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authors note:  I've decided to dedicate this chapter to Gracie who actually turns out to be friends with the recepient of my last dedication...::shrugs:: it's a small world..hehehe
What's in Dreams...
  Chapter 6
July 8th, 2001

   “Koneko?? Koneko, honey, are you all right?”
   “Huh?” Koneko looked up from her dinner at her mom, who was staring anxiously at her.
   “Your mother asked what your problem was,” her father snarled at her.
   Koneko slumped down into her chair to avoid looking at him.  She tried to make herself look as small and unthreatening as possible.  “I’m just tired,” she answered meekly.
   “Would you like to–“ her mother started, gently.
   “Shut up, woman!” her father cut her off, and turned on Koneko, glaring.  “Tired, huh?  So what have you been up to that’s making you so tired??  If it’s that skeezy boyfriend of yours.  You’re pregnant, arent you?!” her father angrily jumped to conclusions.  He stood up so quickly that he knocked his chair to the floor.  He grabbed Koneko by the arm and yanked her up out of her own.
   “Ow!!” she yelled, “you’re hurting me!!”  Koneko was scared now.  She knew that there was nothing she could do or say to stop what she knew was coming.  It wasn’t the first time, and it most certainly wouldn’t be the last.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her mom jump up and begin pleading with her father to let her go.  Her father just swatted her into the wall like a fly, where she crumpled to the ground and didn’t move after that.  Something snapped inside of Koneko.  She was furious now.  She ripped her arm out of her father’s iron grip, so angry that she couldn’t even feel pain anymore.
   “You asshole!!” she screamed at him, hitting him with both fists, “What kind of person do you think I am!! I am most certainly NOT pregnant!! How dare you even think that about me!! And how dare you treat mom like that!! You don’t deserve her, you never did–“
   She was suddenly cut off as her father’s fist smashed into her mouth.  Koneko saw stars and tasted blood.  She’d split her lip.  Angry as she was, her father’s violence didn’t deter her, it only made her angrier.  She started scratching and clawing and screaming like a woman gone mad.  Her anger was quickly knocked out of her as her father beat her to the ground and kicked her where she lay.  Koneko felt like she had a hundred knives stabbing through her.  She could only see through one eye, and her head was throbbing.  Through her one good eye, she saw her father spit on her bruised and broken body and kick her in the gut one more time before slamming out the door.  Then he was gone.
   Koneko didn’t know how long she lay there, she drifted in and out of consciousness for what seemed like forever.  At one point, she thought that she saw a little girl come and sit down beside her.  She smiled at Koneko, and Koneko felt some of her pain ease a little.  She managed to choke out the word ‘mother’ and the little girl smiled and nodded.  Koneko closed her eyes and drifted into black and peaceful nothingness.


    Koneko awoke in a strange place.  It looked like she was lying outside on the grass, but she didn’t know where she was, or how she got there.  She stood up slowly, expecting the pain, remembering the beating, and was surprised to feel none.  She looked at her arms and legs expecting to find bruises, but found instead completely healthy, normal, unbroken skin.  Looking around, she noticed that she was in some sort of garden.  Strange plants, like she had never seen before, grew in the garden.  She noticed some beautiful flowers, they looked a little like roses, but they had more pointed petals, and they were all different shades of blue.  Looking around, she noticed a circle with symbols carved into it.  She walked towards it, but when she meant to step into it, she felt a strange jolt, which flung her back a little ways.  Startled, she landed on her butt.  Getting up, she noticed a pond and walked towards it.  Looking into it, she was surprised to see, not her own reflection, but somebody else’s.  Whirling around, she found herself nose to nose with the most beautiful, sad looking girl she had ever met.
   “Oh!” she cried out in surprise, “I’m sorry– you startled me.”
   The girl looked at her oddly, as though she were speaking some alien language.  Koneko was starting to feel a little awkward.  She observed the girl and started to notice odd things about her.  She seemed normal enough at first glance; tall, slender, long red hair drawn up into two buns on either side of her head, with the back hanging loose.  She had beautiful green eyes, brighter than any eyes Koneko had ever seen.  Sadder too, she thought. 
   But then she noticed what looked like freckles, only darker, follow in a straight line starting from behind her ears and going down either side of her neck and down her arms straight to the tip of her middle fingers.  They were too localised to be freckles, and Koneko had never seen anything like it.  Also, they seemed to be almost blue in colour, depending on how the light hit them.       Maybe it’s some weird sort of tattoo. 
   Suddenly, Koneko realised that she was staring, and looked away, flushing with embarrassment.  “I–I’m Koneko,” she stuttered out.
   The girl just continued to look at her, silently.  Suddenly, Koneko heard somebody else enter the garden from behind her.  She turned to see a tall, black-haired young man enter, with a concerned look in his eyes.  Koneko gasped when she noticed the same spots in the same pattern on this person.  Also, because his hair was shorter, Koneko noticed that his ears were shaped somewhat differently.  They weren’t pointed, exactly, just a little elfish-looking.  Koneko wondered if the girl’s ears were the same.
   Where am I?  Did dad hit me in the head harder than I thought??
   Koneko looked up, startled, at the girl, who had just finally spoken.  She had an odd accent, Koneko couldn’t quite place it.  The young man was standing behind the girl and they were both observing her.
   “What did you say?” Koneko asked, feeling a little uncomfortable under their scrutiny.
   “Glynn,” she repeated.
   Recognizing the name, Koneko gasped.  “You–you’re the one–“ she stammered.
   Both Glynn and the young man we’re looking at her with bewildered looks on their faces.  Koneko’s vision began to fade and her head and sides began to ache.  She looked at her arms and found they were covered with scratches and bruises.  She began to scream as agonizing pain speared through her.

   Glynn and Mishka ran to wear the strange girl lay screaming in agony.  By the time they had reached her, she was beginning to fade away, and within a few seconds she was gone.
   “Mishka,” Glynn started, shakily, “what just happened here?”
   Mishka just shook his head in confusion, “I don’t know, Glynna.”
   “Winter did this, didn’t she?”
   Mishka whirled around to face her, “What did you say?” he asked sharply.
   “Winter.  She had something to do with this,” Glynn’s eyes had taken on an almost vacant look.
   “You remember her?”
   She nodded, “Yes, she came to visit me at school today.  She told me that the time was drawing near.  The time for what?”
   Mishka wasn’t sure how to answer her.  The Watcher had warned him that he could not tell her what she did not know herself.  Now he didn’t know what to do.  He was confused.  What was the need for ignorance?  How did it change anything?  Why do I always have to be so useless?
   “I don’t know if Winter had anything to do with this, Glynna,” he finally answered.
   Suddenly, something turned over in Glynn’s mind.  Her eyes widened as pieces started to fall into place.  “You–“ she started, staring at Mishka accusingly, “You know what’s going on here, and you won’t tell me.  Why not?  What can’t I be told?  And why can’t I just be like everybody else, a normal 20 year old girl?” her eyes were filling with angry tears.
   Mishka was shocked.  Shocked that Glynn remembered so much.  Shocked that Winter would show herself to Glynn when he himself didn’t even know exactly who she was.  “Glynn,” he began, “you have to believe when I tell you that there are things going on here that I’m not allowed to tell you–“
   “Not allowed to tell me?!” she cut him off.  She couldn’t believe how angry she felt, the feeling was alien, but it made her feel so powerful.  She found that she even sort of liked it.  “Just who do you think you are?!  I thought you were my friend! I thought you cared about me.  I guess I was wrong.  Winter was right, nobody does care!” Glynn turned on her heel and began stomping away out of the garden.
   “Glynna-vyre!” he yelled chasing after her.  Catching up to her he grabbed her by the shoulders and wheeled her around to face him.
   “Let go of me!” she yelled struggling, “and don’t ever call me that! It’s not my name!”
   But Mishka wasn’t going to let her go, “Yes,” he said through clenched teeth, “it is your name.  And Winter was wrong.  I do care and I am your friend.  No–that’s not right, I’m not your friend, because if I was your friend, I would have never fallen in love with you.”
   Glynn stopped struggling and stared at him open-mouthed.  “You can’t love me,” she whispered, “I’m not lovable,” she felt all the angry power drain from her body.  She felt weak and thought her knees would give out on her.  Mishka moved to help her stand.  “Why?” she asked, her voice breaking, “why me?”
   “I don’t know,” Mishka answered her sadly, “but I wish I did.”

End of Chapter 6
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