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disclaimer:  yeah I don't own digimon, stuff.

*~The Day That was Unfortunate~*

by me(Magnadragatomon)

Kari and T.K. went to school together riding their bikes together.  T.K. felt like saying, "Hey Kari do you want to go out with me tonight?  I'll pay!"  But T.K. thought, I can't.  We're best friends already so if she finds out I wanna be her girlfriend, too, she'll probably hate me and think I'm greedy.  After all, all the Digidestined boys want her love...I guess I have to give them a chance!
Kari, meanwhile, was thinking, I want to ask T.K. to go out with me tonight,  I'd pay.  But he's already my best friend so I think he'll reject the thought....Oh I wish I could ask!
Finally Kari and T.K. burst out, "Do you want to go out with me tonight?  I'll pay!"  Suddenly they laughed.    Gatomon and Patamon came running towards the 'couple' and said, "Hey your parents saw you standing right here for the past 17 minutes!  They said to start heading to school!"  "Um..yeah...right...hold on we'll go now."Kari stammered.  Gatomon laughed and said, "C'mon Kari, I'll walk you to school." Kari looked relieved and started going again. 
    After school Davis and T.K. found a sign that pleased them.  It said;


Odaiba National School proudly presents...
The School Dance!
We will use the whol day dancing!  Here's your chance to ask someone you like to the dance!  There will be refreshments and awards for the best couple and best dancers etc.
There will be parades!
There will also be presents!
You can get things for
Come to the School Dance!
AT:  Next Week 5/31/01
See you THERE!


Davis said happily, "Yeah!  Now I can ask Kari to the dance and finally win over T.L.!"
"Not so fast!" T.K. said.
"OH YEAH!  I thought of it first T.R. so get lost!"
T.K. looked at Davis with the look that meant, You did not think of it first.
So Davis said, "Fine!  Whoever wins a compotision of basketball gets to ask Kari!"
Kari went to the game, and then the game started.

*to be continued.*
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