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Sakura & Li's Adventure in the Digital World

SakuraStar: Konnanychiwa Minna-san!!!
SakuraStar: Whatever!  This is Digimon/CCS fic.  This isduring the Star/Sakura card season.  PS: This is 1 year after MaloMyotismon was defeated.
Couples: Melody + Matt, TK + Kari, Sakura+Syaoran(duh!), Yolei + Ken, Sora + Tai, Seiya + Katrina.... SO MANY COUPLES!!!!  AND DON'T USE MELODY IN YOUR FICS!!!!!!  SHE'S MY CHARACTER!!!!
Disclaimer: I don't own CCS or Digimon.  Clamp and Toei does.  And there was a person on that also made a CCS/Digimon story.  I couldn't find her story so I couldn't ask her to only borrow Sakura & Syaoran moving to Odaiba.  So if the person who wrote the Digimon/CCS fic... I'm giving a little credit to you

   Sakura watched as Reedington went past behind her.  She was moving to Odaiba.  Syaoran was moving to Odaiba too.  They were enrolling to Odaiba School. 
   "I've heard that monsters appeared in Odaiba" said Sakura scared. 
   "There probably not true" said Syaoran.  Syaoran had a crush on Sakura for a while. 
   Odaiba came into view.  They slowed in front of the apartment.

   "WAKE UP MELODY!!!!" yelled someone.  It was a digimon, Efuimon. 
   "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" yelled a girl.  She fell out of bed.  She had long brown hair & gentle blue eyes. 
   "YOUR GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!!" yelled Efuimon. 
   Melody looked at the clock. "IT'S 8?  OH MY GOSH!  I WAS SUPPOSED TO MEET KATRINA & MATT 5 MIN. AGO!!!" yelled Melody.  She quickly put her green school uniform on & put her hair in 2 ponytails.  Melody dashed out of her room. 
   "Melody!  Kari & Tai went ahead!" said Mrs. Kamiya. 
   "BYE MOM!" said Melody as she grabbed her backpack.  She ran to school.  A girl with short brown hair, came into view.  Next to her was an older guy with big brown hair. 
   "KARI, TAI!!! WATCH OUT!!!!" yelled Melody.  Before they turned around Melody ran into them. 
   "MELODY!!!!! DON'T RUN SO FAST NEXT TIME!!!" yelled Tai. 
   "SORRY TAI!!!  I HAVE TO MEET KATRINA & MATT!" yelled Melody. 
   "Oh.. Matt... Right..." teased Tai. 
   "SHUT UP TAI!!!" Melody slapped Tai.  Melody ran away.  Melody didn't notice where she was going and bumped into someone.   
   "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" screamed Melody. 
   Someone caught her. 
   "Sorry" said Melody. 
   "Are you okay Melody?" asked a voice. 
   Melody looked up.  "Ma.. Matt!" said Melody astonished.  She quickly scrambled to her feet.  "Sorry I bumped into you Matt" said Melody.  Matt was Melody's boyfriend.  
   "Where's Katrina?" asked Melody.  All of the sudden, 2 people jumped from behind the wall.  One was a girl had green hair in 2 ponytails & one was a boy with long black hair in a ponytail.                    "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" screamed Melody.  She sprawled backwards. 
   "HAHAHAAH!!!" laughed Katrina, Seiya (Seh-ya), & Matt.  Melody laughed too. 
   "WE BETTER GET TO SCHOOL!" said Melody. 
   "How about a race?" asked Katrina. 
   "We're already near the school". 
   "K" said Matt, Melody, & Seiya. 
   "On your marks... Get set... "started Katrina.  "GO!!" yelled 2 voices.  One of them was Kari's.  The other ones name was TK.  Melody didn't run because she wanted to talk to Kari & TK. 
   "I WIN!!" Melody heard Katrina yell. 
   "Hey Kari! Hey TK!" said Melody. 
   "Hey Melody" said TK. 
   "We better get to school" said Kari.  They walked to the school.

   "Class.  We have 2 new students today" said the Teacher. 
   'I wonder who they are' thought Kari. 
   A girl with auburn-brown hair came in. A boy with dark brown hair came after her. 
   "This is Sakura Kinomoto" said the teacher pointing to the girl,  "and this is Syaoran Li" she continued, pointing to the boy. "Sakura, you sit next to Kari.  Syaoran, you sit next to TK."  
   Syaoran sat next to TK & Sakura sat next to Kari. 
   "Hi! I'm Kari!" said Kari.  Kari held out her hand. 
   "I'm Sakura" said Sakura.  She shook hands with Kari. 
   "I'm TK" said TK. 
   "I'm Syaoran" said Li.  They shook hands. 
   (Back at Davis)  'Sakura's pretty' thought Davis.  (Looks like Davis found another GIRL of his dreams.)  Davis likes Kari but now he likes SAKURA & KARI!  
   "You're new here?" asked Kari. 
   "Yeah" said Sakura. 
   "Is Syaoran your brother?" whispered Kari. 
   "No!  We just moved at the same time" whispered Sakura.  "We're just friends" 
   "Is Sakura your sister Syaoran?" whispered TK. 
   "NO!  WE'RE JUST FRIENDS!" whispered Syaoran.

******* At Lunch*******

   "Where did you move from?" asked Kari. Kari & Sakura were sitting down eating lunch.         
   "Reedington" said Sakura. 
   "Who's the new kid Kari?" asked a girl.  Kari turned around. 
   She had long purple hair & round glasses. 
   "Hey Yolei!  This is Sakura Kinomoto.  She's a new student"  said Kari. 
   "Nice to meet Sakura! I'm Yolei!" said Yolei. 
   "Nice to meet you Yolei" said Sakura. 
   Yolei joined them for lunch.
   Meanwhile... Syaoran was STARING at Sakura. 
   "Earth to Syaoran!" said TK waving his hands in front of Syaoran. 
   "What?" Syaoran snapped out of his trance. 
   "You were too busy staring at Sakura" TK teased. 
   Syaoran was blushing.  "I wasn't!" said Li. 
   "Don't try to hide it from me!  I knew my brother Matt liked my friend Melody as quick as I knew you liked Sakura!" said TK. 
   "I bet you like Kari!" Syaoran teased. 
   TK blushed.  "Ho.. How did you know?" asked TK. 
   "For one, you kept making sure Kari was okay in class" said Syaoran. 
   "Let's make a deal.  If you promise not to tell anyone that I like Sakura, then I won't tell anyone you like Kari" said Syaoran. 
   "Deal" said TK. 
   "That new girl is pretty, right T.V?" said a voice. 
   He had redish-brownish spiky hair with goggles on his forehead. 
   "You keep on misspelling my name Davis" said TK. 
   "Who's this guy?" asked Syaoran.  He didn't like him one bit. 
   "I'm Davis."
   Syaoran relunctaly shook his hand.
   "Would you like to come to my apartment after school Sakura?" asked Kari. 
   "Sure! I'll call my dad & if it's okay, I'll walk with you back to your apartment" said Sakura.  "Who's gonna be there?" 
   "My brother Tai, My adopted sis Melody, & G...." Kari started.  She quickly stopped because she was gonna say GATOMON, her digimon. 
   "I'll call my dad!" said Sakura.  She found  phone & called her dad.  IN 5 min.   she went back to Kari.  "Dad said it was all right" said Sakura. 
   "We're gonna see my sister practice Volleyball before we go yo my apartment" said Kari. 
   "Kari.." said Yolei.  She dragged Kari to a spot where no one could hear them.  "What about the Digiworld?" asked Yolei. 
   "You guys go on without me" said Kari. 
   When they got back Sakura asked "Can I ask Syaoran to come along?" 
   "Sure" said Kari.  The 3 girls walked over to where the boys were sitting. 
   "Would you like to go to Kari's apartment so we can know them a bit more?" asked Sakura. 
   "Do you want to go?" asked Syaoran. 
   "Sure" said TK.

******After School*******

   "That was a hard practice" said Melody.  She had a green T-shirt on with tight green shorts.  A towel was suddenly lifted & went toward Melody.  She caught it and wiped her face.  (Incase you didn't know, Melody is psychic) 
   "That was good Melody!" said Kari. 
   "Thanks" said Melody.  Melody saw Sakura & Syaoran. 
   "Who's this?" asked Melody. 
   "This is Sakura & Syaoran" said Kari. 
   "Nice to meet you! I'm Melody" said Melody. 
   "And I'm Katrina!  Melody's best friend" said Katrina. 
   "Nice to meet you!" said Sakura.

********At the computer lab********


******At Kamiya's Apartment *******

   Melody went to the sofa and layed down. 
   Melody answered the door.  "Hey Matt!" said Melody. 
   Matt walked in.  "I thought i'd drop by" said Matt. 
   "You're so sweet" said Melody.  "MELODY!!!"
   Matt was blushing.  "Who are the new kids?" asked Matt.  Introductions were exchanged. 
   "Is it true monsters have appeared?" asked Sakura. 
   "She's afraid of monsters & ghosts" said Syaoran. 
   "Well...ah....." said Melody.  Melody knew that monsters or called DIGIMON were here during christmas, & 4 years ago.  But she didn't want the DIGIMON secret out. 
*knock knock*
   Melody answered the door again.  "DAVIS!!!!!!" Melody screamed.  Davis threw a bunch of toy snakes at Melody when she answered the door.  Melody & Davis never got along well.  Yolei came in, followed by a boy with Kari's haircut but his hair was dark blue.  His name was Ken.  Introductions were exchanged again.  Kari showed Sakura & Syaoran through the house.
   When they got to Melody's room, Melody's computer screen was glowing.  "THE DIGIPORT!!!  IT'S OPEN!!!"  screamed Melody.  2 beams of light shot out of the computer to Sakura & Syaoran.  They turned into D-3's.  Sakura's was a cherryblossem color.  Li's was a Dark green color.     
   "MELODY!!!!  SAKURA & SYAORAN ARE DIGIDESTENDS!!!" yelled Efuimon.      
   "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" yelled Sakura as "Efuimon" came to life.  
   "A STUFFED ANIMAL???" said Syaoran. 
   "I'M NO STUFFED ANIMAL!!!" yelled Efuimon.  She scratched Syaoran. 
   "OUCH!!!!" yelled Li.  "WHAT'S GOING ON???" asked Sakura. 
   "Davis!!!" A blue like dragon came in.  His name was Demiveemon.  After him came a pink bird.  His name was Poramon.  A yellow ball came in after him.  His name was Upamon.  (Forgot to mention Cody was there).  A white cat came in.  Her name was Gatomon.  Then a flying wachamacallit came it.  His name was Patamon. 
   "AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" screamed Sakura. 
   "EVREYONE!  HIDE YOUR D-3'S & DIGIMON" yelled Melody.  Melody answered the door when the digimon & the D-3's  were hidden. 
   "Hello. I'm Touya Kinomoto, you're new neighbor" said Tori. 
   "I'm Melody.  Your sister Sakura & her friend Syaoran are here" said Melody. 
   "WHAT?!!?!?!? THE BRAT IS HERE?????" yelled Touya.  Touya ran through the house trying to find Syaoran.
   Before he opened Melody's room Melody yelled "WHY DO YOU HATE SYAORAN????? HE'S A NICE KID!" 
   "HE ALMOST HURT SAKURA ONCE!!!!" yelled Touya. 
   "Okay....." said Melody. 
   Touya busted the door open.  "GAKI!!!!!!!" Tori yelled.  He grabbed Syaoran by the neck. 
   "LET HIM GO!!!!" yelled Melody.  She started to glow blue & Touya froze.  He let go of Syaoran & Syaoran slowly went to the ground. 
   "Good thing my Psychic Powers are tame enough to do that" said Melody.  Touya knew she was though so he ran out the apartment. 
   "That took care of him" said Melody.  Melody started to fall.  Matt caught her. 
   "She used too much psychic energy" said Katrina. 
   "I'm fine" said Melody as she stood up.
   "Now will you tell what's going on" said Syaoran. 
   Melody: *sigh*  Melody explains about the digital world (You have to admit the  Digiworld story is long). 
   "LET'S GO TO THE DIGITAL WORLD!!!!" said Davis. 
   "OK DAVIS!!!!" yelled Melody.  She held up her D-3 to her computer. 
   "This is how you enter the digital world.  DIGIPORT OPEN!!!" Melody got sucked into the computer.  The others held up their D-3's to the Computer.  They also got sucked in. 

To be Continued....

Melody: What will happen in the digital world.  And are the new kids hiding something from us?  Stay              tuned for the next episode of Digimon: Digital Monsters.


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