh...and I have 2 new awards!!! ::more clapping:: another one from Fuzzy (the biggest sweetie on the planet...and because she is you will all go visit her page (link's at the bottom folks)....hehehe...also please visit my other sister site...coz Gatomon rules too!!
The other award is from Jen...the creator of the Tajen couple...she's an interesting(read amusing) person...and she's pretty cool too!!!
::glares at anyone who cares to contradict::
That's it for now!!
Updates!!! (May 5th, 2001) Can it be?? Oh my!!! I've actually updated when I said I would.
::Takari is knocked on her ass by the thunderous applause::
::getting up::
alright, alright...I know...yeesh!! promised, I've finished my second fanfic...go take a  peek and  tell me what you think.  I've also created a 'crests' page where you  can go and get the crests of the digidestined for use on your page.   I've put up some new pics...but not alot coz I'm still sorting through the  reckage of my crashed computer...I'm not even sure  what files are up and which ones aren't....but I just put up a whole whack  of Gatomon pics...
  I've added a banner to my miscellaneous section too....I think that's  just  about it...I'm not sure though...And I've added my sister sites  at the bottom of the page...please give them a look-see too...

May 1st 2001
  As of today I have just received my first flame...and it has got me thinking...
  I totally support anyone else's opinions...if you don't agree with takari...that's  fine...and if you don't like my web page...that's fine too...coz you know  that you can't make everyone happy....If there is something you don't like,  I'd be glad to hear about it...
  I do not appreciate receiving e-mail that involve insane amounts of swearing  and name calling.  It's really not necessary...If you don't like what  is on my site, please go elsewhere...I'm not sticking a gun to your head to make you go am I?  Threats to start bombing my mail are also totally not appreciated.
That said...
I feel much better now...
Now we can move on to happier the weekend I promise to have my second brand new shiny fanfic up and ready to until then
Enjoy your stay...
luv Takari
Update!!!! (April 30th, 2001)
Yay!!!! I'm finally back!! I know, I know...I promised I'd do an update on the 27th...but alas, I had bigger computer problems than I thought....and I'm back on DIALUP...AAAAAAAAARGHHHHH!!!!!!
Anyhow....I've got a few new links, a new award from Fuzzy (YAY!!!) and a few new pics.....It's not much...but when you lose your entire hard drive...ein! what can you do??
ps. Keep writing to me please!!! It cheers me up...hehehe
luv Takari wait...Hugeass update of the month (April 18th, 2001) I've changed my layout...why might you ask?   Because I have to study for an exam....therefore I am procrastinating for your viewing pleaseure...I hope this new layout makes it easier to get to where you want in the least amount of time....if you are all procrastinators like me, I could be persuaded to to make a webpage that would take an hour just to find the correct enter button....but I'll save that for another day I guess..
I got an award!!! Please go and see it I'm so darn proud of myself it's not even funny.  My links page is also up and running.
Luv Takari

   Updates!!   (April 17th 2001)
   New Quotes!!! even more giggles...and ya gotta admit...some of these are downright bigass rolling on floor worthy...but that's just my twisted sense of humour.
       Ok...I know I said there wouldn't be making any big updates...but   hey what  can you do...I'm addicted...I just added six fanfics by Artemis   and one of my own!! So please go and check it out and give me some feedback.  I have also just added a fanart section....all submissions  are gladly  accepted.....

         The stories don't necessarily have to be takari...but   they cannot   be anti-takari...and  please watch your spelling...I'm   a compulsive  proof-reader and I don't really  have the time to   procrastinate correcting  other ppl's mistakes....that's what spell-checkers   are for. No offense....I use them too!!

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